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Mission: Semi-Automatic // Chapter 5

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Things are moving faster

When Percy had finished his training, his whole body hurt. His muscles ached for a warm bath, screaming for some relief. Annabeth simply studied his chart and him while sitting at her desk. Percy sat across from her on the swivel chair, slightly turning side to side. Annabeth’s leg bounced rapidly as she chewed on her pen. It felt like hours of Annabeth staring at the numbers, and Percy took to watching the rest of the team. A couple winks and sneaky glances were exchanged between Thalia and Piper, obviously hinting at something that Percy hoped didn’t take place in the office. Didn’t they have a rule against no sex in the office?

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One Bun for Mr. Josh Dun (that’ll make sense in a minute.)

(A/N) hey guys!!! i’m back and ready to write!! sorry for being gone!!
Request- Josh Dun gets you pregnant and has mixed emotions but happy none the less.
“I’ll be home in a minute babe.” Josh spoke into the phone.

“Ok, can’t wait to see you.” I say back to him. Josh had gone on tour and I can’t wait to him again. I’ve been thinking of starting a family. I told myself I wold talk to Josh about it. Just in case he wasn’t ready.

“Baby girl, I’m home!” I run to hug him he sets his bags down and he picks me up. “Why don’t we make up for lost time, ok?” I nod my head yes and we make out as we walk up the stairs. He slams me on the bed and starts kissing my neck, it feels so good to have him back. He rubs my sides as he dry humps me. I can feel him getting hard.

“C’mon Josh, stop being a tease.” I say. He smirks at me, he slowly unbuttons my jeans. Once they are off he rubs my thighs, slowly spreading them.

“Baby, take your shirt off. Bra as well.” I did as told. He kisses up my body and sucks on the nipples. He hoovers over me and slowly kisses me. He stands up and gets undressed. When he comes back he hooks his fingers into my underwear and slides them off. He inserts two fingers and pumps as hard as he can. I moan out from what he’s doing. I run my fingers through his dyed hair. Somehow it’s still soft and wispy. 

“Ok, I think you’re ready now.” He sucks his fingers and then puts them in my mouth, I suck on them. He goes in very slowly. Waiting for me to give him a sign or something. I nod and he slams all the way in. I scream, he takes this as a sign to go faster. He grips my hips, he moves us so he’s sitting on the bed and I’m riding him in a way. He moves me up and down on him.

“Oh, you feel real nice baby girl.” He says. I grab his face and kiss him. I break it off and moan in his mouth. I push him so he falls back on the bed. He moves my hips so I move faster. I grip the sheets as we move faster. His hands fondle my breasts as he comes. I follow shortly after.

“I forgot how good you are.” Josh says as we get under the covers. I kiss his cheek as we start to fall asleep. 

////////////////////3 DAYS AFTER//////////////////

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Why do we love Zootopia ?

I did something special when i had 100 subscribers, i asked everyone 2 questions :

“Why do you love Zootopia ?” and “Why do you ship Nick and Judy ?”

Then i would post the best answers i’ve received. If you love to learn about people opinions, well this is for you !

I had many answers, and i’ve met amazing people, thanks for everyone who answered me :)

Anayway, thanks for all the people who are following me, liking and rebloging :D

So here are the answers i’ve got !

Well i mean i love zootopia and love nick&judy, first zootopia is amazing and the animation is just wow second the connection between them ^-^, how they (clearly are in love each other!!) protect, bug, investigate the other <3 yeah i forgot to say i had a lot of feels like when i cried when nick was savage, laughed because mostly about nick and i must say i wasn’t expecting that bellwhether would be “the bad guy” and the end when nick&judy where in the car the scene “You Know You Love Me” “Do I Know ?” “Yes,Yes I Do” just broke me. :D Yeah nick is just awesome like a dumb fox and judy just so sweet, kind, courageous like a sly bunny :3

1: the writing is unbelievably awesome, especially for a so-called “kid’s movie.” 2: The writing again, the relationship feels far more authentic than about 90% of Disney’s romances. With all that going for it, not to mention the chemistry between the characters, how can you NOT ship Nick and Judy ?

I love Zootopia because it is entertaining, it’s has a decent amount of comedy and a good story. The animation was beautiful and amazing. I ship Judy and Nick becasue HOLLY SHIT WHERE DO I BEGIN?! THEY ARE JUST SO ADORABLE TOGETHER!! They are so differant that it would make the most helerious couple in the world.

Heya! Congratulations by the way :) I love Zootopia because it is able to portray the very real matter of prejudice on certain races. It’s a film which children can enjoy to the max with its fun, action packed story; all the while being serious enough for the older audiences to understand what the real message is. I love Nick and Judy because they bring out the best in each other. Together they show that two different races/species - be it prey with prey, predator with predator, or predator with prey - are able to work together to create a better community. On a simpler note; I love them because they’re just adorable together! Once again, congratulations on your 100 follower mark!

