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Heyyy so do you think you could give me a brief run down of basically everything that's happened related to Hiveswap since the beginning? Including announcement of characters and such? (In chronological order preferably please) Thanks ^_^;;

i mean, i’ll try but. that’s pretty much what this whole blog is. i’ll see if i can do a summary here, but this tag has all the really important bits, and if you just read the blog from the beginning (currently only 10 pages) you’ll get everything. ANYWAY BRIEF TIMELINE:

  1. 2012- homestuck is at it’s peak, hussie kickstarts the “homestuck adventure game” and raises $2.5 million
  2. 2013- a backers only update is released on kickstarter, revealing that the game will be a brand new story and showing some early concept art of joey (then-unnamed)
  3. June 2014- another backers only update is released, showing some concept art including dammek (then unnamed) and the developer is revealed as the The Odd Gentlemen
  4. Oct 2014- Hussie releases a massive kickstarter update that:
    1. announces that they’re moving development in-house, with some really vague explanation why.
    2. finally names the game hiveswap and explains that it will center around a human girl named joey who switches places with a troll boy (still unnamed).
    3. announces plans for a second game to follow the troll boy.
    4. announces that the games will each have about 4 episodes.
    5. released a crapton of concept art, that among other things revealed joey fighting with her flashlight and the troll we now know to be xefros.
  5. Feb 2015- WP sets up 2 websites, a twitter, a facebook, and a tumblr, all of which they basically do nothing with. Also there’s another update revealing the timeline is the 90s on earth, and somewhere between the ancestors and the beta trolls on alternia; and Joey has a brother. We also get early concept art of ms. second-best-at-memes herself (then unnamed).
  6. March to June 2015- we get a slew of interviews and updates and a teaser trailer that reveal most of what we now know of the plot and the rest of the characters. Xefros, Jude, and Trizza are named officially, and Cridea’s, Fiamat’s and Dammek’s names are revealed via concept art of prongle.
  7. June 2015- igpd posts, and then quickly deletes, the infamous update about how TOG screwed everyone over.
  8. July - Aug 2015- a few more interviews and updates, nothing major
  9. Dec 2015- after months of silence, a kickstarter update finally comes out saying the game is shifting from 3D to 2D, and most of the NYC employees were let go. more really nice art is released, including a picture of teenage mom lalonde that has confused the fandom into thinking the alphas are in the game ever since.
  10. May 2016- Homestuck 2.0 is announced, then promptly forgotten about forever.
  11. June 2016- Cohen Edenfield, in a mostly unrelated interview that only like 100 people know exists, reveals that the second game is called Hauntswitch.
  12. Oct 2016- after almost a year of more or less radio silence, a bunch of things happen all at once. the first trailer is released, the january release date is announced, the website is completely revamped, and an artist reveals that dammek and xefros are moirails. Hussie completely forgets to actually put any of this on kickstarter. (also someone updated the website for like an hour a week before everything else before immediately taking it down, and it was hilarious)
  13. Dec 2016- Hiveswap goes on steam greenlight and is approved in a week, and the “Broom Temperature” video is released, in a brand new alternian alphabet. no one knows how to spell grubbles.
  14. January 26, 2017- hiveswap is delayed for “several weeks” for “bug testing”
  15. the fandom cries
  16. April 13, 2017- the second trailer is released, and WP vows to actually communicate with us. again.
  17. May - Present- Cohen Edenfield, our lord and savior; and Ash Paulsen, ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH on that promise with weekly interviews with the development team.
  18. June 12, 2017- Frondly Warning was released. We still have no idea how to spell grubbels.