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mine and @richonning‘s photo op with JDM… he was so ridiculously nice. he squeezed us tightly and said he hoped we were having a fun weekend and thanked us for coming out. I said “thank YOU for being here!” he stopped and looked at me so genuinely for what felt like a very long time in the moment and then thanked me again. my heart may or may not have melted.

  • <p> <b>Him:</b> Coming home from Kellie's. Hitting the gym first.<p/><b>Me:</b> Was that Kellie's ass in the photo you sent?<p/><b>Him:</b> Forgot about that. No, that was Claire.<p/><b>Me:</b> ??<p/><b>Him:</b> She was at Kellie's too.<p/><b></b> (OMG, I love my man. He's coming home to me with the scent of not one but two women on him. Feeling so jealous. Not going to lie...I was wet and gently stroking my pussy in the minutes between our texts.<p/><b></b> I'm a hot cutie, but my man is constantly fucking other women who are so so much hotter. I'm so lucky.)<p/></p>

Wait, this means something…

Viktor never went to Japan to coach Yuuri because he wanted to surprise his audience. He didn’t want to shock everyone like “Hello now I’m being a coach this season!” 

Viktor went to Japan because he had finally found Yuuri again. 

He had met him at last year’s dinner and never saw him ever again. But Viktor never actually forgot about Yuuri. He still had every photo that reminded him of Yuuri.

And when the triplets posted the video of Yuuri training in the Hasetsu…

Viktor had finally found what he had been looking for for so long.

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jesus christ that picture of you as cecil where your arm just disappears gets me every time

I have no idea how old this ask is and it took me like 72 years to figure out what its referring to but im 100% sure im incredibly glad you reminded me of this

I hope that someday every single photo of me is destroyed and this is the only one left to remember me by

James Potter and Lily Evans, Next to the Black Lake on their first Valentine’s Day together
Taken by the other spying Marauders, accompanied by Marlene McKinnon and Dorcas Meadowes, Valentine’s Day 1977