Protective Dallas Would Include:

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A/N: I’d love to do this imagine for you, since I’ve lacked in doing Dallas Winston or The Outsiders imagines or would includes for ages now! Please forgive me, lovely! I hope that you like what I’ve come up with. I’m sorry if it’s shitty, but I haven’t written one of these in quite awhile. So forgive me, anon!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

- Dallas being pretty grouchy and demanding of you.

- If you’re not romantically involved with Dallas and you’re his sister, bud or a member of the gang, just know that there are no boys allowed. This hood wouldn’t think any guy deserves you.

- If you are romantically involved with Dally, then, just know that he won’t enjoy the male company you have, the majority of your friends or anybody who gives you a glance.

- He would not allow you to walk home by yourself.

- “I can walk by myself, thank you very much!

- “To hell you are, (Y/N)! Anybody could jump you, and since when were manners your sorta thing?”

- Dally always having a protective arm around your shoulders or waist.

- Beating the tar out of anybody who bullied or messed with you.

- “You think this is funny punk?

- “Touch her and I’ll bury you six feet under. You got it?

- “Keep your eyes elsewhere or I’ll gouge em’ out.

- Dallas knocking a few guys’s teeth loose.

- He’d be tougher than usual, but he’d hope that you knew that it was just for your own protection.

- “Are you goin’ soft, Dally?

- “Shut up! To hell I am?!

- Dallas pulling you away from people he doesn’t like.

- “I don’t like him.

- “You don’t know him.

- “He gives me a bad feelin’.

- “Everyone does!

- “Exactly.

- Dallas losing his shit when he finds out that you’ve been jumped.

- Dallas getting into jail a hell of a lot more.

- “Can’t you just not punch him this time?

- “If he’s starin’ at my girl, he’s gonna get much worse than that.

- Dallas walking you everywhere, even if he’s drunk as hell.

- On rainy nights he’d totally drive you home.

- No matter how mad you are at him, he’d always sneak in through your bedroom window to make sure you’re doing all right.

- Those long menacing stares directed at everyone else.

- You are his priority and he wouldn’t admit it to anyone (and no one would dare bring it up), but, he’d take all the hits, kicks, ect. that were thrown your way.

- “You okay, doll?” he’d murmur huskily, his thumb catching your lower lip.

- “You’re outta your mind, Winston. Look at you!

- “Makes me look tough, huh?” he’d cock a brow like Two-bit.

- “You’re going to be the death of me someday, Dal.” you’d laugh.

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Telling The Boys That You’re Pregnant Would Include: [The Outsiders.]

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said:tellin the guys your pregnant? (the outsiders) (your boyfriend)

A/N: Thank you for your request, lovely. I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with. Sorry if this is shitty, I haven’t done many imagines or would include’s that have to do with the topic of pregnancy, so I’m really sorry, sweetie! Please forgive me if it’s terrible!

Dallas Winston:

Telling Dallas Winston that you’re pregnant would be incredibly difficult. The guy just doesn’t like kids!

Initially, in my opinion, he’d blow up in a rage; not exactly believing that you’re pregnant at first. It would definitely be strain on your relationship with him.

He’d grow distant because he believes that he wouldn’t be a very good father. In his mind, knocking a girl up, would be a worst case scenario for him. (Sorry that this one isn’t filled with fluff, it’s just, Dally isn’t one for kids and if his girlfriend was pregnant, I don’t think he’d be too happy about it.)

Darry Curtis:

Darry Curtis would be over the moon with the news! The boys would claim that they’d never seen him smile so much before you and this news came into his life.

Darry would at first be a bit nervous about how he’s going to be paying the bills and everything, but he’d definitely take up another job or some extra shifts to cover that stuff.

He’d be 100% supportive, ensuring that you’re totally happy and healthy.

Johnny Cade:

Telling Johnny that you’re pregnant would slightly be awkward. He’d be really astonished but incredibly excited about it! He’d wrap his arms tightly around you and cry, because he’s such a cutie!

Johnny would be the type to support you, finding out as much as he can about the topic. He’d be super gentle with you (even though he already is) and he’d definitely get a job or something to help out in whatever way he can.

Sodapop Curtis:

Sodapop would be bouncing off of the walls! He’d get so excited that he’d lift you up and spin you around! He’d be the happiest guy alive!

Sodapop would probably get another job and use the majority of his money helping you out. He’d take full responsibility and be completely upbeat about the whole situation.

Whilst his big brother would love to smack him around the ear, even Darry wouldn’t be able to stop from smiling when Soda gushes about the news.

Tim Shepard:

Tim would be incredibly stoic about the entire situation, at first. He’d throw a lot of “Are you sure?” or “You can’t be serious!” around. He’d be really astonished, cursing himself for not being more careful.

Tim would want time to himself, which he’d be wondering if he’d be any good of a father or not. You wouldn’t hear from him in awhile, but eventually he’d probably come around, giving you a wad of cash that he earned that week or month; trying in some way to help out.

On the outside he’d seem stoic or mad, but really on the inside he’d be happy.

