forgive me for being really fat and ugly

also a lot of people on here used to give me shit about how i looked and ganged up on me and made fun of me and id always get visibly upset and have a meltdown on my blog and later forgive them or try to insult them back bc i had super low self esteem and sometimes i just wish i hadnt have reacted like that, that i wouldve called them out on their clear insecurities that they had to nitpick how i looked and how i was

i even remember this dude on here once (probably accidentally) added me to this creepy skype chat (these bloggers all had a lot of followers and i thought some of them were my friends so it was especially horrifying) where they had changed their names on skype to other bloggers urls on tumblr that werent there to make fun of them and somebody changed their skype name to “simone theyellowbrickroad” and were making comments about eating a whole tub of ice cream and everybody was having a good time making fun of me

ive still neVER confronted any of those people that were in that skype chat about it bc it was really embarrassing for me i felt ashamed of my weight at that point and i honestly wanted to die all the time i was super depressed and suicidal and a lot of them would take advantage of that and i think im finally out of mutuals with all of those people bc they never liked me and they were never my friends 

and then this other guy made a video reading a story that him and his friends wrote that had a lot of fat jokes about me in it and basically it was about me eating another blogger and just shit like that was the kind of shit i always felt like was MY fault and i just wanted to forgive all of them right away so we never had to talk about it bc it was my fault for being fat and my fault for being ugly and that was just a really dark mind frame for me 

im really glad i dont think that way anymore but if you read this and you identified yourself as one of the people ive mentioned or can think of a time you targeted me for how i look that i didnt mention (bc trust me theres plenty of stories that i didnt) then i want you to think about how shitty you are. and fuck you, seriously