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i watched a bunch of behind the scenes footage for the hobbit and LEE PACE IS SO FUN AND SILLY I LOVE HIM. i forgot how cold thranduil is in the movies lmao whatever. thranduil/expressions is my otp and all of these are ooc except for maybe the top middle but I DONT CARE

I also like playing w crown designs omg someone stop me
soulmates!taewin pt. 1

a/n: okay so I put up a textpost bc I kinda wanted to write and stuff and I aCTUALLY GOT A REQUEST??? (via @dictatormahafia) and I was like you know what imma do it so here we go

(note that I haven’t written anything in about a century and I’ve never written something for kpop so this might end up to be terrible iM SORRY) (I’ll link part two when I get to a computer, but you can find it on my blog for now :)))))

Part Two

  • alright so in this universe whatever you write on your arm appears on your soulmates right and vice versa
  • so lil like, seven year old taeyong is at school right and he’s sorta paying attention to what the teacher is sayin
  • but like, he looks down at his arm and all of a sudden he sees a bunch of colourful marks appearing on his arm out of nowhere
  • and boy thought some supernatural stuff was going on aND HE SCREAMED
  • and his teacher kinda stopped her lesson and looked over and she just sees a distraught little kid with his hand pointing to his now colourful arm
  • and teacher is the bestest teacher ever and she just pulls him to the front to sit with her and she completely forgets her lesson and starts telling the class about soulmates
  • and lil taeyong is in awe like omg is this real
  • and he just stares at his arm for the rest of the day while the other smol children ask him tons of questions about it
  • but he doesn’t rlly listen because he’s just in awe about the fact he has a soulmate
  • and when he gets home he asks tons of questions bout it and they’re so happy for him and they tell him tons of stories about it and stuff
  • which just makes him mORE CURIOUS
  • so after he’s done grilling his parents for questions he grabs a pen and writes on his right arm (vvv messily) ‘hi’
  • meanwhile a lil five year old winwin is playing with his toys or whatever when he sees words start to appear on his arm and his reaction is rlly similar to taeyongs reaction
  • and his parents like bolt to where he is and they’re like wHaTs wRonG
  • and winwin is crying as he points to his arm
  • and his parents smile and explain to him bout soulmates after winwin calms down a bit and they ask to see what his soulmate wrote but then they realize
  • oh shit
  • this ain’t chinese
  • so later when they put winwin to bed they’re like fuck what do we tell him what do we do
  • so yeah fast forward a bit to the next day
  • taeyong is constantly looking at his arms like whERE iS mY SOULMATE DO THEY NOT LOVE ME
  • and he’s all pouty n stuff
  • when then he sees some writing in Chinese appear on his arm and boy is like
  • so he runs to his parents and is like mOTHER FATHER THIS AINT IN HANGUL
  • and he expects his parents to know what it says OFC bc parents are supposed to know everything right
  • but his parents eyes widen and they’re like winwin’s parents
  • oh shit
  • (but they don’t say that obvs bc there is a smol child there waiting for an answer)
  • so they do a bit of googling and stuff before they write down in what they hope is ‘I don’t speak chinese, I speak korean’ on taeyongs arm while smol boy is confused
  • and winwin goes back to his parents to show them his new message with a confused face
  • and the handwriting and punctuation is godawful but they got the general idea of it
  • so winwin’s parents put him in Korean lessons
  • and taeyong’s parents put him into Chinese lessons
  • and even at a young age they try their best to learn the language so they can begin to communicate with each other
  • but neither sides learn it vv quickly and they both start to learn English so
  • they start trying to communicate in English
  • but it hella frustrates them bc all they can write is ‘hello, my name is taeyong/sicheng’
  • and for years they can barely communicate at all bc taeyong dropped Chinese lessons for dance and school
  • and same for winwin bc he learning to dance
  • and they both have school and they try to communicate in English (barely) bc they got frustrated trying to learn their soulmates language with bad teachers bc they got rlly bad teachers sadly
  • and eventually communication sorta comes to a halt when school becomes more intense for both of them
  • and winwin gets rlly into Chinese traditional dance
  • and taeyong gets casted by sm
  • and for a rlly long time they almost forget they even have soulmates despite seeing ppl with their own soulmates
  • until one day
  • winwin is casted by sm
  • and even if he didn’t know his soulmate was in Korea he would’ve jumped on that train anyways
  • so he moves to Korea to become an idol and learn Korean all over again bc he wants to perform and he wants that chance to meet his soulmate and communicate with them
  • and at this point they’re not smol children but smol adults instead
  • so when he gets to Korea, he knows vvvvv minimal Korean and has a hard time getting to the SM building and when he’s there he’s stuck to Kun (who he meets when he gets there) like glue
  • and then they meet the other rookies
  • and the two of them introduce themselves in broken korean
  • and this is where stuff starts happening

