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so this is an idea that just struck me and won’t leave. me. ALONE.

  • ace Sirius and demisexual Remus discovering that they’re ace-spectrum together
  • commiserating over how little they understand their peers when they start talking about sex and dating
  • Sirius thinks he wouldn’t mind the romance part of it tho
  • that’s a lie, he knows he wants romance and he knows exactly who with
  • spoiler alert guess who
  • but Remus doesn’t seem to want any part of this whole Relationship Business™ so Sirius just
  • never mentions it
  • ever
  • all he wants is cuddles but all he gets is struggles
  • meanwhile REMUS
  • after years of getting to know Sirius and developing the emotional connection between them
  • realizes he is attracted to his friend
  • and doesn’t do anything about it
  • because obvs Sirius doesn’t want that and Remus would never ask that of him and he feels like shit that he’s having these thoughts at all
  • esp when Sirius reveals that he is interested in dating and
  • Remus feels even worse
  • because he could never be worthy of Sirius
  • not when Sirius has been through so much with his family and being disowned and he deserves… everything
  • he deserves someone who will make him happy
  • and Remus is just Remus
  • in his most optimistic moments he thinks maybe he’ll graduate and become a social pariah who can barely support himself
  • but at least he could survive on barely
  • his future prospects are not great #understatement
  • at some point Sirius drunkenly confesses his feelings
  • maybe it’s when they graduate and the whole world cracks wide open with possibility in front of them and it’s terrifying and awful and amazing all at once
  • and it’s time for a little bit of that Gryffindor courage, he thinks
  • so he kisses Remus
  • and there’s that moment
  • that moment where Remus is too shocked to kiss back and Sirius pulls away because shit he fucked it all up
  • and Remus is like no get back here we are not done explain to me what just happened please
  • “I love you.”
  • awkwardly, not meeting his eyes: “I love you too, Padfoot.”
  • “No really, Remus. I have feelings for you. Have for a long time.”
  • then there’s a give and take—a dance—because Remus still doesn’t believe him because he’s just not worth it Sirius
  • “Listen, I’m going to have to ask that you stop that, right now, because I won’t have anyone talking about the man I love like that. I will fight you and you know me, Moony, I fight dirty. Are we clear?”
  • blushing but rolling his eyes all the while: “Crystal. Now get back here and let me kiss you properly.”
  • and that’s not the end there are still things to be sorted out
  • Sirius worries about The Sex Question™
  • where he’s afraid Remus wants more than he can give
  • but all Remus wants is him
  • there is nothing about Sirius that Remus could ever want more of, would ever even dream of changing
  • well except 
  • Remus wishes Sirius wouldn’t forget to clean his hair off their counters it just gets everywhere
  • how does it get everywhere Sirius were you combing your hair in the kitchen again why
  • they keep joking that he sheds worse as Sirius than as Padfoot
  • it just takes a flick of your wand for Merlin’s sake
  • and maybe they don’t live happily ever after
  • but they are happy

Adorable Durin babies for Aleks, Sun and Melissa 

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                   [    ]         She pulled the flannel closer around her, but it
                      didn’t seem to do any good. She shivered, looking up to the
                      elder male. “Dean, I’m cold,” she said quietly, looking at the
                      fire they’d started in the fireplace of the abandoned home.
                      They’d secured the home, cleared it of Walkers, barricaded the
                      doors and windows, and settled in for the night. Dean and Baby
                      were sharing an upstairs room, while Sam, John and Bobby
                      shared the bigger one downstairs. They were the only ones
                      with fireplaces – but so far, the fires weren’t keeping them very

EDIT: Sorry, I decided to make this it’s own post I guess due to the reblog not getting much love as I thought it would. I worked hard on this and it deserves it’s own post anyways. :) This is a sequel to this 

Welp, decided to add a Frisk version now XD Forgive me @dreemurr-reborn I think that Frisk flirts a lot, even in his dreams XD

If you don’t know who the human is, it’s Asriel’s human math teacher! This dream was inspired by one of Dreemurr’s Asks. Frisk flirts with EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE XD

Maknae’s Sick Day

[JungKook]  Can I request a scenario where BTS is returning to their dorm after filming Rookie King, but Jungkook ate that hot sorbet and is not feeling good, he tries to hold in but ends up throwing up so they pull over for a few minutes and then return to the dorm and the boys take care of him?

“No seriously guys, doesn’t my face look great~” Jimin said, turning his face in all sorts of angles.

“I think that face cream really cleared out my pores, don’t you guys think?” he continued on.

“Yes, Jimin you’re beautiful. Now can you shut up?” Yoongi said irritated by Jimin’s constant blabbering in the back.

“Aissh, rude much? You’re just pissy because you had to walk around in a maid outfit~ What do you think Jungkook? Am I good enough for you now?”

“Yeah you look fine.” he said quickly.

“Kook are you ok? You’re a lot more quiet than usual. You haven’t even asked me to turn on the radio yet.” Jin said looking into the rearview mirror.

They were on the way back to the dorms after recording their latest episode of Rookie King, and it was almost unsettling how quiet it was in the car.

“I’m fine don’t worry.” he said reassuringly.

Namjoon turned around from the passenger seat and looked Jungkook over. It looked almost as if he was holding his stomach and he just didn’t look okay at all. He was ridiculously pale and his lips were white as snow.

His eyes looked heavy as they opened and closed every few seconds.

Taehyung turned to him and noticed how sickly he appeared and tapped Hoseok on the shoulder to see him too.

At this point, everyone besides Jin, who was driving, was blankly staring at Jungkook, waiting for the poor maknae to make some kind of movement.

