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‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning…  

ok kids svtfoe fandom REALLY needs fics

im offering incentive….write any svtfoe fic + show proof that u posted it to either tumblr or ao3 and if we get to 27 fics (oneshot or mutli chapter, but multi-chaps dont have to be finished, just started and planned to continue) then i’ll release the only fic i ever wrote. its rlly fuckin garbage and y’all get the chance 2 laugh it up… also its not even finished (but 36 pages) and i dont plan to but ill free what i have.

only rules,

  • has to be svtfoe
  • has to be your work
  • any ship, or no ship at all
  • 500 words or more
  • you gotta, like. Try. It can’t be “star loves Marco” copy pasted 80 times.
  • NO NSFW.
  • it can be sourced from ao3 or tumblr but it’s gotta end up on tumblr with a link or something, also please tag my url so it’s easy to find

ik this seems like a lot but this is gonna hopefully be a pretty chill thing,yk. Just something going on in the background and if we happen to hit 27? Holy shit great!!!!

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How does anyone pick a bias in astro!? Like honestly. I mean I have a member of like the second but in all honesty I love them all so much how do I choose just one!?

RIGHT?!?!?!? TuT I feel you anon~

I mean first we’ve got JinJin being all like

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and then MJ comes in with the

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but then Eunwoo pops in looking like

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then Bin being Bin jumps in with a

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and just when you think it’s over and your heart can’t handle any more Rocky just

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and for the one-two punch finale Sanha comes in and

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but then you see them all together and they’re like

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so idk what to tell you, man ;w; you’re stanning visual talented dorks;;;

good luck choosing a bias in Astro~ it’s a constant struggle <333333

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TTwTT <333

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I haven’t drawn anything in ages because I’m currently back in Tenimyu/Prince of Tennis Hell and I have no intention of getting out

So the only thing I managed to draw is Yamazaki Shougo as Taki sorry