I love Zootopia becuase of they did. The charecters are very confident and brave. How they show the real world it’s very interesting. And of course every single detail about this movie it’s so amazing!! And why i ship Judy/Nick? Well we all did special in the last scene. But they really support each other. How Nick starts to care about her it’s so heart mealted. They relasionship it’s so beautiful… I have no words to discribe how wonderful this movie was to me well done Disney!! Always showing how to stay strong and belive in ourselfs.

Well hello my friend, for your first question, i loved zootopia from the beggining not only the history and characters but the details in the animation i love animation 3d i m studying right now that, and zootopia its the first movie that the fur and the movement its amazing and exactly like real life animal not like kung fu panda or something like that, the ears move when they talk to each others and they are so much details in almost every escene. and for the second one well i really love the characters and i ll love to see more of them.

I love zootopia because it touches on real matters but still shows you how the characters overlook their hardships. I ship nick and judy beacause you know that they care for eachother more than they care to admit

I enjoy all the political themes and the humor. I ship Nick/Judy, because, well,I don’t know, they had nice moments that looked like romantic chemistry even though they were most likely intended to be friendship scenes.

I ship Nick and Judy because of their beautiful chemistry. And those fabulous and sassy comebacks they give to each other. Every time Nick tries to shoot Judy down, Judy was always able to counter him with her sass and intelligence. And the way they support each other is gorgeous!! Look at Nick when Judy was doing a speech and the way Judy said that she’d like him to be his partner and no other. They’re made for each other <3 I love Zootopia since it really gave us a beautiful message about life. Honestly telling that life is not easy. Even with our dreams planned before, difficulties can still be encountered. And it really boosted my self-esteem especially since I have problems with what people think of me, their judgement, stereotypes etc. Besides that, the animation is just stunning. Just watching the 107 facts made me realize that this movie is more than a masterpiece!

I love Zootopia because… well… because it’s a city built on acceptance. And honestly I wouldn’t mind living there. I ship Nick x Judy because all good relationships come from a place of conflict, right? And the conflict between a fox and a bunny is pretty tense. But it gets better. It gets adorable. And I don’t know why but the fact that he gives her tips on public speaking makes me love it so much more.

I love Zootopia because it is beautifully animated and it super adorable. I ship Nick and Carrots because they are adorable together, they remind me of my girlfriend and me, and they look at each other and act like they are in love.

Loved the movie for a multitude of reasons. The message of inclusion/anti-sterotyping/anti-discrimination which is absolutely relevant rn, and how well it was delivered. The fact that the plot was actually interesting and multilayered,they didn’t get lazy just because it was a children’s movie. Good characters, even the do-gooder Judy has flaws and wrong stereotypical beliefs she needs to work on, n she recognizes that and always tries to better herself. Amazing character development and better relationship building than some adult movies. That may be controversial since I ship them, but the fact that it didn’t have to end in a romance. I want them to eventually get together, I guess, but going through the close friendship stage first, n avoiding the instant love cliché is a plus for me. They actually address the issue of predator coexisting with prey, they don’t push it under the rug like other films with anthropomorphic animal societies (even if the predators nutrition isn’t fully explained, they seem to have advanced enough science to be able to take care of that and maybe evolution has made more of those animals omnivorous along the way). The animation is well done and they pay attention for the most part to the animal anatomy and the size differences. The humour is also good, and has both jokes for kids and adults, and so many references n jokes adults can enjoy. Especially the references, from frozen to breaking bad, and of course the godfather reference, which is overdone but it was still so good. I will end the rant here. And idk, nick and Judy just have the dynamic I love in ships, that one is more personal n all about feels rather than facts.

