forgive me XD

Can't touch these sass-masters

my, my, my, my beauty makes me so hard
make you say ‘oh my lord’
thank you for blessing me
with eyes to see and a heart to beat

it’s so good, you think you’ll drown
a dope homeboy from mirkwood town
and I’m known to sass
that this fab ass, uh, you can’t touch

I told you, dwarf boy
(can’t touch this)
I rule tumblr you know
(can’t touch this)
look at my swag man
(can’t touch this)
you want my glowstick I know
(can’t touch this)

flash new tricks, bow down
we all know thor’s a golden haired clown
so kneel, at my feet
cause now your king’s gotta catch this beat

my moose is strollin, ho no

take your manicured mits and go go go
like that, like that

I use antlers in my decor
I’m so fly, it’s all to much
this elven king, uh, you can’t touch

yo, we owned ya
(can’t touch this)
why you cryin there, man?
(can’t touch this)
you knew we’d win, throw it in, loser
(can’t touch this)

give me a throne or realm

makin’ 'em mewl, my bro Yony at the helm
Midgard, uh oh
my chitauri posse sure gave you a show
that’s right, don’t fight
on the dance-floor my security’s tight
so learn, bitch please
you wreck my flow I’m gonna make you leave

Don't Get Caught || Noah & Cam

Growing up in an extremely strict household, Noah had learned from a young age how to be good at sneaking around. He mastered the art of slipping out in the middle of the night undetected. He knew how to form the perfect lies for any situation. Some would say that it’s a bad thing for him to be proud of such skills but, that’s just how he grew up. They came in handy every once and awhile. Like tonight.

Cam and himself were trying to sneak off campus. Noah wasn’t entirely sure why but, he knew it wouldn’t be difficult for him. Quietly shutting his door behind him, he proceeded towards the cafeteria, where he was supposed to be meeting the young female. As he walked, Noah made sure to check over his shoulder every few seconds. No one was ever behind him even when it felt like there was. He approached the cafeteria, his eyes scanning the empty place for Cam. Suddenly, there was a squeak of shoes behind him and Noah whirled around. “Damnit, Cam!” he whisper-hissed. “You scared the shit out of me.”

A chanced meeting. (( closed rp )) Symone

Nahkriin wandered the winding roads of skyrim, her staff clicking against the cobblestone of the road, keeping stable and upright. Her bare feet barely making a sound as she walks. The womans mind rolling over with thoughts, Where did everything go so wrong? Why did this all happen? How this order she put her entire life into fail? 

The ex-Priestess wore her mask, kept her hood up and kept her gaze to the ground as she wandered, ignoring all who spoke to her or threatened her. Eventually she stopped along the lakeside near Riften. Kneeling down, she stared into the water for a very very long time, at her reflection.

mermaidsheenaz asked:

Hmmm... Johnlock fairy tale AU, with totally BAMF knight!John and virgin prince!Sherlock.

I’m going to take as virgin!princess XD

“Maybe you should go a bit slower, my hair’s getting all tangled up!”
“Maybe you should cut your long curly tresses, "princess”!“
"You shall not have my flower,knight!!”
“…Sherlock, I am not liking this game…"