a/n: splitting this into two parts bc tHIS IS GONNA BE LONG) (also this is so much of a mess I’m sorry omg bUT I PROMISE ILL FIX IT AS I GO ON



Bendy was then promptly fired for scaring the total shizz out of all the passengers (because you shouldn’t hire a cartoon demon to comfort people.)

(woah omg; issa orignal bendo posting)

So I was rewatching me some Tenkai Knights (specifically my favorite arc; the Beast World one) and HOLY FRACK I FORGOT HOW FUNNY ORANGOR CAN BE ( I love EVERY SINGLE SECOND HE IS TALKING ON SCREEN; HE’S JUST THAT MUCH FUN)

Also some of his dialogue works with Bendy (I mean, Orangor is basically another toon who runs on toon logic and has a screwy trickster personality) so heeeeere weeee arrrrreee.

But you know how sometimes there are pictures you just won’t leave?

My internal monologue during this comic:

“Okay, I’ll just tidy up this lineart and be finished- NO WAIT I’M COLORING IT NOW APPARENTLY; but okay I’ll just color the poses and WHY IS THERE A BACKGROUND ALL OF A SUDDEN”

so yeah it took longer than i meant it to


Maybe someday I should actually not reference obscure things with relatively small fanbases that people are less likely to know about.


(And there’s actually another piece of mouth noises I want to use that comes from Orangor but that may take a while to get around to because this took three days anD M Y S H O U L D E R S W E R E A N D A R E B U R N I N G. AAAAAAAAH)


Special thank’s for @simblu and @nornities for allowing me to be one of the tester since the alpha project of this amazing world, “Seturenorn”

Credits: Lighting: (@nilxis)-Moon (@transcendentcacophony)-World (@nornities  @satureja13 @simblu)-Some upgrades and buildings (@willky12)-ITF Plant recolours (@divadoom). I hope I’m not forgot to mention all of the amazing simblrs related to this project :’D

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Can I have a Remus x reader; After a drunken night of Gryffindor laughs, the reader and Remus find themselves in bed together. Oh deary me 😂😘💚

Omg 😂 This was very fun to write. Sorry if it’s a bit different.



Before the party had even started, Sirius had already downed two bottles of firewhiskey after “checking” the supplies for James. Thankfully, he had a strong stamina so he was barely even tipsy and while he was counting the bottles for the coming party, he turned to Remus with a grin.

“That’s two!” Sirius said as he wiped his mouth with his sleeve,“ How ‘bout you, Moony? Oh, wait. I forgot you’re still in your baby milk bottles.”

“Padfoot, you know I don’t drink. It’s completely unhealthy,” Remus rolled his eyes.

“Says the wolf who eats our Valentine chocolates.”

“Are you still mad about that?”

“Not letting it go, mate. You should really let loose tonight. This is just no ordinary victory party–”

“Mhm. It’s only James's—Oh, let’s see—second, third, fourth…fifth,” Remus counted from his fingers.

“—this is a celebration of his first date with Evans and possibly his first—”

“I seriously don’t want to know.”

“—A time for Prongs to test his ability in—”

“Padfoot! Shut up!”

“A moment he had prepared himself to with his hand—”

“Sirius, SHUT UP.”

“Hey, mates! Party’s about to start. Are you finished?” James asked, his eyes looking over the hidden case of firewhiskey bottles under their beds.

“Counted them already. I think this will be the best party ever!” Sirius said as he clapped his hand on James’s back before leaving the room with one of the heavy cases of firewhiskey. The two followed him downstairs where a group of students had already arrived and right after Remus had placed the case carefully on the table, James turned to him with a whisper.

“I know parties aren’t your thing but I invited (Y/n).”

Remus tried to prevent himself from smiling too wide at the mention of her name by biting his lip but his red tinted cheeks clearly showed his romantic feelings towards the girl. It was an open secret between him and his friends and whenever (Y/n) was around, they all agreed silently to help him.

