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your art for Forgive Us Our Trespasses makes me emotional and I just can't you're to perfect. I love you and I keep on your tumblr frequently and I just can't.

Oh my goddd, Thank you so much!

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I’m always so emotional when people start to follow me because of  Forgive Us Our Trespasses because it’s been my first ever experience here on tumblr, thank you sosososo much, I’m honored to know you like my blog <3 (even if at least half of the credit goes to @remembertherandler for her beautiful story and the stunning ammount of inspiration and support she provided, and still provides, me)


I finished this black moonstone tree yesterday, and was lucky enough to have the sun smiling down just in time to grab a video ❤️Forgive me for using this beauty berry bush so often in all my photographs, but it’s the only plant in my garden that isn’t shivering and naked right now!

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