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Can you talk more about jealous!Adam??? 😊

ahhh, sure thing nonnie. 

(let me preface that i have a headcanon that ronan actually was physically involved with kavinsky, but the whole ‘i don’t do casual’ thing refers more to who he gives his heart to– so yes, implied past rovinsky. also, going to tag @adamprrishcycle and @pr0ko for heavily inspiring this!) 

  • even after kavinsky dies, adam’s gut twists whenever he thinks about ronan’s past with him. 
  • he knows it’s not fair to be upset over it. but thinking about the feral way kavinsky looked at ronan, like he had claimed him- 
  • he had gotten there first. 
  • ronan never told him so, but he’s seen the marks on his neck, the way they used to look at each other. he’s smelled cigarettes and aftershave on ronan when he would stop by in the middle of the night. 
  • the way kavinsky looked at ronan reminds adam of how ronan looks at him, and he wishes that for once in his life–
  • for once, could he have something all of his own?
  • and if ronan could’ve felt something for kavinsky, what does it mean that he feels something towards adam? adam wonders, 
  • “what does that make me?”
  • one day, it’s just the two of them at the Barns. they’re sitting in silence, and ronan’s holding a mouse in his hands, and adam knows that this is ronan in his purest form. he knows objectively that he should feel peace, but all he feels is this twist in his gut, this lump in his throat-
  • he is jealous.
  • “did you ever bring kavinsky here?” 
  • ronan looks up sharply, and adam knows he’s said the wrong thing. 
  • he keeps going though, because he feels so ugly inside and he just wants to know he’s right to feel that way– if he’s anything at all like kavinsky-
  • “where the fuck did that come from, Parrish?”
  • adam is inarticulate as he feels that familiar rage swell- he realizes that his fists are clenched, and his rage suddenly withers to a sea of shame
  • all we are good for is destruction, he thinks. he sees ronan, holding the mouse in his hand, and he knows he needs to leave.
  • he stands up suddenly and stalks out of the barn, feeling like he can’t breathe. he wonders how long it will take him if he runs back to St. Agnes. will his legs carry him the way they took him along the highways of D.C.?
  • he is brought back to the present moment when he feels the grip of Ronan’s fingers around his wrist. 
  • “I never brought him here,” he says. “Never wanted to.”
  • “What am I doing here, then?” Adam spits out. 
  • “I dunno, man,” Ronan replies, shrugging his shoulders. Adam knows him well enough to recognize that he’s trying to find words to say while hiding the ones he still thinks are secret. He turns away and stares at some deer that have wandered into the clearing in front of them. 
  • Adamthis is my home.”
Little quick Japanese lesson!

Let’s say I was talking to two of my friends, Mary and Adam.

Let’s say Mary asked where Adam went because he wasn’t hanging out with us.  

Mary would say: Karin-san, Adam-san wa doko desu ka? (translates to “Karin, where is Adam?" 

Karin would reply: SNSD konsato ni ikimashita.  (which LITERALLY TRANSLATES TO "went to the SNSD concert”  or would be taken in a formal sense as “ THEY went to the SNSD concert)

The sentence structure is different. I would not say it as ” he went to the SNSD concert" because there is no WORD for “ he”. 

(Here it is).

The playlist will be regularly updated, and so will this list. Rated for some NSFW tones. I prefer nearly all of them to be from Sherlock’s POV, but it works either way :). Here we go!

  • Without You - Harry Nilsson
  • Only Time - Enya
  • Gravity - Coldplay
  • Trouble - Coldplay
  • Be With You - Enrique Iglesias
  • Please Forgive Me - Bryan Adams (I swear, this song resonates Pining!Sherlock)
  • You Only Know You Love Her - Sam Tsui
  • Never Knew I Had A Heart - Karliene (this is officially a Johnlock fansong, and captures Sherlock’s feelings beautifully!)
  • Shattered - Trading Yesterday
  • Hurts - Stay
  • Hungry Eyes - Eric Carmen
  • Every Breath You Take - The Police (this is one of my favourite songs)
  • She’s Like The Wind - Patrick Swayze (again, this song screams Pining!Sherlock)
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love With You - Elvis Presley
  • Take My Breath Away - Berlin
  • Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
  • I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
  • Be My Baby - The Ronettes (*crawling*…pining…*gasping*…Sher…)
  • Faded - Alan Walker
  • Everglow - Coldplay
  • Blank Space - (covered by) Our Last Night 
  • E.T. - Katy Perry
  • Hymn To The Sea - James Horner
  • Rose’s Theme - James Horner
  • The Dream - James Horner
  • Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay
  • Hopelessly Devoted To You - Olivia Newton John
  • Angel With A Shotgun - The Cab
  • Bonfire Heart - James Blunt
  • Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt
  • Listen To Your Heart - Roxette
  • Falling Up - The Cab
  • Hold My Hand - Michael Jackson 
  • The Reason - Hoobastank
  • Seasons Of Love - Shiny Toy Guns
  • Slipping Away - Greyson Chance 
  • Teenage Dream - (covered by) Boyce Avenue
  • We Found Love - Rihanna
  • How Deep Is Your Love - The BeeGees
  • Writings On The Wall - Sam Smith
  • I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You - Marc Anthony and Tina Arena
  • My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
  • My Immortal - Evanescence
  • Body On Me - Rita Ora (works both ways, if you know what I mean (; (; )
  • Stay High - Tove Lo 
  • Rock Bottom - Hailee Steinfield (somewhat problematic for our ship, but it’s a great song!)
  • Let’s Take The World Tonight - Shane Harper
  • The Scientist - Coldplay
Final thought of the day:

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Relationship Status: Currently, I am single.

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1:(truth) Who was your first major celebrity crush? (dare) Put your music player on shuffle and post the first five songs. and 15:(truth) If you could rock any unusual article of clothing/makeup technique/hairstyle, what would it be? (dare) Go to the blog of the last person you reblogged a text post from. Reblog your favorite of their selfies. <3

1: (truth) Who was your first major celebrity crush? (dare) Put your music player on shuffle and post the first five songs.


  • Thinking Of You - Katy Perry
  • I Caught Myself - Paramore
  • Boys / Boyfriend - Glee Cast
  • Home - Glee Cast (season 3)
  • Please Forgive Me - Bryan Adams

15: (truth) If you could rock any unusual article of clothing/makeup technique/hairstyle, what would it be? (dare) Go to the blog of the last person you reblogged a text post from. Reblog your favorite of their selfies.


Hmm, that’s hard because I don’t know what items are considered unusual, but I’ll probably go with a pair of crazy shoes, like super high heels with spikes and something dangerous :D

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I was tagged by @dammitfeanor to spell out my url in song titles, thanks fam ❤️

P - Please Forgive Me by Bryan Adams
E - Ease by Troye Sivan
T - Teach Me by Keaton Henson
A - Arabella by Arctic Monkeys
L - Lost Boy by Troye Sivan
S - Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back by MCR

O - Okay by Talitha Tan
F - Fly Away by F.I.R

E - Elastic Heart by Sia
L - Let’s Eat by Macklemore (accurate description of me)
R - Roses by The Chainsmokers
O - One For The Road by Arctic Monkeys
N - No Regret by Koda Kumi
D - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me by Culture Club
I - I Took A Pill In Ibiza the remix
R - Reckless & Relentless by Asking Alexandria

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