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Polyamory doesn’t necessarily have to be every partner dating each other. While that’s great, it can also be different. I’m now in a polyamorous relationship with three different people, all of which are not dating each other, and that’s fine. As much as I love the ot3’s and whatnot please try to recognize that there isn’t one singular form of it

Sooo sorry!

Hi everyone ;_;! I’M so so sorry for not being able to reply your messages or update you about upcoming games. I’m actually busier than ever! (Which I thought was kind of impossible) I’m in the middle of working on 1 HUGE star wars couple creator, 1 pretty big anime game, 1 non-anime mega avatar creator (I’m drawing this one myself) and 2 smaller games for rinmarugames. I’m writing the plot of an otome game I’m thinking about releasing only on mobiles (sci-fi/fantasy maybe *wink wink*) AND working on the secret project I told you about when I have the time. Which lately, I don’t. ;_; lol. Anyways, once the games for rinmarugames are finished and released, I’ll be able to work on my Otomes.

So here is the reason why I couldn’t update you. ;_; I have little to none news about impqueen games atm. Please wait for me for a little while longer. *cries*

About Calling Cipher,

I’m thinking about removing all stat building system and turning it into a simpler otome game. I want everyone to enjoy the lovey dovey moments without having a nervous breakdown first.

BUT all in good time.

In the meanwhile, teasers!

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See you soon! (hopefully ;_;)


Bonus: Lana Beniko, the thieving kitten.

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I'll Take Communion...To Go

Walked out of church on Sunday.

During a pentacostal prayer session.

For a congregation member who was recently in a motorcycle crash.

In lieu of a sermon, the pastor had asked everyone to huddle into makeshift groups of three to pray aloud for the man in a coma.

For his doctors.

For his family and friends.

Wait—this isn’t optional?

I can’t just pray…silently?

I shifted toward a stranger who looked equally uncomfortable and we were joined by a girl who quickly realized she’d be carrying our group prayer.

Her words were heartfelt and spirit-filled, and by the time she said Amen, I was digging for Kleenex.

Moments later, things changed direction:

We were instructed to pray for the man’s wife.


I got this.

I can pray for a woman in a Nashville hospital who could lose her husband, right?

I pray with friends whose husbands have terminal diagnoses, right?

I say a prayer each time I hear sirens on the street, right?


Epic fail.

Entirely self-absorbed sentences rushed through my head, eclipsing all the earnest voices around me.

I did not pray aloud.

I did not stick around to elaborate on my sobs or my exit.

I put on sunglasses.

Found the door.

And prayed for that man—and his wife—on my own selfish terms:

All the way home.