As Jin drove back to the dorms, construction on the major roads caused him to take a small detour, ahem, a bumpy detour.

With each bump, twist, and turn, Jungkook’s stomach did somersaults within him, and he could feel every little thing the car drove over.

“Hyung this road sucks, what are you doing?” Taehyung questioned, unsatisfied with the road conditions.

“They were doing some construction work on the normal road so I have to take this one. We’re almost home anyways.”

As Jin turned on a sharp left, Jungkook couldn’t hold it anymore.

His cheeks filled to the brim and he immediately fumbled to open the car door. His fingers barely managed to open it before spilling the contents of his mouth onto the grass as Jin suddenly stopped.

Hoseok got out of the car and walked with Jungkook a few feet away to a larger patch of grass. He patted his back as he threw up the contents of his meals from the day onto the unlucky vegetation.

“Yoongi did you drink all the water?” Hoseok yelled over as the rest of the boys curiously looked out to the youngest.

“Nah there’s still some here~” he tossed over a half empty bottle. Hoseok removed the cap and handed it to Jungkook to rinse out his mouth. As he threw his head back to rinse, he almost lost his balance, falling into Hoseok’s arms in the process.

Jungkook’s hair was soaking wet with sweat and his skin felt icy to the touch. Hoseok gently carried him to the back of the car and Jin started the engine.

Once Hoseok was settled too, Jin continued on.

“Namjoon grab some napkins from glove compartment.” Taehyung instructed.

He grabbed a handful and began blotting them on Jungkook’s face, soaking up as much of the sweat on his skin as he could.

“What’s wrong with him? He wasn’t like this earlier.” Jimin questioned, looking at the maknae’s uncomfortable posture.

The image of Jungkook holding his stomach flashed through Yoongi’s mind and everything immediately clicked.

“Serbet.” he muttered out.

“Hm? What are you talking about?” Jimin said.

“It’s the hot serbet. The boy ate half a cup of it. I’d be more surprised if he wasn’t sick from it.” he joked.

Everyone in the car breathed out a sigh of obliviousness as Jungkook hunched over in his seat once more.

“It was seriously hot. Everyone except the rap line had some. Remember?” Jin spoke up.

“We only had small sips of it, I can’t imagine eating half a cup of that.” Taehyung said in disgust.

“We’re almost home, try to hold it in. But let us know if you can’t. We can stop if you need to, so just give my shirt a tug.” Taehyung told him as he rubbed circles into his back.

Jungkook held it in long enough for them to get to the dorm, while Jimin and Hoseok helped him into the elevator.

“Why do we need to live on the 10th floor.” Namjoon muttered out as he glanced from the maknae back to the numbers on the elevators screen.

“Come on hurry up.” he grew impatient, his foot tapping the floor restlessly.

Upon hearing the ding and the doors opened, Jimin laced his arm across Jungkook’s back and walked him to the dorm as Jin slid the card through the lock.

Jimin carefully set the boy on the couch and Jin ran to the kitchen. 

He stood up and wobbled awkwardly to the bathroom. Namjoon quickly took notice and placed an arm around and walked with him. A faint smile came from the maknae as he kneeled towards the toilet where Namjoon pat his back gently.

A few minutes later, he was back on the couch. With a bottle of pepto bismol in one hand and some bread in the other, Jin handed them to Jungkook.

“Why are you giving him bread?” Taehyung asked.

“His stomach has too much acid, that’s why he’s so sick. Bread and rice help absorb it. And we don’t have any fresh rice so bread was the next best thing.”

Yoongi looked over at Jungkook with a face of disgust as he took a mouthful of the medicine and threw his head back to get it down.

His head hit the pillow like a brick as shivers trailed up his body. 

With a few glasses of water and a trip here and there to the bathroom, Jungkook fell asleep soundly on the couch with Jimin and Taehyung at his side.



  • <p><b>Ciel:</b> *makes a sassy comment to someone else*<p/><b>Sebastian:</b> *smirks* Young Master is such a difficult person isn't he?<p/><b>Sebastian (internally, thinking to himself):</b> oooooOOOOOooooohhhhhhHHHHHH did YOU SeE THAT BURNNNNNNNNN THAT'S RIGHT YOUNG MASTER BURN THE SHIT OUT OF THAT PERSON JUST LIKE HOW THE FIRE BURNT YOUR PARENTS WAIT WUT<p/></p>

Drew this tonight dedicated to my most fave MakoHaru fic: Losing Makoto by Tinni. If you haven’t read it, go read it now, son. (n˘v˘•)¬

I hardly get hook to fanfiction but this one really got to me. Made me smile and laugh. And what makes this great is that it’s greatly written and the author has done research. :) I was obviously rooting for MakoHaru, right? But then Rin (I adore Rin here so funny this lad), this precious boy his feelings for Makoto are genuine and I ended up cheering for him because MakoRin is also my OTP. And now I swear, I’m so torn I don’t know what to do?? (so I ended up drawing the boy they both want haha) Ok I am babbling too much but I just really wanna thank the author for writing this. :’D Truly, truly a beautiful story with no smut. <3 And I apologize for such a random fanart of your fanfiction OTL Please don’t kill me. Ah yes, this art btw kinda shows Makoto being a model, which in fact the whole story is all about! ( ´ ◡ ` )


From Arashi ni Shiyagare 2016.07.30

The challenge was to write a poem begining with the syllabs from RA-I-SU (rice)

Yes Aiba-chan, you’ve been bitten by not only lions, but tigers, crocodiles etc… IT’S VERY VERY DANGER DESU~