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Forged Dragons?

Throughout the story of the serpents in the Liveship Traders trilogy we see an effect similar to that of forging - there are serpents who behave brutally, who give no name and communicate little, who are in direct contrast to Maulkin’s Tangle. This makes sense - both forging and the behaviour of these serpents is tied to a loss of memory and identity. 

Following on from that, what about the dragons of the Rain Wild Chronicles? It is a difficult thing to judge, because these (and Tintaglia and Icefyre) are really the only dragons that we see. We have only rumours and stories about the former Elderling-Dragon civilisation to go on, so it’s easy to assume - as the keepers do - that this is just how dragons are. But I don’t think that’s the case.

There are only tiny pieces of information to go on. But look at this example of an Elderling-Dragon relationship: 

‘And over there, that would have been that atrium that Desmolo the Eager had built, to house all the exotic plants his dragon friends had brought back to him from the four corners of the earth.’ - Ship of Destiny, chapter eleven, p264.

Dragon friends? This passage is from the point of view of a serpent, so it’s not a human sentimentalising the arrangement. Dragons were once interested enough in their Elderlings’ lives as to bring them small things that they might enjoy.

Contrast this with Sintara in Dragon Haven:

‘Sintara watched the two human females in consternation. Now, what did this mean, this clutching and sharing of tears? It wasn’t hunting, nor fighting, nor mating, nor any sensible activity that she could name. She wanted them to stop.’ - Dragon Haven, chapter four, p146.

Sintara has a Skill-bond (for want of a better phrase) with Thymara, and she can’t figure out how fairly straightforward human feelings work in this moment. More to the point, it makes her uncomfortable (echoes of Kennit there, who reacts more or less like this when people cry or behave unselfishly). 

Is it possible that Tintaglia’s carelessness for Reyn and Malta is linked to the “inhumanity” of some of the serpents? In that having been so long contained and isolated, she has a touch of this problem too? Though I think in her case it may be purely the lack of Silver for her to consume. Tintaglia’s care for humans is vague and intermittent - she is fond of Selden, fond enough to call him “little brother” and treat him with a degree of kindness, but she forgets about him for several years. So Tintaglia’s a tricky one. It’s interesting, though, to compare her to Mercor. 

I can’t copy the entire passage out, but in Blood of Dragons chapter nineteen, the dragons are discussing the plans to attack Chalced. Take a look at the conversation between Mercor and Tintaglia, and how Tintaglia is shocked by Mercor’s method of discussion and care for the newly-formed Elderlings. 

To me, this indicates again the significance of the memory/“humanity” (for lack of a better word) in the series. The more you recall, the more empathetic/understanding you are. So Tintaglia perhaps does better than most of the Rain Wild dragons, but Mercor (as a former One Who Remembers of sorts) does better than Tintaglia. 

What about Icefyre? I think Icefyre’s a bit of an oddity. He seems to contradict this - he comes from the Elderling civilisation era, and yet he has the most disdain for humans. But Hobb actually puts some effort into explaining this - Icefyre has been almost-dying for hundreds of years, he lost everyone he knew, it makes sense that he would have a difficult temperament. And also, compare Icefyre to the Rain Wild dragons. The Rain Wild dragons don’t care about humans - they think humans are vaguely useful but largely irrelevant. Icefyre isn’t like that. Icefyre hates humans. That’s a very different perspective to have, and a very different mindset, though it manifests in similar behaviour. I think it’s possible to argue that it comes from a place of having cared, once.

The question is, how long will it take for dragons and elderlings to truly regain their former dynamic? If they ever do?

Imagine accidentally forging a contract with Loki, meaning he has to follow your every command and protect you at all costs. Loki is resentful, thinking you’ll take full advantage of him and humiliate him. However, he realises that you never ask him to do anything that’s not of his own volition and you never hold your title of being his “master” over him. As you both start researching how to reverse the contract, he starts falling harder and harder for you.

