forgive me with this

That Snow/Hook scene killlllled meeeeeee.

It was such a great contrast between Hook’s dark, miserable, ashamed self and Snow’s light, bubbly, proud mama self. You could tell she is genuinely happy for both her daughter AND for Hook, a man who has worked so hard to become a better person. As she says, “I couldn’t be happier for you. For both of you,” and “I’m so happy it’s you.” 

He’s hating himself and she’s loving him and accepting him and proud of him.

And like the EQ, that was all it took for him to change his mind, to want to stay.

Love and acceptance changes everything.

dirtimutt  asked:

Hey do you know of any other blogs like yours? I absolutely adore a canine aesthetic, and I need way more of it on my dash. Thank you for any suggestions. Still love your blog btw!

hey there !! glad to see youre still around <3 

first off, if you arent following @punkbone @godmutt @deadmutt @silverfangs @snarlett @hukkatar then you need to because theyre like?? the cool kids at the table

some ive seen that i really like are @pretty-dead-dog @talondog @yotebutt @bigbpdwolf @byrackaa @ghostparadoxa @pessimisticpup @canis-spectris @blighthound @lonely-hound

these are just some ive seen around lately,, and im probably going to remember like ten as soon as i post this so im sorry about that

if anyone else knows of some not listed could ya add on for me? <3 need to follow some more myself

     hi guys ! my name is RAJ, i use she and they pronouns, and i’m comin’ at you live from the eastern tz to tell you about my muse babes, augusta ( cindy kimberly fc ) and maximus ( bob morley fc ) ! i’m going to split this up into two posts bc i’m annoying and disheveled, so here’s gus.

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