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Drarry FanFic Drinking Game

Take a shot when you see:

•The Slytherin
•The Blonde
•The Prat
•Pink Lips

•The Raven haired boy
•Striking Emerald Green eyes
•Red Scar

•Blaise and Pansy encourage Drarry
•Draco been crushing on Harry for a while
•8th year
•house unity

•"Draco was relieved to have his own room"
•"Was Draco actually __________towards Potter?“
•"he’s probably not even gay”
•"his heart fluttered. Potters/Malfoys gay!“

•The Love Potion Scene. (One smells it and exclaims the whole room smells like the other)
•The Malfoy Stares at Harry From the Slytherin Table Scene


for tokyoluke and hemmoful‘s fwb!5sos blurb night !!

wow but can you imagine being best friends with benefits with luke? you two wouldn’t have wanted to lose your virginity to some random one night stand, so one night he would’ve snuck over to your house and you would do the do with your parents in the next room. one hookup turned into two which turned into many more when the two of you couldn’t stop your hormones from acting up. 

it was okay, since luke was your best friend, you two having known each other since you could barely talk. but somehow, that boy hit puberty about 5 times (pretty sure we all lost count) and the thought of luke underneath you in your bed sheets was enough to make your wetness pool in between your thighs. 

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devil/angel au headcanon

[part 2: characters]

i need to get this out of my system!!!! also before i forget things

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Before you Leave

She had the tendency to jump in front of bullets meant for him without considering the consequences.

Nick sighed to himself as he glanced over in the corner. One shotgun blast to the stomach this time. She was alive, thank god for that, but out like a light. Same as she’d been for the past eight hours.

All in all, he decided, the whole thing had been his fault.

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don’t be gone too long

‘cause you won’t be there to love me when you’re gone

B: “I thought you hated that plan. That I would get myself killed.

C: "I was being weak. It’s worth the risk.”