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This is a small creature I’m calling a Sketch Dragon. They’re similar to a parrot, but instead of imitating sounds, they imitate markings. They carve down symbols and other markings that they see with their claws to mark their territory. They’re often kept as pets by pirates and sailors, and are used to copy down maps and forge documents.

shitfacedanon  asked:

Let's assume you are a adviser to Dany and she trusts your judgement enough to listen to you above all others. What would you suggest she do to solidify her control over meereen and slavers bay while also eliminating slavery long term and dealing with the region's economic issues? basically how does she come out on top?

*cracks knuckles*

Ok, I’m going to cheat slightly and say that I become her advisor right after “dracarys.”

1. Leave a significant force of Unsullied behind in Astapor to safeguard the new regime. (Honestly, I find it difficult to forgive Dany for not doing this…or rather, GRRM for having her not do this. It’s a mistake so gigantic and obvious that any given child could’ve spotted it.) 

2. Head for the hills. Literally! The various Masters have estates there. Liquidate said estates, turn over the land and resources to the ex-slaves, including those in Astapor. Not only is this good in and of itself, it will make the rest of the steps much easier. 

3. Do not allow your “children” to follow you from city to city, as that’s a recipe for disaster on multiple levels. Redistribute the wealth from the estates to incentivize them to stay and invest their energies and those resources into remaking Astapor and Yunkai.

4. Under no circumstances should you allow the Yunkish Masters to remain in control of their city. Even without the estates to draw upon, they still have enough wealth within the city itself to wreak havoc on the revolution, and the freed slaves there need significantly more than “as much food, clothing, coin, and goods as he or she can carry.” They need a resource base. So threaten the Masters with dragonfire as in OTL, use hostages taken at the estates to force the gates open, attack the city outright if you have to, but again: your first priority is removing the Masters from power. 

5. Take Meereen as in OTL. As in Yunkai, outright strip the Masters of wealth and redistribute the shit out of it. 

6. In Yunkai, Meereen, and the estates, spare the Masters’ lives whenever feasible, especially the children. No need to be a monster. But they will now have to work for a living. (Perish the thought!) 

7. Now step #6 will of course require training, and indeed, one of your top priorities across the bay is setting up institutions and incentives that make the best possible use of the ex-slaves’ skills. We need doctors, teachers, interpreters, craftsmen of all kinds…and for all I’m talking up direct redistribution, you’re going to need more economic development than that long-term. “You all handled finances for your various masters, so here’s a pile of seed money, a large-vaulted pyramid in which to store it, and a unit of Unsullied to guard it. You are now the People’s Bank of Meereen! Start lending.”

8. While doing all of the above, start laying the groundwork for your next moves: diplomatic outreach to Braavos (emphasizing the “breaker of chains” narrative over “Mother of Dragons”), forging covert alliances with the slaves and priests of Volantis in the hopes of fomenting a rebellion, and dealing with the Dothraki. That last step will be especially tricky; city walls and the Unsullied will keep you safe from individual khalasars, but ultimately you’re breaking the economic system that keeps the Dothraki afloat, so they’ll eventually turn on each other, start attacking the Free Cities in desperation, or unite as one and come for you. So before any of that happens, perhaps it’s time to start training Drogon to accept you as a rider, so you can one day show up in Vaes Dothrak and make use of the horselords’ fear and awe of dragons to get yourself proclaimed The Stallion Who Mounts The World…as will happen in TWOW, under rather different circumstances. 

9. From there, my Queen, the world is your oyster. But I suggest you eventually turn your eyes north…


Scenes from tonight’s Pathfinder game!

I used Dwarven Forge to create multi-storey buildings. All of my dungeons are normally flat without a change in elevation but I decided to try something new tonight.

I used cardboard cut to 9"*9" size to act at dividers between the floors. They were easy to remove and reveal each space as the PCs encountered them.

One of my bridges connected the buildings too.

It worked really, really well. Once I wrapped my head around how it would work, it came down to decorating the rooms, which was the most fun part. :)

I covered the whole encampment with a piece of black felt which kept prying eyes off the prize until it was revealed.

Questions about this? Let me know - I’m happy to chat about how I did it and issues I ran into! :)

PS: never underestimate the power of a flock of velociraptors…

- Mo!