James ruffled his friend’s hair before leaving, making his way to Lily who sat not too far from him.

In a matter of ten minutes, the Gryffindor common room was already filled with so many students from the other houses and even some Slytherins arrived. (Y/n) came soon but Remus could not see her— the dark surroundings, blaring music, colored lights and the thick crowds of students prevented him from seeing anything. For a quick second, he saw her face but a fellow student passed by, covering her.

(Y/n) could not stand the loud music and the bodies jumping around that shook the floor. It was making her uncomfortable and so she stood against the wall with a cup of cold water in hand.

Not too long after, Remus finally gave up in looking for (Y/n) who stood at the other side of the room. He grabbed a bottle of firewhisky and at first, he took tiny sips but eventually, he drank in large gulps. The crowd moved like an ocean wave and slowly, the students jumped wildly into the beat of the music which pushed Remus to an empty corner of the room.

“Lupin! Over here!” The voice said.

Remus immediately turned and saw (Y/n) happily smiling at him. He stared at her for a few seconds and before he made his way towards her, he emptied his bottle and handed it to a random student. (Y/n) chuckled and tucked her hair away, blushing.

“Never knew you were the type to drink,” (Y/n) said.

“So do I,” Remus replied, nodding at the cup in her hand.

From a distance, Sirius saw the two together and used his wand to change the contents of (Y/n)’s cup. He knew she does not drink just like Remus but he thought the two needed a strong push to get things going. He grinned and mumbled a spell, causing her drink to swirl from water to firewhiskey.

“Oh, this?” (Y/n) said “This is just water.”

The girl drank it down, expecting to taste the refreshing drink but was instead replaced by a strong, alcoholic taste. It lingered on her tongue like spice but for some reason, she craved it quickly as soon as she emptied the cup.

“Just water?” Remus smirked. “I can refill it if you like. We have more in the room. We’ll just grab one and we can come back here, yeah?”

“Sounds good to me,” (Y/n) said cheerily.

As they made their way upstairs unnoticed, the two felt the alcohol taking its effect quickly into their bodies since they had never drunk before, however, this did not stop them from craving the taste. Remus opened the door to their room and closed it gently as she entered.

“Quite a neat room you got here, Lupin,” she said, sitting down on one of the beds.

“You should see it when Sirius is left alone. Dog hair everywhere.”

“Dog hair?”

“I meant his hair. You know, kind of like a dog’s? Anyway…” Remus took a bottle from under the bed and handed it to (Y/n). “Here you go.”

(Y/n) popped it open and took a sip, sighing happily as the liquid runs down her throat.

“Mm, can’t believe I’ve been missing this all my life.”

“Me too,” Remus said, his eyes on (Y/n). He felt his heart pump, causing his chest to rise up and down.

As they spent more time alone in the room, they began to chat easily unlike before. They jumped from one topic to another and exchanged drinks in between. Soon enough, bottles of empty firewhiskey littered the floor and their shy selves were now long gone.

“(Y/n), can I tell you something?” Remus asked.

“Anything, darling.”

“I love you.”

The words slipped from his tongue and before he could take it back, she had already heard it. Remus looked at her, to see her jump back in disgust or slap him but she did none of those things. Instead, she smiled and pressed her lips against his. She had always felt something for him but she had always kept herself distanced all the time. She hoped this gesture proved him how much she loved him and once she felt his lips move against hers, she slid her fingers through his soft brown locks. He kept his hands on her bare thighs and the two finally got undressed as the night darkened.


Once morning broke, Remus felt a head-splitting headache. He was starting to regret drinking too much. He couldn’t even remember anything at all, just fragments of rough movements and a bold confession. He felt like vomiting and was about to sit up when he felt a pair of arms tighten around his waist.

“Don’t go,” the voice mumbled.

Remus turned and almost jumped from his bed. (Y/n) was naked and her hair was a mess but still looking beautiful. He could not believe his eyes. Did he really just sleep with his long time crush?

He tried to recall last night’s events but the more he tried to search, the worse his headache got.

(Y/n) opened her eyes and watched Remus look at her. It seems that she too could not remember anything and as soon as she realized who it was, she gasped and jumped back.

“Remus?! W-What’s going on?!” She said, covering her chest with a blanket.

“Look, I can explain. I-I think we drank too much last night—”

“Did you get me drunk?!”