Hey! First off, I really love this idea of q & a, it’s adorable :) There are sooo many reasons why I love Zootopia, but the number one is probably because it portrays the today’s society so well. When I watched it for the first time, half of the movie my jaw was dropping because of the incredible complexity of its world, and how ‘human’ bits were perfectly weaved in. Also, the characters! I can’t explain how much I love the fact that characters aren’t shallowly developed - like, seriously, you could take anyone and do a psychoanalysis on them and end up with decent results. It’s also pretty logical, which is a big 'YES’ for me. And the villain, well - that’s a story for itself. I personally believe that Bellwether is one of the best Disney’s villains - not only because she’s not obvious (we’ve had that before) but also because she had such a great mind to use the position she was in, to deceive everyone and how her motives were so cleverly used. Also, when I watched the movie for the second time I noticed all the tiny hints dropped about her being the evil mastermind and that made me really happy. Also, there!! was!! a crime!! to!! solve!! A.k.a., a little police investigation (which I am a huge fan of) - I don’t think it can get any better. The overall message of the movie makes me want to throw it in the face of every person I pass by on a street, honestly. It’s just too amazing, that I’m not able to express it in words. And people throw me weird looks when I fangirl about a ~KIDS’ MOVIE~ so I just stay quiet, haha. WHY DO I LOVE NICK AND JUDY WELL I MEAN WHO WOULDN’T I am, and have always been, a sucker for frenemy couples. You know, the ones who start out as hate, but turn into something beautiful? Yeah, like that. And the moment they first appeared in a scene together, I started shipping it. And as the story unfolded, I just loved them more and more - I mean they’re friggin’ perfect together, look at it! You could literally SEE how their respect or/and admiration for each other grew every minute they spent together. And since Judy’s all about breaking stereotypes, I see them as even better couple (if that’s possible). How they’re there for each other even though they knew each other for only a short amount of time, how they stand up for each other - I don’t know, I just love them. *wipes tear*

I love Zootopia because of the story and the adorable characters. It sends a very valuable message on how you can be whatever you want regardless of what you look like. And of course, I ship Nick and Judy because they have amazing chemistry and they are so darn cute together! :)

Zootopia/zootropolis is just a very well made world. So much diversity and stories of people dealing with everyday life, alone or not. There’s so much to see in the world and so much to really learn from it. Shipping two polar opposites is always something that is interesting, two very different people that come together without any similarities. It is something to see what the two of them have to offer to one another, plus they are both cute and make a cute couple.

Why do I like Zootopia/Zootropolis? The animation is absolutely gorgeous, the story line is well thought out and it sends out a positive message that no matter what gender, colour, species or race you are you can TRY EVERYTHING AND SUCCEED. Why do I ship Nick and Judy? Nick and Judy have a relationship that gradually grows throughout the movie and it isn’t 'love at first sight’ They also help and support each other. AND BECAUSE THEY ARE THE CUTEST THING EVER! Congratulations on 101 followers ! :-)

I love the movie, because Judy reminds me of how I was when I was younger and it makes me feel great satisfaction in see her achieve her dreams when I haven’t, yet. Though to tell you the truth Nick and I are totally the same in ever aspect, except being an actual fox, though people have told me that I act like a fox sometimes… I ship/love Nick and Judy, because there is a certain chemistry between them that makes it work and I don’t mean just for romance, but for friendship too. And to tell you the truth is don’t really care if they don’t get romantic involved with each other in the movies and just are REALLY good friend, but I wouldn’t mind if they did. I say this because they represent how we should to each other, and I better stop now or in may never stop talking about it… Thanks for the questions !

I love Zootopia because it deals with all aspects of prejudice. I also connect with many of the character at different levels. Judy reminds me of of myself back in my teen years Is one example. Nick and Judy just balance each other out very well and the relationship isn’t forced.

1) I really love Zootopia because it gives me hope that the issue of racism and fear and stereotypes can be resolved, and that it does it in a fun, easy way to understand. 2) I ship them because they grow as people (animals) together and they complete each other and they need each other and THEYRE SO CUTE ITS RIDICULOUS

Well I love zootopia because it is my favorite Disney film of all time, the reason why it succeeds at being my number one spot is because it is original in the sense of the way its executed as a whole plus the animation is beautiful, the voice acting is spot on and its got one of my favorite characters out of a Disney film I have ever seen (nick) I ship nick and Judy why? They are perfect for each other! Let me specify more clearly… See nick and judy have a bond ive never seen between 2 characters before The develepors didn’t hesitate to go last the line with the amount of flirtatious quotes and cuteness they both have. That hug scene! Like bich plz! Plus the “you know you love me” quote had me dying in my seat. They are perfect for each other and their chemistry develops incredibly smoothly throughout the film The ship will go on! And it won’t end! I’ve seen this movie 4 times already and I plan on seeing it again xD

OH, well, the first answer is: HELL YES!!! I LOVED ZOOTOPIA SO MUCH THAT I WATCHED IT 7 OR 8 TIMES! And… ASJDHAJSDKAJSDNKASJDHNKAJ!!! I LOVE WILDEHOPPS THAT MAKE PHYSICAL PAINS! They are so perfect together. So adorables, the work so good together <3 <3 (I nearly called 911 on that one :P)

I love Zootopia because of what the movie means. It’s agenda about equality, bias and fighting bigotry - though told through the facade of a buddy cop movie with furry animals - is not forced upon the audience. It’s told in such a clever way that it is very relatable for audiences of all ages. The character development is done flawlessly in which you truly feel and care for the characters. The voice acting is amazing with both of Bateman’s and Goodwin’s performances as Nick and Judy, respectfully.

