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im so sorry but also not so sorry

Finally got the courage to watch the Supernatural season finale, and all I can say is damn it. Damn it all. 

Part of me is glad that Rowena is coming back as a villain. Ruth Connell freaking brings it, and I haven’t loved a villainess more since Maleficent. However, with The Book of the Damned AND the Codex? She’s going to be one tough cookie for the boys. Not to mention The Darkness!? Season 11 is going to be rough. 

Another part of me thinks that, had the ending gone differently, this would have been a sufficient finale of the show. Honestly, anyone who thinks that this soul sucker is going to have anything less than an agonizing everyone-you-love-dies ending is delusional. 

Coming back to The Darkness. They’re so fucked. How are they going to pull off a win this time if it was something even Death said was so bad it was beyond comprehension!? My poor boys. 

And I won’t even mention what’s going on with Cas and Crowley. Chances are Cas breaks out of the hold Rowena has on him right at the last second, or he actually does stab Crowley and kills him and everything is mostly alright. We love to hate Crowley and I ashamedly admit I’d miss him, but other than the fact that they’d then have to deal with Rowena, The Darkness, AND a new and probably WORSE King of Hell, I say stab him right where it hurts. 

Rant over. Probably. My heart still hurts. J2 certainly have the heartbreaking and broken look down pat.