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How would UF/UT Asgore react to his S/O giving him a hug snd telling him they forgive him after he tells them what he's done/his past?


He accepts your hug with a grain of salt, gingerly patting you on the back in return. He appreciates the effort, but you should keep your forgiveness, it’s no use to waste it on someone like him. There’s nothing he can do to fix his mistakes, but if you allow him, he’ll try to move forward. Because sometimes that’s all you can do.


Surely, you’re joking? He doesn’t regret a thing he did. He did what he had to. He’ll simply push you away & leave the room like you’ve offended him–only to immediately round the corner on the verge of tears. You continue to give him kindness, & all he can do is respond like the bitter old man that he is. You deserve so much better than him.

im learning how to be nice and forgiving. i used to think it was fun to be mean and hated by everyone but its fun-er to make people happy!!!! my biggest peeve is when bitches are mean for no reason cuz its not funny or cute



We Yoshis are sorry for not talking to you all yesterday! It was so hot we Yoshis nearly turned into yarn balls, yoshi! We Yoshis had to go hide in the shade, please forgive us Yoshis! Luckily today was a lot cooler, yoshi! It’s a shame to see the sun go away though, awawawa!


We Yoshis got lollipops today! And lots of other Yoshi-sized candy too, yoshi! There’s nothing like candy when the weather is starting to change, you know! Although…candy is great anytime too, yoshi! There was plenty to share with everyone as well! We Yoshis even have candy for you guys too, yoshi! Would you like marshmallow twirls, candy sticks of fruit candy, yoshi?

Aries: Your good with advice, just learn to find your voice. Your voice and opinion is so valid. Just learn to be loud
Taurus: The future you and the past you may clash. But know that the demons can come roaring back. And when they do, your friends are here.
Gemini: for all the times you got hurt, I’m sorry, even if they never said it. You deserved so much better than this
Cancer: Let the past be the past. Even with the nightmares. Sometimes letting go is all you can do.
Leo: Forgive who you use to be. You can’t spend forever hating yourself and your past actions.
Virgo: You can’t always fight every battle. You have to pick and chose my dear.
Libra: never be afraid to put yourself first. To grow into the person you want to be.
Scorpio: growing is worth every second of agony. I promise you, you need to grow to recover.
Sagittarius: Be happy with the miles you’ve covered because they are so good. And I am so proud of you.
Capricorn: Let the scars you once had heal over because reopening them will only make you bleed more.
Aquarius: Before you save anyone else learn to save yourself. You can’t rescue everyone.
Pisces: You’ve outgrown the small town we use to call home. Time to spread your wings and fly.
—  This weeks horoscope

tips for RAMADAN:

• distance yourself from your smartphone and unnecessary sins at least for this month.
• read books about our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him)
• help your family in the household
• smile often
• avoid unnecessary discussions
• do small good deeds every day
• read Tafsir
• learn a new Sure
• train your Nafs
• visit mosques for Iftar, Sohoor
• pray Taraweeh in mosques
• avoid music, if it’s difficult for you, try at least to replace it with (halal) Nasheeds
• hear Quran as much as you can
• reflect the Quran on you
• talk every day to Allah
• give small charities daily
• be nice to people (even when they’re testing you, train your Nafs!)
• pray your daily prayers on time
• pray Sunnah
• make Dua for you and your Ummah
• help your mom preparing Iftar
• eat healthy
• try to work out for at least 10 min. after Iftar
• ask Allah constantly for forgiveness

may Allah let us reach the month of His forgiveness, goodness and mercy and may He accept our fasting and give us strength.
Allahuma Ameen


A collaboration with @virgilioastram

He quickly fell out of the dimension 

 Toppling down the slivered stairs 

Which sprouted feet and ran away 

He stood in the confines of his mind 

No way in 

No way out 

Vista of vanity 

A blank void 

What was there to be gained here? 

Where was solace hiding in the white?

Thoughts echoed inside his mind 

Counting aimless footsteps 

Until a staircase ran ahead 

And planted in his tracks

He clamored for escape 

Enthusiastic stepping on tile 

But as the taps became numerous 

His location remained still 

A hoax! A phantasm! Despair!

He closed his eyes 

Enveloped in the darkness 

And opened them caged In glass shard teeth 

A swing in an abyss 

With a slowly slipping chain

Rumbling, scrambling, he forced 

his tiny prison to drop into oblivion 

For he only wished for freedom

and embraced his doom with anticipation 

 No more abysses! No more beguiling traps! 

And the chain gave up

Like an anchor 

The cage dropped 

Clenching teeth 

He flailed his arms, and screamed 

Set me free! 

 His echoes broke the black, fading 

Into the blank void he fell 

Glass teeth shattering 

Landing In front of the open door

A swift push and creaking 

The young man beholds a glade 

Flowering fields on for miles 

And a single tower over the horizon

He tread through the field 

His face soaking the rays 

And looked up to see a winged door flying away 

But he never looked back 

He kept forward his tracks 

Counting footsteps this time in anticipation

It didn’t matter to him 

As he became tranquil and still 

The youth flopped upon the meadow 

When the portal swooped and took him 

He awoke inside the ivory castle 

Where he was meant to be 

But of course he did keep an eye out 

As to not fall down silver stairs once more

INTP and compliments
  • *doing a quiz about what career suits as best*
  • 8. What are your best qualities?
  • INTP: I have no idea what to write here.
  • Friend INFP: Well, you always help me with school work and understand the subjects very easily!
  • INTP: Oh, thanks!
  • INFP: What about me?
  • INTP: ...
  • INFP: ...
  • INTP: ...
  • INFP: Ahahah, nevermind ^^

As you get into bed, put your head on your soft pillow and pull your blanket over you and look at the ceiling that protects you, please take a few moments and remember the children of Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Burma and all other places where there is suffering. These children use the dirt as their beds, rocks as their pillows and the night sky as their blankets with no protection above them.
It takes a single breath to make dua for these children.
Ya Allāh ﷻ forgive us for being ungrateful.