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what was your unbiased opinion on the atop the fourth wall movie?

Well that’s a tough question, I can’t really give a totally unbiased opinion because I’ve been a fan of @atopfourthwall for several years, just the fact this passion project of his exists makes it awesome to me.

I definitely thought that for what it was, it was absolutely spectacular. I was never a fan of the tgwtg crossover movies but I couldn’t peg why, until I saw the atop the fourth wall movie. The movie had a point and actual character development and meaningful moments while not feeling overcrowded or like anybody didn’t belong ( my personal feelings about Brad Jones withstanding )

For an independent director working on a limited budget Lewis accomplished something pretty stellar, a feature length film taking place a majority in space and using the “continuity” created by others on the website as a launching point to further his own story, interweaving the continuity of everything together really well.

It’s not perfect, but I feel weird talking about its flaws given its independent status but it might be fun given a lot of story deconstruction I’ve learned from Lewis over the years.

My only huge complaints would be the inclusion of Mechakara and Linkaras. .. weird fluctuations in character.

For anyone who hasn’t seen at4w Mechakara is an alternate universe version of Linkaras robot Pollo ( I JUST NOW GOT POLLO IS NAMED AFTER THE SPANISH WORD FOR CHICKEN OH MY GOD ) that stole the skin of his linkara and became a recurring villain for our dimensions linkara ( yes this series of videos of a guy reviewing comics requires a fucking plot debriefing I love it )

In my personal opinion Mechakara kind of out stayed his welcome? I know that may sound ungrateful or unappreciative, and really I’m not trying to, I just personally felt vice and Mechakara both stuck around a bit more than they needed to ( vice especially though he’s the frieza of the series )

His inclusion as the antagonist of the movie feels kinda like they got halfway through the writing process before going “SHIT! This can’t just be a character piece we kinda need a bad guy.” Cause for 80% of the film the primary conflict is Linkara and the depressive state he’s going through. ( Lewis has him refer to it kinda as an early midlife crisis but that is straight up a depressive episode )

Linkara is questioning his life, and how he kinda is just living from battle to battle and while he’s not suicidal he’s … ready for the hit that ends his life. It’s a pretty heavy subject and one that from a realistic point of view is great to address given Linkara starts the series as just a typical dude, and has had to deal with some horrifyingly traumatic stuff. It would make sense for the character to have ptsd out the ass even if Lewis doesn’t feel comfortable writing characters that suffer from mental problems he doesn’t suffer from personally ( the man is very comfortable in his lane lmao )

It actually reminded me a lot of the end of the three kings arc of yu yu hakusho, where Yusuke is questioning why he fights and why he’s trying to get stronger. Which is why I was kinda dissapointed how quickly he resolved his personal feelings.

Admittedly it was solved quickly in yu yu hakusho as well, but yusuke had an easy quick answer his gf keiko.

Now don’t miss understand, I’m not decrying the choice I completely understand time constraints and all that, I was just kind of dissapointed that he figured out his reason for continuing was the comics ( we knew that would be the answer ) simply by talking to Allens dead body.

I’ll excuse it though, because he was also under duress and pretty sure he was gonna die and that can kick your brain into high gear and help you reach conclusions a non panicked brain wouldn’t.

The only other complaint with his character was - Linkara was … well he was kind of a cock to allen for no discernable reason. Allen, his contact with the government, was never shown to have much interaction with Linkara throughout the series.

So, the movie actually was a chance to push their relationship to a better place and develop Allan as a character. However more time is spent on re affirming Linkaras relationship with MarzGurl which is perfectly fine - she was amazing in the film, it’s just that it was a bond we already knew about ( and this is very much a film for his fans and is in no way a jumping on point )

Having Linkara realizing he was a dick to allen after he dies just …mmm felt kind of lazy? It would have been nice to see Linkara realize he was being needlessly paranoid about allen through some action on Allens part. ( hell Allens death is pretty much an accident )

Such as possibly finding out Allen has turned down promotions to stay on Linkaras case, or that Allen actually had to sacrifice something great and call in a lot of favors to get the snipers off of Linkara, basically show how Allen stretches himself thin to protect Linkara and for Linkara to then realize he has no fight with Allen and can trust him.

And explaining all that character conflict you probably ready forgot there was a robot bad guy huh? The final confrontation with Mechakara is absolutely fucking awesome awed despite the fact I giggled when Linkara said fuck, I absolutely loved it none the less.

But the movie is ultimately very fucking character focused to the point where Mechakara almost feels like an afterthought like “oops we need a bad guy this time.” to the point where, despite being kinda tired of him I hope that wasn’t the final time we see him cause that would kind of suck as a send off for a long time villain.

