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(Woo! Leslie actually did some semi-finished artsy stuff!)

@rareruiz : Allura, A2

Don’t fool yourselves, Allura makes bad puns and starts explaining them when no one laughs.

“Did you get it Coran? Because lion and lying sound the same.”

“Yes, Princess. Very clever”

“You didn’t laugh so I thought you might not have understood.”

“I’m laughing on the inside, Princess.”


WELL, so much for “not drawing before practicals”. I ended up getting bored trying to prepare cuz you just can’t prepare for those things…

SO YEAH HAVE SOME BLIND SPOTS GOODNESS FROM YOURS TRULY. It feels like FOREVER since I drew digitally, so if it’s sloppy, forgive me. It was supposed to be a quick thing :)

Precious sunshine children <3

By Chance Part 3 - Drake x MC (A Royal Romance Mini-Fanfic Series)

[A little note: I was really motivated to finish this when I woke up this morning. For those who’re wondering - part 1 and part 2 are here. To everyone else, hope you enjoy reading! Feedback is always encouraged if not appreciated!]

[Summary: Drake isn’t sure if this restaurant is the right place to spend dinner after running into Riley (MC). One meal later and she’s convinced him and the rest of Liam’s bachelor party not to end the night yet.]

Conflate - to combine two things, to blend together into a composite whole.

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She hadn’t seen him yet.

Her forehead was creased and a tiny frown enwrapped her lips as she scribbled something busily onto her notepad. Her hair was different from her photos; tightly pulled back into a ponytail and she looked as if she hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep from the smidge of darkness around her eyes.

And yet, his reaction at catching sight of her was nearly instantaneous. The minute his eyes found her, he lost his footing. His feet had somehow forgotten how to function, and his stupid misstep caused him to nearly bump into his friend.

He caught himself at the last probable second and ignored the flutter of nerves that quickly followed. He uttered a short curse; already regretting coming inside the establishment.

By this time, Maxwell and Tariq had seated themselves ahead of them and Drake touched Liam’s arm in order to bring his attention back to him. The both of them hung back, as Drake begun speaking. “We should leave.” His jaw was tense and he braced himself for his friend’s reply, knowing too well that his curiosity is reason enough for him to ask why.

Liam’s eyes flickered in surprise. “I don’t understand, I thought this is where you wanted to go.”

“I’ve changed my mind.” He muttered stiffly, slipping his hands inside the folds of his pockets. “I think there’s probably something better further down the street and –”

“You’re doing that thing again. The thing you do when you’ve suddenly gone nervous.” Liam interrupted, scrutinizing him.

Drake dropped his hands to his sides almost immediately.

“You’re trying to avoid something, or someone.” Then his gaze shifted before Drake could protest; he surveyed the room until he spotted her. A knowing smile lit his features. “Ah, the girl.”

At first, Drake refused to answer. His jaw had gone a little slack but otherwise, he kept his pensive stare. “You’re mistaken.”

“I know a beautiful face when I see one, and I know what a beautiful face can do to a man.” Liam shook his head and chuckled at his friend’s stern frown. “Don’t you think this is the perfect opportunity to deliver back her phone?” When Drake didn’t answer, he prompted him. “Hmm?”

Drake disliked it when Liam had a point to a fault. Whenever Liam was being frustratingly  reasonable and logical. It made him even more upset that he cared so much to begin with. Usually, he preferred being the person to point out the obvious but right now – all he could do was give into his nerves and the quiet dread of staying even a second longer made his fingers clammy.

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