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That is definitely Cory on the high parts. You can tell it’s him. I recognise his voice anywhere. And that fox exec on…


I was like it’s Cory right? It’s high but IT DOES sound like Cory and I can’t.

Still I think this is the group dance number so it COULD BE Matt on the high parts so I’m just preparing myself for every possibility.

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Glee! :) ❤ Favorite Male:
 ❤ Favorite Female:
 ❤ Favorite Pairing:
 ❤ Least Favorite Character:
 ❤ who’s most like me:
 ❤ most attractive:
 ❤ three more characters that I like:


Favourite Male: Finn Hudson

Favourite Female: Rachel Berry

Favourite Pairing: Finchel

Least Favourite Character: Quinn

Who’s most like me: Marley 

Most attractive: Sam

Three more characters that I like:




(This changes regularly depending on how I feel lol)

Tease of chapter 12 of 24 hours

For all those following me here and reading my story, thanks for having the patience to keep reading and waiting for me to update. I have managed to get TWO chapter done but they need editing so for now here’s a juicy tease for what’s to come:

“So you must be the Doctor’s mysterious lady friend I’ve been hearing all about?” Jack approached River with a predatory gleam in his eye that made the Doctor roll his eyes.

“I’m Doctor River Song” River smiled back at him with a husky tone to her voice.”I believe you are Captain Jack?”

The Captain grinned back at her “That’s me alright, it’s nice to make your acquaintance”

“Pleasure’s all mine” the archaeologist purred

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I can't stand people who whine about seeing things they don't agree with in a tag. So much BUTTHURT. If it's relevant, it can be tagged. Finchel hate is still about Finchel. It's a Tumblr tag not a sacred temple for Finchel fans only (it's not like walking into a Christian church then proceeding to insult their religion--that's a whole different story). And srsly, it's only ship hate, it's not like people are insulting you personally omg. This isn't even my opinion because IT'S TRUE. FFS. #troll

Err…I wasn’t trying to hate Finchel, I love them, unless you are not referring to my other post but the ones I’ve written about hate in the past?.

And while I’m aware the Finchel tag is not an exclusive thing nor can you stop people tagging their hate in there no matter how much it upsets you, there are anti-Finchel tags for hate to go in so there’s no reason for it to be tagged in the Finchel tags since it only winds people up. BUT if they are going to do it, they should put it under a cut so people aren’t forced to see it and thus get annoyed. That’s what I do if I post something critical about another ship because it is VERY immature to go out of your way to hurt and upset fans of a couple you may not particularly like.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just ship hate to you. People can get particularly nasty when they want to be and what’s the point in doing it if you know it’s going to upset a group of people that actually DO like that couple? It’s not just trolling, it’s attention seeking. I think it’s pathetic, quite honestly and childish.

Plus people get emotionally involved with these characters and relationships. It what TV shows THRIVE on - the audiences getting emotionally involved and attached to the characters and relationships. It keeps them watching and thus gets them their ratings and money. They want you to root for the characters/couples and get hooked on them. It’s the WHOLE point ;).

Also from my personal view point when I go into tags I want to see nice fanart or GIFS. I don’t like it when I have to block every post that goes out of their way to offend fans of the actual couple because that’s what they do. It’s deliberate.

I'm opening a new Doctor Who blog

I’ll still post DW stuff on this one but my other blog will be exclusively for Doctor Who especially with the 50th coming up. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now actually. I just need to pick a good URL, find a good theme, make a GIF for it and I’ll be set. Once it’s done, I’ll post a link. Would love it if any of you who like DW would follow it!

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I also hope Shelby and Rachel get more closure than we've had. It was disappointing, I got all excited for her return and she had a total of two conversations with Rachel. She spoke to freakin' Quinn more. And she never apologised either, just swanned in and expected everything to be fine so I think that needs addressing.

Yes I agree, I was annoyed that they wasted most of the potential storyline in season 3 However I do think they had some strong, good scenes together like the scenes in the auditorium and I hope that when she comes back this time they’ll have a real, in depth conversation that could really display both Lea Michele and Idina Menzel’s acting chops or else I’d rather they just not go there again.

My DW T-shirt arrived and it’s brilliant!. The artist who did the design is very talented and I look forward to snapping a pic of it for my whovian followers and showing it off to you :D

Anyway will watch glee in a bit then return with a post on my thoughts. I’m not the smartest or most scrutinising of reviewers but whatever I’ll do my best to make it amusing at least. Or maybe I’ll do a live blog as I watch? That could be interesting since I’ve never done that before.

Roger out for now!