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I just went through the links section of this blog and deleted the inactive ones. The list is getting shorter and shorter! Please send me a message of any blogs that I can add to this list!

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grandmother said that one day i would grow up
and marry a nice boy, and i said okay.
i used to daydream about this nice boy,
about a nice family, about nice kids 
and a nice house. i never asked myself
whether that was what i wanted, because
that never mattered. it was what i should want.

the first time i noticed a girl, i sat down
and questioned it for years. i thought
‘this can’t be right,’ i thought ‘this is
not what i should be,’ i thought
‘this is not possible.’

i thought of boys touching me and i
felt sick. grandmother said that one day
she would find me a nice boy to marry
and i smiled and then went and threw
up in the bathroom when no one was looking.

i thought ‘maybe this will go away,’
and when it didn’t i thought ‘maybe everyone
feels this way at first.’ 

this is the story of how i put my love for
girls under the microscope. did everything
i could to convince myself it wasn’t real.
this is the story of how i swallowed my
lack of love for boys like a pill,
as though if i never questioned it i could
will it to become a reality.

years later and again, grandmother
says she’ll find me a nice boy. i can’t
say anything to her face but in my mind
i amend the sentence. think ‘one day
there’ll be a girl, and one day, i’ll find
her myself.’ think ‘there is a freedom
in knowing i do not have to love boys,
and i have found it at last.’

i think ‘this is enough,’ and then, at last,
‘i am enough.’


I’ve been wanting to make a follow forever for a while now and since we’re just starting the year I decided to finally make one. I wanted to say thank you to all the people I follow for making this website pretty with all of your posts. I love all of your blogs and I hope we keep on being mutuals. 

I wish every single one of you happiness, love and success for the whole year.

Favorite blogs are in bold 😊


@10nct, @17soft, @1ceh0, @1dean, @1krystaljung, @1man, @1nayeon, @1sjung, @1tempura, @28x03, @2wonho, @400luxer, @4aehyung, @4gust, @4jimin, @4libra, @4lov, @7soojung, @80sjongin, @89s, @8xu, @98zy

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hi :o it’s been like almost a year since i’ve made this blog and so many things have happened!! ive reached a few milestones that i never thought i would reach, make a bunch of friends on here, and screamed abt exo everyday. this is my second follow forever but let’s pretend it’s my first one bc my first one doesn’t count..anyways!! i love you all so much and idk why, but thank you all for following my meme ass :( love u guys!

**also shoutout 2 my bub @parkschanyeol for making this edit for me and being the best love u***

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holy shit it’s already 2017!! (thank god)
i want to kick off this year with my first follow forever, i’ve met so many amazing people in the past couple months since i’ve started up this blog and have been following some amazing creators!! thank you all for a great couple months, happy new year and i hope 2017 is a fantastic year for everyone!  ♡

@2ttae @au-writer @baebaekhyun @blushjaebum @caelvms @caratcrush @callmelittlered @christminyoongi @cosmicgxys @chokemewinwin @dkyeom

@donghyucksgf @daebakhoonzi @doyoung @doyoungisemployed @ftwonwoo @forgirls @giantgyu @giridoy @glorydayseokjin @gwiyeowoyokpopper @gingerbreadhyuckie @hyukjimin @housewife-mingyu @havea-limitless-newyear @hansoulji @hopeofkpop @hanwooz @icedsvtea @jamong-jihoon @jaebumholic @jaebumslittleboy @jihanted @jichul @jollyjisung @jaehyun-n @jaehyunhoe @jaehyue @johnniesuh @ji-min @jamlessbeagle

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hello it me!!! so it’s been a hell of year tbh and i’ve finally reached my goal of 1K all thanks to every single one of u im so thankful for every one of u who follows me and talks to me!! i’ve made so many friends and i would die for every single one of u tbh….i’d also like to thank all of u who tag me in minseok or cute text posts u have no idea how much that means to me!! i love all of u with every inch of my heart i hope we can continue to be friends and support our favorite men in the world together♥ ♥ ♥

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freshmanthottie  asked:

Is there a blog to meet other queer woc? Many blogs are majorly white. :/

I don’t know of any blogs that are specifically for woc, sorry. These are the blogs in our link list:

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By location –USA