“What? No!”

“Then why…”

“I don’t know either. But please tell me what you can remember.”

“I-I remember…you and me sitting on the bed and then we drank. You told me something and I—,” (Y/n) suddenly recalled the three little words he said but she did not want to say it. If Remus could not remember a thing that night, then she didn’t want to be accused of lying. She felt tears threatening to spill from her eyes. She wanted her first time with him but if he did not even know how she felt, she wanted to forget it.

Remus knew what she was thinking and so he repeated it for her, reminding her that it was all real.

“I love you, (Y/n). That’s the only thing I remember and frankly, I don’t care about the other things we did. I just know that I’m in love with you and I still do.”

(Y/n) smiled and hugged him, scattering kisses all over his face.

“I love you too, Remus. Forever and always.”


Omg, I totally forgot how innocent 21/22 year old James looked back in 2010. Look at the baby face. Would you think he’d do all the things he did in the past? ME NEITHER.

It was fun drawing his old fave button down again. He still owns it, btw. Almost forgot that he had different glasses back then. Those are pretty dead, tho. James probably stepped on them while drunk.

Can’t wait to clean this up (also Holly) and give it some colours. The Trio looks much “darker” nowadays, haha!

What You’re Missing


genre: smut, angst (but only in the beginning)

warnings: swearing, drinking, rough sex, blowjobs and rimming for a bit, dirty talk for a bit too wow nice

word count: 3136 (damn)

a/n: wow two fics in a row wow go kyra you’re amazing. no but really, i think i’m doing good with the whole ‘a fic a day’ thing. here’s a massive thank you to holly for giving me inspiration and motivation and staying up with me to beta this fic. i honestly really love her <333 i hope you enjoy!! :)

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I AM SCREECHING OH MY GOD SUICIDE SQUAD AU. UNREPENTANT BAD GUY ORO WITH THE SANIN OMG. SAKUMORO!!!! S A K U M O R O!! THE FIRES OF MY LOVE FOR THE OTP REKINDLED. ORO!!!!!! O R O my fav tbh omg. Christ, Kat. It was so wonderful and lovely. I love badass Oro and SakumOro and the suicide squad thing and akdjaldjkajdkakfjj I am slain. Holy shit. Holy shit my dude. Christ. Jesus. Perfection. Adoration. I need to go write SakumOro things. Truly my crops are watered, depression cured, skies are clear

💕 💕 💕

That is far more enthusiasm than my bout of crack deserves, but I’m so glad you liked it! Unrepentant bad guy Oro is so much fun?? I forgot how much fun he is like that. 



And here’s one from @strawberry-lover ‘s headcanons :D go and check out her other cute ichihime headcanons~

bonus pregnant Orihime~ uuhh.. idk is this how you draw pregnant women? EDIT: also omg i almost forgot to draw the wedding rings! they go on the left hand right? >.<

Here’s a gift for the birthday girl Mya!!! @keiid ❤️❤️❤️ I know i’m a day late but it’s better late than never right? I always get hyped to see your artworks and stories (i forgot the term doujinshi idk) but they’re amazing just like you as a person😭😍 I hope you had a good one! Let’s do a collab in the future soon! That’d be fun❤️


Last night was my prom night!

I couldn’t even predict how much fun it would be, because everything about the night exceeded my expectations. I forgot how many people I truly am friends with until we were all in one room, dancing and chatting and singing along to S Club 7. Of course I took my favourite person @skyward-sheik as a plus-one, and it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if he hadn’t been there with me. 

I have so much more to say and so much more to show, it will likely filter through over the next couple of days as more photos crop up and I can find the official pictures from the event. For now though, here’s the highlights of what I captured on my phone throughout the evening <3

i suddenly remembered i have this one girl on my MSN messenger (what was it called again?) contact like back in <2009, and we never talked, until i no longer remember why we have each other in our contact list and suddenly one day I think she sent me a chat in a really hype way like “OMG IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE WE TALKED!!” and I automatically replied “OMG YES YES!!! HOW ARE YOU??” and we proceeded to chat for a long, long time, we talked about OC I think? And then at one point I asked her, “sorry sORRY BUT i really don’t remember how we became friends?? how did that happen–” and she also forgot i guess she mistook me from someone else but well it was rly fun talking with her!!