Two-bit Matthews:

Two-bit would shoot for the moon! He would have a a sudden outburst of emotions, pulling you close and spinning you around. He’d be super giddy with the chance to have a kid in which he can teach them a great sense of humor!

He’d do his best to get a job and stick with it, maybe even drink less so he can go to all the appointments you need. He’d be a big ball of sunshine and he’d be incredibly happy!

Ponyboy Curtis:

Ponyboy would be pretty nervous, but incredibly merry! He’d obviously have to tell his brothers, to which Soda would be happy and tease him, whilst Darry would be a bit more harsh on the topic.

Ponyboy would be supportive and when he’s old enough he’d definitely get a job to help you out as well. He’d be ecstatic because he knows that he’d be a great father.

Steve Randle:

Steve would be excited about the news. He’d definitely take you out somewhere to eat and ask you to tell him the news again. He’d be grinning his wonky grin and it would light up your heart.

He’d give you whatever money that he could that he earns from the DX to help you and the baby out. He’d definitely be really supportive.

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EXO Reacts to Not Wanting to Sleep with Them Because of a Misunderstanding

*Gifs aren’t mine unless stated otherwise*

Sorry this request took so long forgive me for the troubles I’ve caused but this reaction was kinda the easiest one I had so…I hope this is what you were looking for I’m sorry for the shitty quality

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XIUMIN: Watches you silently from the doorway as you set your stuff on the couch, wondering if he should say something.

*After awhile* “I’m in deep shit, aren’t I?”

LUHAN: Apologizes immediately as he sees you become upset and walk away.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry please forgive me I was being stupid again sorry.”

KRIS: Doesn’t even bother to explain himself because he is guaranteed that you are overreacting about something small. Secretly knows he won’t survive a night without you by his side.

*trying so hard not to give in to you* “I ain’t even mad.”

SUHO: He’ll let it eat at him for hours because he doesn’t want to upset you by bringing up the conversation. Lies in bed waiting for the right time to confront you.

LAY: Avoids any eye contact with you because he’s like a puppy who’s done bad, he listens to you complain and will wait a few hours to show affection again.

BAEKHYUN: Casually keeps walking to the kitchen during the middle of the night to pass by you on the couch to see if you’re still awake so he can apologize.

*whispers* “Hey, Y/N? You still mad?’ *no answer* “Okay, I’ll try this again in twenty minutes”

CHEN: Doesn’t like that you won’t tell him why what he said bothered you, so he continuously whines and stands in your way so you stop you from getting leaving the room

“Tell me what’s wrong. I’m not a mind reader.”

CHANYEOL: Doesn’t even go after you or try to make things right because he honestly doesn’t know what’s wrong. Sits on bed wondering where he went wrong.

“What did I do? Is it even me she’s mad at? Should I…no she might get more mad at me.”

KYUNGSOO: Immediately regrets all life choices that brought him here after realizing why you were upset. Also tries to explain the situation you guys were in. You still don’t want to hear it but he is consistent on his explanation.

“Listen. Um…yeah. Something’s obviously wrong and you want me to fix it.”

TAO: He shuts down and won’t want to talk or look at you because he knows it was his fault and is willing to wait for you to decide what happens next. Though, he is worried about you even if you are a few rooms over and wants to make up as soon as possible.

KAI: Follows you out the bedroom door into the living room, trying to reach for the pillow and blanket while trying to convince you he loves you.

“Can we talk about this for a moment? Please? Stop walking and come back to bed.”

SEHUN: Yells for you, hoping in some weird way you’d answer and give in.

“Fuck. Please Jagi.” *joking around* “If you’re going to the kitchen can you make me a sandwich.”

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Pairing: Steve X Reader


1.) Can I request a steve x reader where they’re like partners in everything and he’s really protective of her especially during missions? :D

 2.)An imagine where Steve gets jealous and all possessive? :D

(( I’ve never written any possessive characters, so forgive me if this is complete cheese. Or just shitty. I’m not exactly sure how possessiveness mixes with Steve’s personality. Wish me luck. ))


“Not his Little Anything”

“We’re not getting anywhere with this one, Steve.” You grumbled, kicking away some of the rocks that rolled under the soles of your shoes. “Let’s just get him back to base, that way we can get out of here.”

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Things That Kill Me, Part 1

We have only seen Po get truly and genuinely angry a handful of times in the entire series.

One such moment was when Shen nearly killed Tigress.

He doesn’t even need to say anything. In a span of about 15 seconds, he makes it clear that Shen has REALLY messed up through body language and facial expressions alone.

And that kills me. Every. Time.


Leon Petrovona: (In Russian) The Jew Smells of rum.
Alfie Solomons: Yeah, well, there is a good reason for that, little man. Because my shop, right, is just above a  rum house, so I -
Tatiana Petronova: You speak Russian?
Alfie Solomons: Yeah, I do. ‘Cause of me mum. Yeah. Me mother. You people, alright, you hunted my mum with dogs through the snow. Yeah. … But today, right, is for forgiveness. Isn’t it.