However despite that I loved the movie so much, and lewis is my writing IDOL and I absolutely adore anything he puts his brain into. Any criticism is done with full love and admiration for the guy.

Big Bang reactions to his depressed S/O [WARNING][SENSITIVE]

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You were home, studying for your exams. You couldn’t leave your room because you wanted to focus on studying too much. He noticed you’ve been locked in your bedroom for a couple weeks and you ate poorly and you almost never drank water. He noticed you became thinner and thinner and he didn’t know what to do. He came home and saw you behind your desk. You didn’t even say hello to him and he was standing a few meters away from you. That hurt him but also that was the sign you were really deep out of this world. He closed your book and span the chair and looked you in the eyes. He was angry because he didn’t notice earlier and because you didn’t try to give him any signs what is happening to you. If he had to he helped you get changed and talked to you. He wanted to hear every feeling you’ve been keeping inside for these couple weeks
“We’re going out. Change your clothes. We’re gonna eat dinner outside”

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He just called you to ask how you were because he was in France on a fashion show. He always left like that and never took you with him. You felt like he was embarrassed by you and the longer he was gone the more you thought about it. You were hopeless and started to losing weight and stopped eating. You thought if you would be skinnier he would like you more. When he came home and hugged you he could feel your ribs and he changed his face expression immediately. He gave you a glance and you drove home. He kept staring at you which you found weird. You wanted to make a conversation so you asked him if he met any celebrities on a fashion show. He knew why you asked him that and started naming some famous models. He saw how sad and depressed you look and made you stop the car safely to talk. He never imagined you would feel like that about his work and promised he’ll bring you with him as a date next time.
“Stop the car Jagi. Just turn right and let’s talk. I can see you’re about to cry.”

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Lately, you felt worse and worse. You always had that feeling like you were nothing because Youngbae was always busy and he came home late. You began to think maybe he is cheating on you or he is just bored of you. It made you feel the worst. You ignored him and always acted like you were sleeping just so you could avoid talking with him about how you were. He thought you were always tired since you attended university and had a job at the same time. But when he came home and every day he was just ignored he felt like something was wrong. Today he came home, you were already in bed, reading a book. When you heard the door you turned off the light and acted like you are sleeping. He had enough. He turned on the light and woke you up, saying he wants the answers. The moment you saw his face you broke down and started crying. He hugged you and let you cry on his shoulder and explain everything.
“That’s enough Y/N. I want to know what’s going on. WAKE UP.”

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Daesung knew everything about you. You told him how depressed you are sometimes and you told him what will you probably do if you get depressed again. You didn’t want to get depressed, you just knew it won’t just leave you like you wanted it. Once again you thought horrible about life and you wanted to hurt yourself again. You didn’t care if that was the last time. Just when you wanted to go to the bathroom and grab the razor you heard the ring tone of your phone, which meant Daesung was calling you. You answered the phone and he started saying cute and funny thing which always made you laugh but not this time. He could feel how wrong your voice sounded and told you he is just a few meters away from home. You totally forgot you left the razors outside and when he came the first place he looked at is the bathroom. He held your hand and told you to calm down, hugged you and made you watch some awesome movies and talk with him.
“Again? Okay, come here. Let’s talk. It’s okay. It happens.”

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He knew about how it feels when others just don’t appreciate you. He had experiences with it. But he never imagined you would ever have to feel like that. You went with him to an event he was invited and when you were walking down the red carpet and everyone was screaming  'Seungri! Seungri-oppa! We love you Seungri- oppa!’ and you saw all those jealous and angry faces towards you, you just couldn’t keep it together. You wanted to go to the bathroom since he met some of his friends and was talking with them. The event was about to start and he knew something was wrong. He opened the women bathroom and saw you crying on the floor. He rushed to you and asked you what happened. You told him how bad you felt when you passed through the fans. He hugged you and said calm words to you. He felt bad for making you feel that way and he was ready to go home if you wanted to.
“Okay, let’s just go home. I can’t believe you would think like that about it. Don’t worry, I’ll do something about it.”

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I just rewatched Tiger and Bunny because this series is so awesome and because I forgot how it ends, if you love One Punch Man you HAVE to see this series!!! it is really awesome!!! have 24 episodes and 2 movies! :3

Also we have our main character an older hero:

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with his partner a (blond) young one with the “serious” role

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and yup, they are so cute gay together:

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yup, it’s a must see!!!