She calls me “friend from faraway country” and i think i gave similar nickname to her. She drew me!!! a v v v v high quality cutest nekoboy in white with bouquet that i promised i would draw a good big nekoboy in black in return for her! Her name is Arlena I think?? And then we lost contact. I still have “draw nekoboy for arlena” in my old notes so yeah arlena where u at, i still owe u a nekoboi >:

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I forgot to be anon on the last one omg!but I found some other stuff lol, I'm really sorry! Physicality wise, I am 5'6, curvy, I am an INTJ (if that helps) and. I freaking love sleeping and staying indoors unless I wanna go out and have fun. OH and I have albinism. I'm sorry once again, for this.

I Ship You With…

Originally posted by wellhell0therenicetomeetyou

… Park Jimin!

How You Two Meet?:

You guys would probably meet at a music store of some kind. The boys would be on a little down time while in the area and so Yoongi would drag Jimin with him to go pick up a few souvenirs. I think you would be attracted to this store because of the beautiful instruments that are displayed. I don’t know if you necessarily play but usually a love for instrumentals comes with a certain appreciation for the instruments involved. Jimin would be seated at one of the many pianos, showing off to Yoongi that he had practiced what the lethargic male had taught him. The sound of the pretty keys would gain your attention over to the two boys. The one standing sporting a sleek jet black hair color while the other wore a candy coated pink color. The two seemed like walking opposites but you could tell they were very close. You would gravitate closer, just enjoying the simple tune but as you linger closer, Jimin would probably get timid knowing he isn’t the best. He’d be the one to speak first, saying that if you wanted to hear good music to talk to Yoongi which you figured was the second male there. You’d shake your head, assuring him in a nonchalant tone that his tiny song was really good and that you had enjoyed it. The pink boy would blush faintly, glancing over to the side or hiding his face while Yoongi just smirks. I think Yoongi would switch into ultimate wing man mode and go on to explain how not only was Jimin good at the few songs he was taught on the piano but that he was a talented singer and phenomenal dancer. Even if you may not show it on your face, Yoongi would be able to read by your eyes that he caught your attention. Jimin would be a flustered mess, looking everywhere but towards you. You’d mention how that’s pretty cool even though I think inside you’d be dying to see it all. Yoongi would probably jot down Jimin’s number, passing it to you. He’d apologize for Jimin being such a mess and tell you that maybe you can text the pink haired male later on when he isn’t blushing like a school girl. You would take it and nod, saying how maybe you might. You would feel that Yoongi and you shared a lot of the same qualities but you couldn’t help but be interested in Jimin. 

Courtship and First Date?: 

After the first encounter, you would shot Jimin a text, reminding him who you were so he wouldn’t be confused. The response would instantly come back and you’d be a bit shocked at first but wouldn’t mind. It sucks waiting forever to get a reply anyway. You guys would text for hours, Jimin appreciating your sarcastic side every time it peeked through. He wouldn’t lie, talking with you reminded him of talking to Yoongi and he knew that might make things easier for him. He could feel comfortable with you quickly. After a while of texting, he’d grow to learn that even though you and piano boy were similar, you had your own distinctive qualities that drew him more towards you. He would always tell you how he thought your albinism made you gorgeous, like a shiny pokemon in a world of boring ones. Finally, he’d grow the balls to ask you out on a date and you’d accept because why not? You would grow to enjoy his company, his small, soft self that made you inwardly melt. He would be one of the only people who could make you feel like it was okay to let your true emotions out around him. It would be something you never really felt before but you would be open to exploring it further. His date would be a little unconventional but he knew that it was something you would like. First he’d take you out to lunch, you two engaging in a natural and humorous conversation. Every time you hit him with a witty remark, his cheeks would explode and that killer, soft smile would grow on his face. Afterwards, he would take you to look in on the boys’ practice. You had mentioned that you still wanted to see him sing and dance like Yoongi had mentioned and so he invited you to a private practice with him and the boys to show you them in action.  

Overall Relationship?:

I don’t know why but I get the ultimate YoonMin vibes when thinking of a relationship between you two. With your personality being so close to Yoongi’s, you and Jimin would click so easily together. You would never be able to deny his soft, squishy self and the boy would always make you involuntarily smile or blush. He would probably be the only person you might cry in front of and he would always be there to support you and pick you back up. Jimin would encourage you to share your sensitive side with him, hating that you hide all your emotions away.