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Got off my ass from being lazy and scanned the clear file >w< had to carefully take it out of its plastic because lol it’s that precious. I don’t really see this clear file from proxy anymore x_x bleh, luckily I bought extra *sobsob*. But who knows, if I might see another one around and I get lucky, I might get another one (not to give away again, incase you were wondering). 

SO! Bless your wall with a Soukoku/Souko-choco-ku/Chocosoukoku/I AM SO LAME LOL FORGIVE ME if you want to print this out to hang or something XD like….I do AHAHAHA;; Chuya look so effin’ sweet I can’t even can I not have Dars choco but just lick him– NO I DID NOT SAY THAT SHOO SHOO PLS NO >//>

Still got time for mai Soukoku/BSD giveaway so while I can only hope for any of you to be the three winners, you can still have a Soukoku. Uh. Something. XD Lord, forgive me lol I’m a bit brain dead and tired today after my first Japanese lesson since I haven’t studied in so long so I’m at like my 3rd cup of coffee right now to stay awake. 

Also! If any of you happen to use this image from the clear file I scanned for anything, most likely edits if I may be assumptive, credits isn’t necessary but it is much appreciated. 

Have fun. Lol

so this is an idea that just struck me and won’t leave. me. ALONE.

  • ace Sirius and demisexual Remus discovering that they’re ace-spectrum together
  • commiserating over how little they understand their peers when they start talking about sex and dating
  • Sirius thinks he wouldn’t mind the romance part of it tho
  • that’s a lie, he knows he wants romance and he knows exactly who with
  • spoiler alert guess who
  • but Remus doesn’t seem to want any part of this whole Relationship Business™ so Sirius just
  • never mentions it
  • ever
  • all he wants is cuddles but all he gets is struggles
  • meanwhile REMUS
  • after years of getting to know Sirius and developing the emotional connection between them
  • realizes he is attracted to his friend
  • and doesn’t do anything about it
  • because obvs Sirius doesn’t want that and Remus would never ask that of him and he feels like shit that he’s having these thoughts at all
  • esp when Sirius reveals that he is interested in dating and
  • Remus feels even worse
  • because he could never be worthy of Sirius
  • not when Sirius has been through so much with his family and being disowned and he deserves… everything
  • he deserves someone who will make him happy
  • and Remus is just Remus
  • in his most optimistic moments he thinks maybe he’ll graduate and become a social pariah who can barely support himself
  • but at least he could survive on barely
  • his future prospects are not great #understatement
  • at some point Sirius drunkenly confesses his feelings
  • maybe it’s when they graduate and the whole world cracks wide open with possibility in front of them and it’s terrifying and awful and amazing all at once
  • and it’s time for a little bit of that Gryffindor courage, he thinks
  • so he kisses Remus
  • and there’s that moment
  • that moment where Remus is too shocked to kiss back and Sirius pulls away because shit he fucked it all up
  • and Remus is like no get back here we are not done explain to me what just happened please
  • “I love you.”
  • awkwardly, not meeting his eyes: “I love you too, Padfoot.”
  • “No really, Remus. I have feelings for you. Have for a long time.”
  • then there’s a give and take—a dance—because Remus still doesn’t believe him because he’s just not worth it Sirius
  • “Listen, I’m going to have to ask that you stop that, right now, because I won’t have anyone talking about the man I love like that. I will fight you and you know me, Moony, I fight dirty. Are we clear?”
  • blushing but rolling his eyes all the while: “Crystal. Now get back here and let me kiss you properly.”
  • and that’s not the end there are still things to be sorted out
  • Sirius worries about The Sex Question™
  • where he’s afraid Remus wants more than he can give
  • but all Remus wants is him
  • there is nothing about Sirius that Remus could ever want more of, would ever even dream of changing
  • well except 
  • Remus wishes Sirius wouldn’t forget to clean his hair off their counters it just gets everywhere
  • how does it get everywhere Sirius were you combing your hair in the kitchen again why
  • they keep joking that he sheds worse as Sirius than as Padfoot
  • it just takes a flick of your wand for Merlin’s sake
  • and maybe they don’t live happily ever after
  • but they are happy
Voltron+PJO meeting headcanons

So this is pretty messy but I just??? Needed to do this??? @theinsidiouscinnamonroll forgive me XD

⚫️So… Alternative wormhole ending where they end up at an alternate dimension.
⚫️Bc let’s get real there is NO WAY all the fandoms exist in the same universe. Like the universe would not be capable of existing.
⚫️But put yourself in the demigods’ shoes.
⚫️Like they’re 120% done with all of the stuff the gods have been making them go through.
⚫️And then they see these huge robotic lions??? Falling out of the sky??? Into camp???
⚫️"What the Hades not again.“ "Holy Hera we JUST finished.”
⚫️Basically the lions and the camp get a little (a lot) damaged
⚫️But then after everything is sorted out
⚫️Omg but “Who is this Keith imposter?” “The real question is: Who is this Nico imposter?”
⚫️In the beginning it’s mostly Pidge and Leo who talk… Mostly about mechanics and stuff.
⚫️Lance is unusually reserved (bc now he’s an entire DIMENSION away from his fam).
⚫️Leo and Lance start off their conversation with rlly lighthearted jokes and stuff.
⚫️And then their convo gets rlly deep. Seventh wheel stuff and all. Feelings. V deep.
⚫️I feel like Annabeth and Allura would hit off???
⚫️OH and Annabeth and Pidge would probably talk about stereotypes??? Like how people don’t assume they’re who they rlly are???
⚫️Jason and Shiro would originally talk bc “Guys the two Mature Leaders ™ HAVE to talk to each other.”
⚫️It’s awkward at first. Mostly nervous laughter. Then it gets deep. Most about how like??? Pressure of being a leader??? Also how they suffered a lot. More than anyone should have to. PTSD.
⚫️"…Guys I’m really reconsidering our choice to leave throw two together.“
⚫️But imagine how SURPRISED they are when they accidentally walk in on a Lance&Leo convo
⚫️Keith + Solangelo
⚫️"So you’re saying that I… Like Lance?”
⚫️Let’s get real tho the demigods and Paladins and Allura+Coran would team up to make Klance happen
⚫️"Surprisingly we keep getting put together in the camp activities???“
⚫️Speaking of Coran…. Imagine Coran+Chiron convos.
⚫️No, I’m not kidding.
⚫️They really care for those kids.
⚫️Hunk and Frank. Not to be cliche. I just… They’re both so loyal and I just??? Yeah???
⚫️Feel free to add on.

