I must be  Alayne all the time, inside and out


Why do I love Junsu? His strength makes me strong too.

Junsu is the strongest person I’ve ever met. This person struggled so much, had hard times, but was always smiling. He spent almost half of his life making us proud and happy. Even now, when Junsu is already on the top, he is still working hard to be even better. I think that he will never give up, and no one will ever beat his passion or talent. I’m really grateful to him, he showed me that hard work is always worth something. ♡

[1986.12.15] Happy Birthday Junsu ♡


“They [Oliver and Felicity] definitely are very complementary to each other now, they’re quite opposites. I think she thinks a lot with her heart and not necessarily her mind. She thinks a lot with her mouth, first." 
                   Emily Bett Rickards (x)

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A simple song I made for gruvia week

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