forgive the smashing

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softer world sentence meme.

❛ we buried truth under playgrounds. ❜
❛ it’s hard to get rid of people who don’t know you hate them. ❜
❛ you make me want to pretend to be a better man. ❜
❛ those who can, do. those who can’t apparently run this fucking place. ❜
❛ live and learn, or die and teach by example. ❜
❛ there should be a word for the things we do not because we want to, but because we want to be the kind of person that wants to. ❜
❛ you won’t live forever in their memories. the way you treated them will. ❜
❛ one day i’ll be me. ❜
❛ nobody dies before their time. that’s what ‘ their time ’ means. ❜
❛ some people aren’t books, they’re poems. ❜
❛ there’s a darkness on the edge of town. ❜
❛ it’s time to make yourself proud and everyone else a little nervous. ❜
❛ i’m tired of being my best. ❜
❛ if i could have just one wish, i would probably screw it up. ❜
❛ my resolution this year is to buy a dog and practice loving something back. ❜
❛ you’re too pretty to stab me in the face with that knife. ❜
❛ can we be friends? i would try to be a good friend. ❜
❛ nothing matters at all. might as well be nice to people. ❜
❛ what sounds better? revenge or popcorn? ❜
❛ it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission. ❜
❛ i hear smashing glass in my head, every time i laugh. ❜
❛ i would sell my soul for a soul worth keeping. ❜
❛ follow your horrible little heart! ❜
❛ who has time for perfection? ❜
❛ i don’t believe each person has just one true love, but sometimes we don’t have enough time to find another. ❜
❛ i fought my way into this world. i’ll fight my way out. ❜
❛ you are never so low you deserve to be lower. ❜
❛ when you look down at people, don’t you want to help them up? ❜
❛ well, i don’t like any of those things, but i like you. ❜
❛ i’m the best there is at what i do, and what i do is think about my mistakes. ❜
❛ the worst person you can think of gets scared sometimes too. ❜
❛ everybody dies. every single person. so, style counts. ❜
❛ if poetry could describe the way you make me feel poetry would be illegal. ❜
❛ did it hurt? when you clawed your way up from the depths of hell? ❜

(Carl Gallagher)

Request: Hi um can you do a Carl Gallagher imagine #14 please thanks btw I love your account

Pairing:Carl Gallagher x Reader


A/N: This might suck because I’m only on like season 3 of shameless but I hope you guys still like it. and thank you very much, I’m glad u like it.

I was at my locker getting ready to start 2nd hour. I looked across the hall to see if my boyfriend was here, but as usual he wasn’t. Carl Gallagher wasn’t the type to go to school or get good grades. That’s why people find it surprising when they hear that we are a couple. I was the opposite, I went to school, got good grades, and wanted to go to collage. Most people around here didn’t.

I checked my phone and there was no calls or texts. I sighed, already knowing who he was with. He was with Bonnie. I don’t mind him hanging out with her, I really don’t. But the fact that he avoids me makes me upset. I don’t think about it as I go through the day.

~Time skip~

I finished my homework and my parents still weren’t home. I tried texting Carl but of course he didn’t answer. I was really getting fed up with this whole thing. I walked out my front door and started heading over to the Gallagher’s.

I kept on thinking of what I was going to say to him. It was pretty quiet, all I could hear were my feet on the pavement. I opened the gate and continued up the porch steps. I knocked on the door, Fiona answers she smiles at me.

“Hey Y/N”

“Hey Fiona, is Carl here by any chance, I haven’t seen him around”I ask.

“Yeah he’s in his room, just go head up there” She says steeping aside to let me in, I smile as I walk in. I was about to head to the stairs when Fiona stopped me,


“Yeah Fi?”I ask.

“Can you watch out for him, he’s been getting into a lot of trouble with some bad people” She said, you could see the desperation in her eyes.

“Yeah I will, Don’t worry” I say trying to send her a reassuring smile before heading up.

I get to his door and take a deep breathe before lightly knocking on the door. I heard a “Go away” from Carl which he did every time. I open the door to see his back facing me.

“Hey” I say quietly with a hint of awkward. He immediately turns around, I take a notice that he’s shirtless. “Hey..”He says trailing off.

“Can I come in?” I ask, looking down at my feet.

“Yeah, come in, sit down” He said while moving some off his dirty clothes trying to make the room a little neat. I come and sit down on the his bed, he does the same. I didn’t want to start an argument so I just started with simple.

“I haven’t seen you around, how you doing?” I ask biting my tongue mentally face palming on how stupid it sounded. “I’ve been doing fine, you?”

“Good, I guess” I said making it get into an awkward silence. I avoided eye contact. 

I bit my lip before just bringing it out there, “Okay to make this easier I’m just gonna get to the point. Are you okay? Is something wrong?” I finally looked at him, he had his eyebrows furrowed.

“Nothings wrong Y/N, why would you think that?”

“Because you’ve been avoiding all my text, calls, you haven’t been in school either”

“I’ve been hanging with Bonnie” I roll my eyes, standing in front of him, “I know, but can’t you tell I’m worried. I call a bunch of times, send a ton of text, and you can’t even answer me, saying ‘I’m fine Y/N’, like are you for real!” My voice getting louder with each word, it shocked Carl, never had I once yelled at him.

“Why does it matter to you?” He said standing up looking down at me.

“Because I’m your girlfriend, and I care about you, your family and I are worried about you!”

“Just admit it, you don’t care, your jealous because I’m spending time with Bonnie, Bonnie is right, you are a jealous bitch!” He burst. I was shocked and hurt.

“Fuck you Gallagher, if this is what I get for caring about you, then I’m done” I said wiping my cheeks. My hand was on the knob, “What do you mean by ‘your done’?!”

I turned around mad, “I mean, we’re done.” I said, and the look on his face went from regret and then to hurt. I turned around and jogged down the stairs. Fiona stopped me as I was about to open the door.

“Hey,Y/N, what happened, whats wrong?” She said.

“Nothing” I said as I walked past her and out the door. I heard yelling inside. I opened the gate and started to walk to my house, letting the tears fall. I heard a door slam, and fast heavy footsteps behind me. “Y/N, wait!” I just keep on walking.

Carl ran in front of me grabbing my shoulders. “hey hey” He said whispering. I tried to turn my head, to avoid his stare. He lifted my chin up, “Hey, I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry” 

I tried to walk past him, “Y/N, I’m sorry,I shouldn’t of said all those things, I know you care and I care about you a lot. I love you! ” I looked up shocked. We never said that to each other. He cupped my cheeks, “I love you, and I’m so sorry” He says. I sniffle, “You what?”

“I love you Y/N Y/L/N, I’ll scream it to the world. I don’t care if we’re young, you make me a better person by each day and I just disappoint you and I’m sorry, but I do love you”

“I forgive you” I said smashing my lips on his feeling fireworks. He smiled into the kiss making me giggle, “I love you too” I said staring into his beautiful eyes.

A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed! Like I said, I’m not caught up. I have nothing against the charter Bonnie, I’ve never actually saw an episode with her, but I’ve heard of her so please bear in this imagine.


For those of you who wish to dance like Marth, here is a video to help you learn!! (Just don’t stare into his eyes too long…)