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A yandere merformer takes a human as their child, the human is happy with the merformer. But some of the locals did not like the idea, the human ends up getting killed. Fast foward about a hundred years later, a human comes to the local area for some reason. They look like the human who died. The Merformer sees them, and is hell bent on having them.

I’m so here for this!  :D :D :D

I imagine the merformer is going to be Extra Protective of this human if they ever get their claws on them.  We’re talking dragging them down and keeping them trapped in an underwater cave for their own good kind of protective.  Yikes!  DX

me: playing “Fifteen″ by Taylor Swift on 15th birthday

me: playing “18″ by 5SOS and 1D on 18th birthday

me: playing “21″ by Hunter Hayes on 21st birthday

me: playing “22″ by Taylor Swift on 22nd birthday

also me: playing “Forever Young” on every birthday

there are so many great things about the total drama series but my favorite is how well the show represents people of color and breaks shitty destructive stereotypes

like despite how in most media the characters that are usually considered the most attractive are almost always white the two most attractive male characters were justin and alejandro and their skin is described as beautiful constantly throughout the show and that’s REALLY incredible to me!! because there are very very few cartoons where poc have positive characters they can relate to let alone characters that look like them that people consider beautiful

and like the four smartest characters on the show are noah, b, courtney and cameron and that’s even more awesome to me because it’s even rarer for shows to have so many intelligent poc

and the absolute sweetest character to ever be on the show is dj which makes me the absolute happiest because i’m so used to seeing african americans (especially males) demonized and viewed as evil but djs the kindest and most loving character i’ve ever seen

and like!!








so like even though theres a lot of problems with total drama i’m really thankful for it because there aren’t many cartoons that handle race as well as the total drama series does and that’ll always make me happy 

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ok ok but do u think black hat is an unprincipled narcissist

huh ok so I looked this up to see what exactly you meant and found some what of a definition of the term

Unprincipled narcissists combine the self-confidence of the narcissist with the recurrent aberrant behavior of antisocial personality patterns…. are opportunists and con men, who take advantage of others for personal gain. Unprincipled narcissists are skilled in the ways of social influence but have few internalized moral prohibitions. They are experienced by others as unscrupulous, amoral, and deceptive.

Not gonna lie this sounds very much like BH. I would agree that this is a time of narcissist he is

@animallover1142001-blog-blog sorry it took me so long I got so wrapped up in the walking dead half of my blog :) hope you like it anyway. Never done a request before

Baby X Joker X Reader

You woke up feeling fresh for once and not hungover. The silk sheets felt soft and warm. You could hear your king asleep next to you, a deep growl came from in his chest. His makeup was all smudged across his face, he’d clearly forgot to take it off before he passed out like usual.

He slowly opened his eyes to look at you “Mmhh morning.” He grumbled. He wasn’t a morning person but neither were you.

Today was an exception because you were really looking forward to the day. “Morning baby.” You gave him a kiss, you could still smell the alcohol on his breath “I’ve got to nip out for a couple of hours but I won’t be long.”

He looked slightly annoyed “Why? You’ve been going out alone quite a bit recently.”

You smiled at him “Just gona meet my sister for a coffee.” You gave him another kiss and got dressed. Quite a simple outfit for you, black jeans, black vest top, army shirt your dad gave you and doc martens. You brushed your long black hair and put your face on really quickly.

“You don’t look like you? You look normal.” He grumbled.

“Yeah well I don’t want people to run away when I walk in the coffee shop. I’d like to have a normal day. I gotta go. I love you” You blew him a kiss and skipped off.

You could smell food which made your stomach growl. You nipped in to see frost cooking “Ermm what ya doin?”

“Well miss” he replied “You shot the last maid so I have to make breakfast till we find a new one.”

You laughed “Oops yeah I forgot about that. I’ll take my bacon now. I gotta go for my appointment.”

He looked at you “You haven’t told him yet have you?” The only reason Frost knew was because he found out you were drinking apple juice instead of cider one night at the club.

You shook your head “No because he’ll leave me. I told him I’m going to see my sister so keep yah mouth shut.”

