He found me, the me that I am, broken and alone on my bedroom floor, crying out for somebody to help.

He listened to me, through my whines and through my confusion. Through my liquid prayers (tears, that is) and through my sorrow.

He cared for my sustenance, my well-being through life’s traversing journey. He sought good for me and my family, blessings for my soul and blessings for my spirit.

And He loved me… in spite of me.
That’s God.

—  31women

There will always be times when you feel like you’ve gone astray for too long without God. There will always be those times when you wanted to come back to God and acknowledge Him as God, the Creator of all things Who knows your name even before you were born. There will always be times when you will be reminded that you were forgiven of your sins 2,000 years ago when Jesus, the Son of God, died in your behalf at the Cross. There will always be times when you’re rebuked and so you repent.

There will always be times when you would feel the need of a Savior! The need to serve a living God! The need to be rescued and redeemed! The need to walk with God.

Whenever you feel the need, always remember that it’s never too late. You can always run to God and He would welcome you with all His heart in open arms. God has always been waiting for you to come back to Him. God has always been waiting to call you His child. You just have to acknowledge it, and if you already did, then acknowledge it again even if it it needed be every day. Take up your Cross and choose to serve Him. God has been waiting. Give Him your All before it’s too late. Christ is coming!