I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair. I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots, and the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick; it even makes me rhyme. I hate it, I hate the way you’re always right. I hate it when you lie. I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry. I hate it when you’re not around, and the fact that you didn’t call. But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.
—  Kat Stratford, 10 Things I Hate About You
I am fire. I am… Death.

Smaug from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Yes I rewatched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug last night and my god I almost forgot just how AWESOME Smaug was in this movie!

So I just had edit this little tribute to Smaug, cause he is the friggin king of dragons! And also Benedict Cumberbatch *bows to him* thank you so much for taking this role! ;)

Sometime last week, amidst all the awesome Invader ZIM hype, it rained like MAD. I was in the mood to try and draw IZ characters, so I got the idea to draw Zim and GIR walking home in the rain. :P 

(Annnnnd of course, I forgot that Zim learned to coat himself in paste so water wouldn’t burn him. Whoops. xD)

I am so…SO ECSTATIC about Invader ZIM’s return, guys. You have NO IDEA how HAPPY the announcement of the movie made me. F I N A L L Y ❤❤❤

(Please don’t tag ships.)

Beauty And The Beast is the best animated children’s musical ever made about Stockholm syndrome. The Beast needs the love of a woman in order to break his spell and transform back into a human prince, so he holds Belle against her will in his castle until he wins her heart. Gaston, a jackass from Belle’s village, finds this a tad horrifying and goes to Beast’s castle to kill him. And he’s not alone – through the power of his excellent singing voice, Gaston riles up a small army of pissed-up folks to accompany him on his raid of the Beast’s castle. Eventually, Belle’s love breaks the spell, turning the Beast into a person again. And they all lived happily ever after, except Gaston, who slips and falls into a pit.

But Beauty and the Beast’s story forgets about all the other jackass villagers who also want to kill the Beast. The last time we see them, an army of angry villagers were storming in and getting overwhelmed by the Beast’s furniture/servants … but that doesn’t mean they’ll quietly go home and forget about the whole thing now. In their song, the villagers admit “We don’t like what we don’t understand” – if anything, the Beast suddenly turning handsome through his heretic powers should only freak them out even more. Also, those people loved Gaston with the intensity of Justin Bieber fans: They sang a whole song about how awesome he was. How are they going to react when they find out he’s dead? Sure, he fell by accident, but they didn’t see that. For all they know, the Beast ate him. With sentient cutlery.

6 Important Problems That Famous Movies Forgot To Solve

Michael After Midnight: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Let me just say up front: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is easily one of my favorite films ever made. Hell, it’s in my top 25 films of all time, and I have watched this film a ridiculous amount of times since it came out. The humor, the style, the references, the characters, the action, it all just mixes together into a perfect cocktail of enjoyability for me. This film is like a pure visual representation of fun.

The plot’s pretty simple: Scott is your average young Canadian. He has a band, he has a teenage Asian girlfriend, and he has a bunch of self-worth issues. Then he meets Ramona Flowers, and decides she’s the one for him. He begins a relationship with her, not realizing that he’s gonna have to fight her seven evil exes to win her heart. From the moment he begins his courtship of her it’s one wacky boss battle after another, culminating in a climactic finale against Ramona’s seventh and most dangerous evil ex, Gideon Gordon Graves, hipster douchebag extraordinaire.

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“大丈夫 Daijoubu.”

After watching the newest Boruto: The Movie Trailer, I felt like Boruto just needed a long, tight hug. So, who better to get it from by none other than his MamaHina? (x)

… And also because I rarely see fanart with just Boruto and his Mama Bear. 

Dedicated to the wonderful artists and writers that recently followed me: alabasterink madhattressdelux matchaball ammeja narootos thesefourwords-blog jensen-stole-my-snackles loversnaruhina eliphya sakaeguchiyuuto satoorihime smileybasmah-chan and many many more amazing people 

End of the day warm down. I’ve been on another Professor Layton fan spree-thing since I’m catching up with Miracle Mask, Azran Legacy and Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright. Also rewatched Eternal Diva and ah….the charm in that movie. That and I forgot how awesome Layton is at sword fighting, which is way cool bruh.

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"I can't believe you would do i that to me Stiles, after all we've been through"

Remember to bring me chocolate :). You text your boyfriend, Stiles, quickly with a smile on your face. Will do - won’t be long. Set up the movie and I’ll get us food xxx. He text back not a minute later.

Tonight was your weekly movie night with Stiles, otherwise known as your favourite day of the week. Smiling to yourself, you began to prepare your sofa with blankets and got the first movie of the night ready.

