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Maybe it’s because I’m tired of hearing this over and over and over again but….y'know what? Have your shitty writing and your straight privilege ‘oh I’m so clever’ songs and your token gays.

Because I have watched hours of Supergirl but I have spent _days_ reading fanfiction. Seen a trailer or two but countless fan vids and art. The words and images that move me don’t belong to you.

The Lena who supports both Kara and supergirl, she belongs to us.

The Kara who tries so hard to be gentle when she kisses Lena belongs to us

The Kara who brings lunch, who worries about revealing her identity, and the Lena who freaks out over meeting the family and waits patiently for her to tell her, belong to us.

We have created not just one world but thousands, not the Supergirl we were given but the one we deserve. And when the series ends, it won’t be the episodes I remember but the community, the people who loved the characters and their story so much that they created all of this, not for ad revenue or a line on their resume, but for each other.

I didn’t start shipping supercorp for the cast, and I won’t stop shipping because of the cast.

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Trying New Things (NSFW)

A/N: It’s 2 am and this popped in my head, so I wrote it down. I’m not really sure where I was going (I guess it’s meant to be his first time?) with this and I’ve never written anything that made it to publishing, so I am officially sorry.

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course.”

They slowly unwrapped the cloth band from their wrist, “Close your eyes,” They reached out, band in hand, as Connor obeyed. Tying the soft fabric around his eyes and gently running their hands through his brown locks. This was for him. Every movement, every touch, every sound, was his. It was important he was comfortable; so no matter what cost, they would be slow and gentle.

Their hands slid from his hair, to his ear, down his neck, their soft digits running over every divot; their thumb brushed his adam’s apple and Connor’s lips gave a quiet moan. They lowered their lips to his neck, freckling his skin with kisses. Up his jaw to his lobe, then back down to where their thumb sat. Their lips kissed his skin once more, this time sucking and running their tongue until he moaned again.

Their hands moved again, slowly, down his pecks. Their lips released their hold as fingers unclapsed button 1. Then 2…Then 3… Once all the buttons were undone, Connor could feel his excitement growing as their hands ran back up his chest, fingers brushing his nipples as they journeyed up and over his shoulders; finally removing his shirt. Connor wanted them to go back and touch him all over again. He could feel their breath as their head rested just above is clavicle. This was tantalizing. Agonizingly wonderful. He raised his hand to move their head back to his sensitive nipple. But he was stopped before he ever could.

“No touching, sweetheart.”

Their breath tickled his left ear with every whisper. He could fell them moving back down. Kisses began trailing down to his pecks and finally his nipple. They clamped down; forcing another, louder moan to come from his lips. But it didn’t last long. Kisses were on the move again down his abs as their hands gently rubber his outer thigh before gripping the band of his trousers. He raised his hips, allowing the cloth to easily slide down his legs. He wasn’t sure where this was going, but he damn sure wasn’t going to let it stop.

Feeling the cool air on his member, he realized just how exited he was. His cock throbbing with need. A need that his love noticed. Their lips ventured further down, now using their tongue as well. He could feel peppered contact moving down one thigh and up the other. But never where he needed it.

“Is this what you want?”

He whimpered at the soft breeze across his prick from their words. He bobbed his head, hoping they got the message. All words had escaped him, his body anticipating what was to come.

A sudden chill sprinted up his spine. Their tongue ran up the length of his shaft, every taste bud stimulating his skin. They could feel every vein of his member. A loud moan of pure pleasure leapt from his throat. His love smiled at the knowledge that one lick could do so much for the large man. They returned to him again, leaving more kisses going back down his erect cock. They reached his base and kissed his balls once before taking them in their mouth, swirling their tongue around the sensitive skin. His moans were like music, constantly playing to let them know he loved this.

They raised to his prick once more. They looked up to see his face. His lips were parted, his breath was uneven with lust, and his hands were clenched in fists. Perhaps that was enough teasing; the poor man would be begging for this if he wasn’t so shy.

They wrapped their lips around the head of his cock and started sucking. With each moan he gave, they swirled their tongue over the soft, sensitive skin. They ran their tongue over his tip, the salty precum tasted better than they ever thought. They lowered their head, taking more of him in their mouth until their nose touched his body and his prick rubbed against the back of their throat. They stayed like that for what felt like hours before, slowly, moving back up, only keeping his tip in their mouth. He wanted so badly to place his hand on their head and show them to move faster. 

All the blood rushed to his crotch as he felt his cock move back down their throat once more. Then back out. Their head moved up. And back down. Up. And down. Up. And down. Faster and faster. Tongue and lips constantly rubbing his skin in the best way possible. He was getting lightheaded. His heart pounded in time with their head bobs. Faster and faster. His toes started to tingle. Pins and needles coursed up his legs; every muscle in his body flexed and tingled with pleasure. Faster and faster. Then suddenly everything slowed. Chills rushed up his spine and his toes clenched. There was a tight, twisting feeling in his core and his cock spasmed in their throat. His moans echoed off the walls as they continued to suck, feeling the salty cum shoot down their throat. When his body was no longer tensed, they lifted their head and released his cock from their lips’ hold. They both panted, ecstasy filling the room.

They slowly raised their hands once more and untied the blindfold from Connor’s head. His eyes were still closed, his body still reveling in the amazing feeling he was just gifted.

“Open your eyes,  Ratonhnhaké:ton .” They smiled.

His cocoa eyes glimmered with golden lust. A wide smile spread across his face. They shared his feelings and now both were smiling; no words needed be spoken. But that didn’t stop them.

“Did you like it?”

They bit their lip, giddy in the fact that they could bring such pleasure to the man they loved. That he trusted them enough to refrain from doing anything and giving them complete control. They knew his trust was hard to gain and easy to lose, but the smile on his face and his next words were more than confirming.

“Can we keep going?”

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would you draw anything other than osomatsu san? if yes, then can u draw leik a rEALLLY SEXY BENDY (; and if not can u draw leik......karaichi-


Still can’t believe that you like KaraIchi, you said you didn’t like it at all

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My opinion of you is: You are the most ridiculously sweet person I've met; I fall in love with your art every time I see it. Plus, those pics you post of your baby birdie puts a big smile on my face😆

I think I just became even more ridiculously sweet