As you were leaving you heard him mumble something along the lines of ‘Js gona kill me’

You hopped into your custom electric blue Audi Quatro and bombed it down the street, Jump around by waka flocka flame blasting out.

J woke up with another hangover. The silk sheets made him feel sick so he got up and grabbed the glass of water by the side of the bed. He took a massive gulped and spat it straight out. It was vodka. “Oh Jesus fuck.” He moaned. He stood slowly and shuffled over to the sink. He splashed some water over his face ‘Where the fuck is she? She was supposed to be back now’ he thought ‘ha with her sister my arse’ anger started to fill him. “Frost!” he yelled making his head hurt worse.

“Yes boss”

“He sisters back in England. I know that for a fact so I’m gona get dressed and we are going to find her cheating lying ass and kill her. OK?” he couldn’t believe the words he was saying but he also couldn’t believe she would do this to him.

Frost looked shocked “But boss. You can’t kill her. You can’t”

J turned to Frost with hate and death in his eyes “Get the car NOW. Don’t question me!”

Frost left without another word. J fixed his make up and hair, shoved on his boxing shorts, leather boots and long purple crocodile skin coat. He marched out the house with his gun in his hand ready.
He stepped into the car “Take us around gotham till we find her car. It ain’t hard to spot.”

“yes boss” Frost sighed.

After around 15 minutes of driving round they found her car parked out side a small run down hospital.

“Ahhh!” J yelled “She’s banging a doctor!”
Frost frowned at him ‘Is he serious’ he thought.

J marched through the hospital doors and pointed his gun in the receptionists face making her cry “(y/f/n) where is she?” the receptionist typed shakily “FASTER!”

“Down the hall! Room 7. Please don’t kill me!” she cried

With out answering J shot her right in the middle of her head. He stormed down the hall shooting in the air making the few people that were there drop to the floor and cry. He kicked the door of room open so hard the door fell fully off. “Get off my girl!” he screamed and shot the doctor in the head. Then he stopped dead.

You lay down on the cool table and lifted your vest. God this place was gross but you the jokers girl couldn’t go to real hospitals. Everyone was too scared of you.

The doctor came in “Hello Miss (y/l/n) how you both feeling today?”

You smiled he was a nice guy to say it was such a horrible place “Great thanks doc. Haven’t thrown up yet today but that could change.”

He laughed “Let’s see the little thing then.” He pulled out the ultrasound kit and started to look over your belly. “There it is. You want to know the sex today?”

Seeing that little thing inside you made you well up. You knew J would leave you if he found out but there was no way you were getting rid of it “ yes please.”

“Hhhmmm let’s see… looks like you’ve got a beautiful baby boy!”

“Holy shit” You sniffed.

A of a sudden you heard gun shots coming from outside the room. ‘Oh fuck.. he’s here’ you thought.

The door was kicked clean off and the doctor shot right infront of you. There he was, stood there deadly still. Surprisingly he looked more shocked than angry.

“What the fuck are you doing J!” you screamed at him getting off the bed and wiping the jelly off your tiny bump.

He looked completely confused “but.. what.. I thought.”

You were well pissed off “What? What did you think?”

“I.. I thought you were cheating on me!” He shouted but you could here the pain in him.

You smiled at him “Cheating? Oh baby no. Not at all.” You gave him a hug.

He stepped back and looked at you “Wait so your not cheating on me and that is a scan machine thingy. So are you?”

“What? Pregnant? Yeah.” You really didn’t want him knowing like this. You just knew how he was going to react.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

You frowned “What? Because you would make me get rid of him or leave me.”

He looked even more surprised “I’d leave you? Get rid of it? Why would you think that?”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing “Well.. ermm because we rob banks, sort major drug deals, we have the actual batman out for us like all the time, we murder allot of people on a daily basis.”

He smiled and kissed you “Yeah so we don’t live normal lives but that doesn’t stop us from having a little us running around.”

Tears started to fall down your cheeks “I was not prepared for this. I didn’t think you’d want him.”

“him?” he yelled “it’s a boy!”

“haha” You rubbed your belly “its a boy and no we aren’t calling him Bruce.”