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So- this post, but Ransom and Holster? tumblr(.)forgifs(.)com/post/143817635059/soccer-hugs-brother



I forgot this was in my drafts oh my goodness

Just like, I imagine this happening when Holster and Nursey and Shitty and a bunch of guys are playing like two hand touch or ultimate frisbee on the front lawn of the Haus right? And Ransom comes out and just stands there cause he needs to go to class and of course he needs to say bye to Holster because they’re best bros and it’s just a thing they do okay? What if something happened and Ransom hadn’t said goodbye? WHAT IF??? 

So Rans is just chillin’ there with his back pack over one shoulder, watching as Nursey attempts to tackle Jack and somehow ends up just tripping over himself and face planting. Holster goes running past, ground practically shaking under his big feet, catching a pass from Jack only to get tackled by Shitty. They must be playing with some complicated set of rules, because Shitty steals the ball and goes racing in the opposite direction, ducking around Ransom and yelling something about Team Andover. Holster scrambles to his feet, and for a moment, Rans thinks he’s going to ignore him and run by. 

But Holster stops and wraps his arms around him. “Have fun at class bro,” he says, quiet against the side of Ransom’s neck. “You’re killin’ it in that snapback.” 

“HOLSTER!!!” Jack is yelling, his voice loud over the sound of Shitty’s maniacal laughter. Holster squeezes Ransom just a little tighter before letting go and spinning around, charging towards the tangle of limbs that includes Jack, Shitty and Nursey. 

Ransom watches him go, trying to ignore the way his cheeks feel kind of hot and how he kind of wants Holster to come back over here and hug him some more. He shakes his head and heads to class, his heart feeling lighter than it was before. Holster’s the best bro a guy could ever ask for.


the iron wall can be rebuilt again and again.

Sports on Tumblr 

Sports on Tumblr: All of the action, all of the drama, all of the…awkwardness. These are the sentiments reflected in the top ten posts about sports on Tumblr over the last month, when 673.9k sports fans generated 65.3k posts earning 1.1 million notes. That’s an average of 17 notes per post, closest to the engagement levels of food talk and DIY on Tumblr.

Tumblr isn’t the place for hard-hitting, in-depth technical coverage of sporting events. It’s a place to look at the lighter side of moments between plays, and reimagine what is possible, as the top ten posts continue to show us. USA Today understands this attitude and takes the same approach with its sports Tumblr– probably a reason one of its posts shows up in the top ten. Half of the top posts were from ForGIFs, highlighting the ability of the moving picture files to showcase moments in sports history, be they traumatic, dramatic, or entertaining.

And while the sports conversation might not be the most hard-hitting, it does call on a knowledge of sports history, with top posts like this one.

As for particular sports Tumblr is focused on? You can draw conclusions from the most popular tags:

  1. sports

  2. gif

  3. lol

  4. football

  5. basketball

  6. nba

  7. nfl

  8. soccer

But it might just be that they reflect that Tumblr’s ability to bring levity to any and every subject.

Sports comic via Vector Belly.