forgot how fun this is omg

[muffled ‘dream weaver’ playing in the background]


i watched a bunch of behind the scenes footage for the hobbit and LEE PACE IS SO FUN AND SILLY I LOVE HIM. i forgot how cold thranduil is in the movies lmao whatever. thranduil/expressions is my otp and all of these are ooc except for maybe the top middle but I DONT CARE

I also like playing w crown designs omg someone stop me

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hOLYY MOTHER OF JIMIN. THAT ONE SHOT! I forgot where I was for a moment there, it was hot...Will there be more?

omg don’t bring his mother into this im laughing

You liked it? I’m glad! Thank you so much for the message. I love you. 

As for your question…hmm…more? How would you feel about seeing that steamy scene in the car during the flash flood? If enough people want it, I’ll write it. Jimin’s been dying to relive that story. I mean, look at him:

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dfkskfjsak im just like :))) tbh it doesnt feel real i feel like it didnt even happen wtf??? but when i got into the venue i fuckin burst into tears i was liek fukc this is happening and id lost my voice by the end of hitchhiking omg. tbh i cant remember a lot of it?? i genuinely think it was so overwhelming that my brain just cancelled short term memory formation lmao the only part of lucifer i remember is me yelling “mukkinchae” at the top of my lungs

lisnntne dont get me fucking started on taemin he was so damn cute!!! and goodbye was absolutely mindblowing i was waving my lightstick but as soon as goodbye started my hand just stopped and i Forgot how to do Anything before managing to film the last part of it lmao

i dont have many regrets but the ones i do have are pretty big and are making me feel… guilty is an understatement but im trying to look past them and just focus on how amazing it was because we all had such a great time and shinee really seemed to feel our love which was the most important thing!!!! i didnt cry during the concert (i had a few close shaves dlkfjks) but the moment they left the stage for the last time i just laid my head in my hands and sobbed jfc

Top 5 ships

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I have no idea how I’m going to pick only five though, omg

1) Bellamy x Clarke (The 100)

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2) Waverly x Nicole (Wynonna Earp)

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3) Alec x Magnus (Shadowhunters)

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4) Sameen x Root (Person of Interest)

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5) Clark x Lois (Smallville)

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hey kristin!!!! sorry for not sending an ask yesterday :/ im on spring break so i completely forgot that it was saturday aha. but how was new york?? your pictures looked great, i bet it was a lot of fun :)) p.s. i loved those pictures of you flipping off that trump merch hahaha. have a wonderful week!!!

i hope you’re enjoying your spring break!!! nyc was AMAZING omg i loved it, especially the cold and snow it was so nice!! thank youuu haha! and lmao yeah it was fun flicking off the orange monster (i got a nod of approval from a stranger)

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the fox/wolf/other animal tail for my halloween costume looks weird and i can’t figure out how i’m supposed to attach it. help

omg i forgot about that prompt list i wrote forever ago lol

this is an appropriate ficlet for halloween, yeah??? there’s no actual porn tho… just stiles and derek being awkward and misunderstandings

It’s been years since Derek’s actually dressed up for Halloween. He used to love it when he was younger – Halloween was his second favorite holiday, behind Christmas – and in elementary school and middle school he never missed an opportunity to dress up. And even during his first two years of high school (before the fire, that is) he had fun being a surly teenager and wearing his wolf face around to scare the neighborhood kids.

But that was then, and this is now, and Derek hasn’t so much as touched a costume since before the fire.

This year, though… this year he might. The neighborhood watch is hosting a costume party for the entire town, with games and free candy and music. With the frequency of “animal attacks” in Beacon Hills, parents have become wary of letting their kids out trick-or-treating, and it was Scott who’d come up with the solution after one too many PTA meetings where a hysterical Hellen something-or-other had demanded Halloween be cancelled altogether.

After all, little Maria and Rin McCall-Yukimura shouldn’t be completely deprived of the joys of Halloween – particularly with their werewolf and kitsune heritage. It’s their night after all, a night for the mythical (or not-quite-mythical).

Which, of course, is how Derek’s managed to get himself roped into volunteering at the party, as an honorable McCall-Yukimura. Apparently he’s been assigned to make sure no one accidentally drowns themself while bobbing for apples.

Unfortunately, it’s not until now, just a few hours before the party that Derek realizes he’s probably supposed have a costume. For a moment, he’s tempted to just shift. He got away with it as a teenager, but now he suspects shifting would just get him a lot of awkward questions about whether he’s a make-up artist or something.

He sighs as he realizes that this late there’s probably only one place he can get a costume.

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