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I've enjoyed all of the zeki moments throughout the course of VK. But, I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed and somewhat bewildered as to why Hino has chosen 'actions', 'hints', and 'interpretation' instead of giving the end of VK (+extra chaps) a very solid and spoken aloud confirmation that Yuuki loves Zero. What are your thoughts on this?

We do have 87th Night’s confession from Yuuki, but you’re right – it was left unspoken.

And we were given confirmation that Yuuki’s love for Zero is very deep with the extra chapter, “Life,” but that was also stated in a roundabout way.

I know those that feel disappointed that we were not presented with straightforward disclosure about her feelings as that would end the love triangle rather succinctly, wouldn’t it? Which is pretty telling in itself.

All contextual proof sides with Zeki.

It’s impossible to say for certain why Matsuri Hino chose this mode of storytelling, making symbolism, actions, and inner monolouge convey Yuuki’s heart. However, I do believe the quiet was more meaningful when compared to the spoken that could do little to save a failing relationship.

For all the scenes we have of Yuuki speaking about her love for her ancestor, Zero always came back to her in the form of uncontrollable thirst.

And with Zero, the two of them could talk about being estranged, about being enemies, but that never changed how they truly felt about each other.

Even when Yuuki kept quiet about her revelation during the dance and kiss on 87th Night, her feelings for Zero were said to “overflow,” meaning her heart was not divided, but past the point of full.

Compare that with how she couldn’t even lie at the beginning of her engagement, telling her fiance that her heart was not entirely his, but belonged partly to Zero.

Even before Yuuki admitted to the full depth and validity of her emotion for Zero, no one could deny that it was there and growing all story long. Theirs was a love that had been revealed to us as a slow but ever rising curve.

That contrasted with Kaname and Yuuki’s relationship being shown as fast burning but very short-lived, only able to exist with one of them effectively removed from the others’ life.

It does seem to be a creative choice on Hino’s part, seeing as how she kept all of her other lifelong couples from expressing their feelings the way Yume did. Instead, she kept the successful ships focused on their gradual buildup in trust as well as on their happiness together [Haruka/Juuri, Aidou/Yori, Kain/Ruka, Shiki/Rima, and of course Zero/Yuuki].

Maybe it is needlessly convoluted, but it seems intentional that we use a different language to speak about love in VK – one not so straightforward, one that words cannot properly carry the weight of. It’s frustrating in a pretentious sort of way, but it’s not too hard to suss out.

Also, I personally think Hino chose this route as she was afraid of ostracizing part of her fanbase. By giving those that liked Yume loving words to grasp on to, she in turn gave Zero and Yuuki certainty in their love by giving them their happy life together.

If we were honestly allowed to see Zeki exchange declarations/vows, they would completely invalidate all of Kaname and Yuuki’s shared space because it would be words Yuuki could actually hold true to.

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What are some of your fave kagehina headcanons? I'm just craving it rn


  • Hinata falls in love sudden and violent, like tripping over his feet or getting punched in the mouth. It’s triggered by something silly and small, too, like a compliment or the suggestion of a smile, and then Kageyama is everywhere, in everything he does.
  • Kageyama falls slower, steadier, over the course of a long time. He’s never really had a real friend before Hinata, so he takes him awhile to put a name to the feeling. And when he finally does, it scares him a lot, because he doesn’t know how to have a crush without it being painful. Honestly, he’s barely figured out how to have a friend.

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