I love the little wave Sam does in the new outro animation, it’s super adorable! :D 

Forgive me on the shitty quality of this gif guys I recorded it on my phone and used the tumblr app gif creator to make it. I was originally going to screenshot this but I thought it would be better to see this in motion. I love the new Halloween outro animation, I think it’s so cute and I loved seeing Sam fly around all over the screen. I seriously think that Robin did great job with it. :) 

Ice Cream and Whatnot

I made this with a different character for a friend but I want to post it so I altered things and it’s so short wtH I hope someone out there likes it!!!!!! I can’t think of a member who’s goiNG TO DO SMTH THIS FLUFFY forgive me it’s shitty (gif by dovounq)

“Can we just watch a movie and stay inside?” You muttered. You weren’t going to have any of Doyoung’s sassy remarks that day.

“But I want ice cream!” He whined.

You rolled your eyes at his unamused face. “Who even eats ice cream at this kind of weather, Doyoung-ah.”

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