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  • Harry: Take off your shirt.
  • Draco: I... no. I don't want to.
  • Harry: Why- Oh. Is it... do you still have scars? Draco, I've never forgiven myself for that.
  • Draco: Scars! Yes, I have terrible scars. I simply can't stand for you to see.
  • Harry: I'm so sorry, Draco. But now that we're together, you'll have to show me sometime.
  • Draco: N-No! You can't see! It's really hideous, awful-
  • Harry: Oh God, I thought it wouldn't scar! You have to show me so I can atone for what I've done. I'll never forgive myself if you have to hide for the rest of your life.
  • Draco: I- oh... alright then. *slowly unbuttons and takes off his shirt, looking away from Harry*
  • Harry: *staring* Draco, this is...
  • Draco: Yes, the scarring was truly terrible.
  • Harry: This is... a tattoo of our names together over your heart.
  • Draco: Hideous scarring. I'll never forgive you.

Infusion: A common way to channel and easily control magic is to infuse it into ink and tattoo it onto one’s skin. The tattoos are generally harmless in their dormant state, and look like normal ink until activated by the owner, when they begin to glow. Depending on the amount of magic and the shape of the tattoo, different effects can be achieved, such as enhanced martial arts or generation of fire. This type of magic is commonly used by soldiers.

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Can you tell us more about the tattoo and piercing au? Headcannons or whatever you feel like sharing I guess. I've seen the drawings but there's not a lot of info about it 0:

-Well, first of all the place where they work belongs to Mako, he was working as a tattoo artist for 15 years. 

-Amelié and Gabriel are tattoo artists too (they were working with Mako for five years). 

-Jamison is the only one who does piercing. 

-Mako taught him a bit about how to tattoo safely (since before Jamie had tattooed himself with sewing needles and ink).

-Mako designed all of Jamie’s tattoos (and tattooed them).

-At first Mako had to force Jamie to follow the basic hygiene rules for piercings, eventually he got used to it.

-The two have been together for over two years, but Jamie moved with Mako not long ago.

-Gabriel offered the job to Jamie (without telling Mako just to annoy him)

-Jamie lost his leg in an accident when he was a teenager (he asked Mako to tattoo his right arm to combine his prosthesis and now he has a tattoo with a biomechanical style)

And that’s all for now :^) I will add more things later.

FIC REC: Flashpoint by DeGlace

Turns out prissy ice queens and volatile ex-cons don’t play nice.

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theres so many of these mafia/yakuza AUs already so here’s one more

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