  • <p> <b>Ciel:</b> *makes a sassy comment to someone else*<p/><b>Sebastian:</b> *smirks* Young Master is such a difficult person isn't he?<p/><b>Sebastian (internally, thinking to himself):</b> oooooOOOOOooooohhhhhhHHHHHH did YOU SeE THAT BURNNNNNNNNN THAT'S RIGHT YOUNG MASTER BURN THE SHIT OUT OF THAT PERSON JUST LIKE HOW THE FIRE BURNT YOUR PARENTS WAIT WUT<p/></p>
Icha Icha Konoha
  • Kakashi: *using the Hokage computer* Oooh yes MWAHAHAH
  • -Enter Naruto-
  • Naruto: Hey Kakashi sensei thanks for com-
  • -Both stare at each other-
  • Naruto: Uuuh... What are you doing on my computer?
  • Kakashi: Oooh nothing.... Just... Looking some stuff up
  • Naruto: didn't.
  • Kakashi: My fingers may have slipped.
  • -Naruto rushes to the computer and looks at the history-
  • Kakashi: I am one of the original Sasusaku shippers #sorrynotsorry
  • Naruto: ugh now I have to delete my entire history 'tebbayo!!
  • Kakashi: mind if I save a few links first?
  • Naruto: GO AWAY

??? : “Ahh! Miss! Excuse me…!” -the person starts running towards them* “Miss–! Please wait…!”

??? : “Hmm….?” -stops and turns around in her feet- “Yes…?” ^^;;

??? : “Ahh–” -retreats their hand from IA’s shoulder- “I was told that you knew a blonde haired boy… One that is cheerful and quite loud, too. Do you know him?”

IA : This person… Why do they look so familiar…? Ahh– I should quickly answer their question. Kou-kun is waiting for me after all…

IA : “Um… I know a lot of people that’s cheerful and loud… If you have their name, I might be able to help more…? I’m sorry…”

??? : “Oh… I don’t know their name, miss. I’m sorry to bother you… I’ll go then. I hope I did not make you late.”

IA : -shakes her head gently and smiles- “Don’t worry, you didn’t. I hope you find who you’re looking for. Goodbye Ms.” -gently bows as she watches them leave-

IA : I wonder who that was… They seem to be in a big hurry… Ah, well I do hope they find whoever they’re looking for. It is quite weird for them to look like someone… I wonder who… People here are strange…

anonymous asked:

if you receive a red, pink, white, yellow and black rose... who would you think have sent you each rose?

“Obviously some people that don´t know I am not into floral stuf….”

//come on Tryn Play along

“Fine but you need to find every meaning of those!”


Pink Rose: “hmm… Anni ( @the-hastur-house ) I guess, she too inocent to have any malice… at least towards me or Luxana Crownguard” ( @luxanna-banana @luxthecrownguard )

Yellow Rose: Taric would seems the guy who would make this gif” ( @gemknighttaric ) “but I would have my reservations… this is a tricky rose… Luna would send me one or two” ( @flametales )

Red Rose: “Oh man the list is long..”

//Don´t be cocky, pick one

“Fine… it could problably be (Old) Aurora( @fire-dancer-aurora) or Inku ( @inkuqu, they are the ones I feel more close…”

White Rose: The barbarian held the delicate flower, it looks so diminute compare whit his hand but he know how to hold it and it doesn´t crumble between his fingers.. his lips finally part just to say a word “a… Ashe…”
@decorum-avarosan @ashe-avarosa @frozen-ashe  @sona-and-friends

Blue Rose: “This one would be coming from Braum no doubt, always telling me to chill or Scarlet.. IF SHE EVER TRY TO APOLOGIZE!!! @scarlet-jester

Orange Roses: “The ones whit the flame would came from Shyvana to remaind me she is watching me from above… if sending roses was her thing” @a-dragon-named-shyvana

Balck Roses: “There is only one being so twisted enoug to send me this kind of gift… the only creature that know how to hurt me in the deepest part of my being…” His hand close around the floral bud making the petals rain over as his eyes ignite whit undiying hate “The Darkin” @thedarkin-blade

“Lulu would send me Roses too but I don´t think they would have one single color… or form… or be actually roses….” @khazixslulu

>>Official art<<

Forgive me Lotta xD

(Últimamente me da mucha flojera editar, pero cuando vi el official art pensé “Sería hermoso si sólo estuvieran Jean y Niino”, así que… esa es la razón que me quitó un poco la flojera… y porque quería poner la imagen como fondo de pantalla en el celular~♪)