I ship both Nick and Judy because of how much I identify my own relationship with my partner. First off, as a furry, I identify with a fox, and her, a rabbit. That being said, their dynamic bond together is developed so well throughout the film, that you cannot help but fall in love. Even if I were a “non-shipper” I would still be wondering why they did not end up together. Then again, who’s to say they didn’t? This and the fact that their “shipped” relationship brought both my Girlfriend and I even closer. What’s not to love about Nick and Judy being together?

excuse my english :( i love zootopia because it shows the differences between two groups, living in harmony and i ship nick and judy becaUSE LOOK THAT CHEMISTRY AND STARES AND HOW NICK FLIRT WITH JUDY, CALL HER CUTE AND STUFF I MEAN HOW NOT TO SHIP THAT, IN MY 18 YEARS OF LIFE I NEVER SHIP SO HARD, LIKE EVER thanks for this message, till the end, dude, we’ll ship it till the end.

I love zootopia because I think the story is really well done. It shows that life is real and a little complicated. That even with the best intentions, we can be wrong sometimes and we all have our own misperceptions. But that’s okay. So keep learning and you can improve. And you can make this world a better place. I ship Nick and Judy because their dynamics with each other is so natural. Honestly, they could just be good friends but I want them to be more than that because they seem so good for each other. It’s like they compliment each other in a way. I love it that the writers didn’t force them to be in a relationship. So yeah.

Well, Zootopia is something I love is to learn not to judge people by their outward but by their actions and as the most “good” person may have prejudices and work to overcome them is what elevates your personal level. Therefore learning Judy not to judge the “people” because of their race and Nick to not be what society expects of you, but continue fighting to overcome yourself is a couple who faces prejudice and They do together and supporting each other without being perfect in everything but accepting and forgiving their mistakes (translated from Spanish)

I love Zootopia because it’s world is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The first time I watched the train ride my breathe was literally blown away and I’ve never experienced a moment in a movie like that before. Plus Nick and Judy are literally my two favorite characters, they are so funny and have perfect chemistry with each other. Plus it helps that rabbits are my favorite animals 😄 I ship the two because they are absolutely perfect together. They’re personalities are so different but the way they interact with each other is always hilarious or adorable (opposites truly attract). I have literally never shipped a couple before (didn’t even know what ship meant until after the movie 😂), but I seriously love them so much!

I love zootopia but i love zooptopia because its something new to the genre that we’ve never truly witnessed. I’ve been watching animated movies since i couldn’t understand them and zootopia was the first to truly get me to stop and think witness every small easter egg left in such as (godfather mouse). zootopia was just so creative and so wonderfully amusing that even the people i know that hate animation enjoyed it. the visuals were almost replications of our society and the film truly taught life lessons that are important for society. Why i like judy and nick is because the chemistry is potent that even there true biological nature can’t keep them apart. i found it truly hard not to like them together, they complemented each other and taught each other basic skills of acceptance and i think thats what truly stood out. nick and just made me think i was going crazy, when i watched for the first time i walked thinking first of all your in your 20s going to a cinema by yourself to see animated movie about animals and then to top it of i was giggling like a school girl over the fact that nick and judy were truly the best couple I’ve seen in film in ages. I felt absolutely mental when i went on tumblr but when i realized i wasn’t the only person i was like 'i knew it, i knew they had chemistry’ and even though they are biologically not meant to be together (biology major) they are certainly well suited for each other. thanks for your blog, i was very excited to see it.

Well the main reason why I love the pair is because they REALLY emphasize on the “opposites attract” phrase. And zootopia nailed it. And their personalities in general are complete opposites, the way they adapted to each other, have the same “racial” issues and being underappreciated. It’s all just perfect to me. Idek words can’t describe how much I love these two.

Hello! First of all i’m portuguese so i’m really sorry for my bad english aha Here in Portugal we call the movie “Zootrópolis” (idk why i said this but…okay) I really love the movie because is just…amazing, like…idk i have no words to describe it. The idea of our civilisation in a metaphor is great. Why do i ship Nick and Judy? Well it’s obvious that they are made for each other aha. Even Jason Batemann agrees that they would make a cute couple so…i’m crossing my fingers for the sequel aha. Oh btw, when i discovered that Judy’s voice was dubbed by Ginnifer Goodwin i was like “OMG SNOW WHITE’S VOICE” because i’m an Oncer (once upon a time fans) Good luck with your blog!

Damn, i nearly post every answer i had, but they are too good ! They all have something unique. Sorry if i didn’t post your answer, i think i already have everything i need :)