As promised, Stiles didn’t take long at all. He arrived carrying various items, “I got us pizza and oh my god, I found this amazing Star Wars shirt. It’s awesome, here take this and I’ll show you.” He grinned. He showed you the shirt, which was awesome like he said, before he settled on the couch beside you. You grabbed a slice of pizza and nestled into his side as the movie started.

When you movie finished, you stretched out, “Hey, how about we eat some of the chocolate you bought me?” You asked smiling up at him. His face fell.


You knew what it meant, “No…”

“I’m so sorry…”

“You didn’t…”

“I forgot.” He concluded, his face guilty.

“I can’t believe you would do that to me, Stiles, after all we’ve been through.” You huffed, “Every week for the past two years and you forget to bring me my favourite chocolate? I don’t know who you are anymore.”

Stiles shuffled closer to you, “I’m sorry, I got distracted by the shirt… If I let you have the last slice of pizza will you forgive me?”

“Mhm,” You pouted.

He slid the pizza box towards you. You picked it up and took a bite, “I’ll forgive you if you let me steal your new shirt sometimes.”

Stiles laughed, “You can have it.” You looked at him with raised eyebrows, “I’ll get a new one and we can be matching. How does that sound?”

“Perfect.” You smiled widely. He leaned down to kiss you but you turned your head, “No chocolate, no kisses.” You sang with a smirk.

Pitch Perfect 3 Plot - Please & Thank You

How awesome would PP3 be if it was all the Bellas going to Cynthia Rose’s wedding. And the whole movie would be them together, with clips of them during the days leading up to the wedding, but the majority of the film would be frequent flashbacks to the 3 years of Barden in between the first 2 movies. 

So we get to see them during their college years: 

1) When Chloe surprises them by coming back right after auditions at the end of the first film cuz she “failed” Russian Lit (apparently Kay Cannon forgot that at the end of the film Chloe wasn’t there so it was presumed that she graduated).

2) Them getting their Bella house for the first time (I’m assuming it’s new cuz Beca was still living in the dorms even tho she was a Bella in the film).

3) Them picking their rooms/roommates while no one knew where Lily was sleeping until they ventured into the basement one night in search of something and they see things that would be out of Little Shop of Horrors. They run out of there and camera pans over to a dark corner where Lily is shown to be sleeping upside like a bat. The girls never figure out where Lily sleeps, she just always seem to appear. —- that could explain Beca’s random comment about the basement being haunted.

4) Show more bonding moments with the Bellas - since they didn’t really show any any real moments in the PP2 that showed the tight group the Bellas should be. 

5) More Bechloe moments, becuz even tho it was mentioned how close they should be in the 2nd film, (all the: “why didn’t you tell chloe”’s) it wasn’t actually shown that they’re best friends.

6) Maybe explain why Denise isn’t there in the second film, she was there at the end of the first? Seriously, was she so quiet that even Kay Cannon forgot about her? They only had Flo as a new member, which I’m assuming is for Aubrey’s spot. So…what happened to Denise?

7) More awesome mashups and dance numbers. Maybe they can redeem the lack of Chloe solos in the 2nd. So please, more Chloe solos for PP3. Maybe even have Brittany Snow do a wrap number??? 

8) Them winning numbers/shows scattered through the flashbacks so we can have Gail and John back, and obviously cuz…acapella movie. 

9) The flashbacks can end with clips of what they all the after graduation and/or years after graduation - Bumper and Amy in the middle of moving in together and you see the 2 build-a-bears on their bed. Emily instructing the new Bellas on the christening of house. Beca moving in an apt (in LA?) and Chloe being her roommate (Or she can be shown moving in across the hall - I’ll take either or). Or if Beca stays at Residual Heat, then they show her behind the controls for some artist in the booth. Chloe teaching little kids how to dance. Chloe and Beca either being roommates or living across from each other in their new apt, as they both decided to stay. Lily building a time machine. Flo getting her greencard. Stacy…modeling? Jessica and Ashley being in total boss professions like lawyers or doctors - something opposite of how their quiet natures.

And the end of the movie can be them doing a lil reunion performance at the end of CR’s wedding.



I forgot about this and then found it again lol. I really love that vamp movie The Lost Boys, it’s 80’s awesome lol

David is my favorite of the boy’s, I thought I’d try to draw something a little more semi-realistic than usual.  I couldn’t decide if I liked the red teeth or the white teeth more so here’s both.

And this is the last time I try to draw a spikey mullet, it’s hard. And I’d link the reference picture I looked at but I’m an idiot and I don’t know how to add links.

Anyway, I had fun. Hope ya like :-)