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Milton Lawrence “Millie” Murray
June 29, 1888- December 24, 1917

Often described as the greatest playwright  of the twentieth century. His career, though short lived, produced 4 plays that have touched and moved audiences throughout the world for almost a century. The author who died at the age of 29 was shot in the head by a former collegue who broke into his apartment after escaping from prison.To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of his death , a play that tells the author’s life story will be shown in MLM Theatre on Christmas Eve.

before reading this

Remember that it’s just my opinion, and that i acknowledge not being some sort of god, i admit i could be wrong, and i don’t mean to insult anyone saying this
I just read a post targeted towards fat girls talking about bad experiences caused by being fat, and um this made me think… like i know we should all accept ourselves as we are and all but, if you feel that bad being fat, you can lose weight. Don’t leave, just hear me out:
I’m not saying the way society says fat=ugly is fair, or should be encouraged, but you also don’t have to stay like this just because tumblr says “love your body”. If you feel uncomfortable looking the way you look, you should change. Losing weight is not a big deal, it’s not permanent, and it doesn’t have to cost anything. You wouldn’t be conforming to society or whatever, you would be doing this for yourself.
This is coming from someone who used to be chubby, so please don’t tell me “i don’t understand”, because i do. I used to feel really bad in my own body, and even after losing weight it took a while for me to be proud and happy with the way i look, but losing weight definitely helped. Detail: no one ever insulted me for being chubby. I know people saw me as chubby, i’ve had a few remarks but none of them meant to be insulting. I didn’t feel uncomfortable because of society or whatever, i didn’t lose weight to “””fit in”””, i lost weight so i could look at myself and tell myself i’m pretty. This being said, if you’re chubby and you look at yourself and you find yourself pretty, that’s fantastic! That’s great, really! I’m happy for you. But i don’t think everyone can accept themselves like this.

scripture chase!!

visit each of these references and keep track of the specific words to unlock a super special secret!!!

  • Helaman 1:15, 12th word
  • Ether 8:19, 7th word 

  • Moroni 10:7, 7th word

  • 3rd Nephi 9:18, 1st&2nd words

  • Alma 19:17, 9th word

  • Mosiah 27:10, 11th word

  • Jacob 6:10, 3rd word

  • 2nd Nephi 3:7, 42nd word

  • Alma 5:53, 9th word

  • 4th Nephi 1:9, 13th word

  • Alma 28:2, 14th word

  • Alma 56:31, 15th&16th words

  • 3rd Nephi 12:16, 2nd word

  • Enos 1:2, 5th word

  • Words of Mormon 1:3, 24th word

have fun!!! and remember not to spoil the secret,so everyone can find it for themselves!!!!! :) :) :)

Will you forgive me Sir for adding a Daughter in Law to your Family without first asking your Consent—I must reserve particulars ‘till I have the pleasure of seeing you—my Wife Mr Manning’s youngest Daughter promises soon to give you a Grand Child.

From John Laurens to Henry Laurens, October 26th, 1776

Dear dad. The revolution sounds a bit up and down, people in the West Indies make too many excuses on owning slaves, also I’m married. And you’re going to be a grandfather.