forgive the crap quality

Forgive the crap quality, but I wasn’t able to find this gif anywhere else, so I had to make it myself, and it’s my first gif. I just have to talk about this moment right here. Vax knows that he has no right to be in control of the relationship, but he wants Keyleth so badly. He knows that his previous proclamation of love is untrustworthy because of the circumstances, so he reestablishes here, in the most unassuming, nonthreatening manner possible, that he wants to pursue the relationship, but only once he knows Keyleth is ready. I love these two, and to see them absolutely go bonkers for one another is so damn cute! I just have all the Vaxleth feels right now and it’s just too much. Someone should either take away my giffing privileges or jump in my ask box and scream about these two dorks with me, because I’m going insane.

A very happy birthday to amazingphil!!

I hope you have the absolute best day ever and an even better year, you deserve it so much! Lots of hugs<3<3

(This was my first digital painting ever and I was still getting used to the tablet, I hope you guys can forgive the crap quality… heehee)