forgive the sloppiness

And she’d be standing next to me [x]

(Woo! Leslie actually did some semi-finished artsy stuff!)

@rareruiz : Allura, A2

Don’t fool yourselves, Allura makes bad puns and starts explaining them when no one laughs.

“Did you get it Coran? Because lion and lying sound the same.”

“Yes, Princess. Very clever”

“You didn’t laugh so I thought you might not have understood.”

“I’m laughing on the inside, Princess.”

WIP Summer Palace piece. I have not drawn properly in so freaking long, please forgive my sloppiness. D; 

I’ve also not done fanart in nearly a year??? Or something??? Who knows??? ??????????? >.> it’s been a while because i suck also yes I see my anatomical errors why is Laurent’s ear that low down. I am too lazy to fix it right now but SOON. 😱


WELL, so much for “not drawing before practicals”. I ended up getting bored trying to prepare cuz you just can’t prepare for those things…

SO YEAH HAVE SOME BLIND SPOTS GOODNESS FROM YOURS TRULY. It feels like FOREVER since I drew digitally, so if it’s sloppy, forgive me. It was supposed to be a quick thing :)

Precious sunshine children <3


If Hermitcraft was a high school club (based on Asagao Academy).

I drew it in pencil, inked it, colored it in color pencil, and then touched up the colors digitally after I scanned it.

I used their rl faces as best I could, and the minecraft skins for the unrevealed faces. All official Hermitcraft members as of the end of season 4 are here.

Standing, left to right: Tango, Hypno, Doc, IJevin, Xisuma, Cubfan, Biffa, Cleo, Iskall, Etho, Python, Mumbo
Sitting, left to right: TFC, False, Impulse, Keralis, Rendog, Scar, XBcrafted, Jessassin, Wels, Joe, Beef