I just re-watched the S1 Episode, “Nothing Personal” (aka watched the continuation of Skye being completely DESTROYED by the news of Ward being Hydra, and break every viewer that has a heart)

But on a less horrific note, just look at Jemma’s face here. I know this is old news, but just look at how she holds herself to say these words to Fitz.

 She lowers herself even further so that they are on equal levels, and she leans closer to him. She softens her facial features, she puts emphasis on the word not, and she does not blink. They may seem like little things, but she notices that it’s important to Fitz that he can trust her, so she puts all these little things together to reassure him that she would never betray him or the team like that.
As changed as things may be, as changed as Simmons herself may be, this Jemma is still in there somewhere. The Jemma who cares so deeply about Fitz as a friend, that is loyal to her team, that wants only to help and do what she thinks is for the good.

Just look at that face. That is not a face that would, under any circumstances, ever hurt Fitz (or the team, for that matter) intentionally.

My dad asked why Taco Bell has the word bell in it

He said, what does bell have to do with anything?? I looked right at him and said

It gives their name a little  r  i  n  g

brendon urie: ryan ross? nah nah what a loser i hate him i- *trips* *thousands of pictures of ryan ross spill from his pockets* fuck those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i *slips on a pile of ryan pictures* fuck fuck no i hate him i just *gets knocked over by tidal wave of ryan* RYDEN WAS NEVER REAL JUST LISTEN