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so why did john say such a weird phrase as 'problems of your past are your business, problems of your future are my provelege' if he really just wanted to forgive mary? why were these the prepared words? why couldn't he just say 'i love you, i forgive you'? it's such shit

You can clearly see how s4 stopped making any sense when you compare it to previous seasons. It never looked like that John was forgiving Mary. Then we get s4. And bam! Saint Mary rises.. All things are forgiven. And weirdly John is blaming Sherlock.

Really this is such shit.

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I have a thought. When Eurus tells Sherlock that there were no explosives in Molly's flat, she says, "Why would I be so clumsy?" And I think she meant that killing Molly would be too big a mistake. Eurus wanted Sherlock to love her, and she knew that if she'd harm or kill Molly, Sherlock would never forgive her. Just look at the way he smashed up that coffin. If Molly died there and then Sherlock would fall apart, and Eurus' entire plan would be compromised. What do you think?

It’s possible. I took it to mean that she wouldn’t have wanted to do something so huge and messy that could have been tied back to her by any authorities, but hey, she could have meant what you’re saying. At the very least, maybe unconsciously she did. I tend not to think (despite the fact that it’s a cute thought) that Eurus was a conscious sherlolly shipper and that she wanted to literally get them together. But I do maintain that she was moved emotionally for a moment by their mutual declaration of love. It hit a nerve in her and I think it reminded her of what she’d never known for most of her life, and what ultimately she craved. Not necessarily romantic love, but just a love that’s pure and real. Which is why, to me, she looked like she was about to cry at the end of that phone call. :)) *sniff sniff*

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Ah, if only I could follow such teachings of peace and forgiveness. Choi makes it look easy!

If you call pounding the stuffing out of a punching bag and meditating for 3 hours solidly ‘easy’…

Choi’s finding his equanimity being tested in new ways; but he’s doing his level best to rise above it the way he’s been taught and the way that his own principles and cultural background tell him that he should.


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look into your eyes

Summary: Five times Yuri Plisetsky’s eyes had left Otabek helpless, even if he didn’t know it at first. (word count: 2303)

1. and the sky’s the limit

He did not have the natural talent, nor did he have a lot of resources. Compared to the others, the ones with so much more, he was nothing. It felt easy to just give up, leave Russia, and forget about his dream of becoming an ice skater and making his country proud.

And honestly, he was about to do exactly that. Not only was he stuck with students 2-3 years younger than he was, he still keeps getting scolded for not being able to do what they could.

All those thoughts were erased from him when he looks up and sees a boy - probably ten or eleven, at most - do the exercise perfectly, lifting his leg and pointing his toes exactly as the instructor had told. But it wasn’t that that had captivated him.

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