forgetting someone omg

Happy Pride Month!! Here have a Molly from: The ‘Mane’ Event by @cremsie  !!:D It was supposed to be a headshot,,, then the arms appeared, and after that, I couldn’t just draw her legless, so here you go.  Here’s to my fave artist!!

(P.S. I had it almost done but then my computer overheated and I had to restart everything from the line-art up. I stuck with it though!)

we miss you cory (1982-2013)

My Niall concert is in 14 Days and my anxiety is starting up already 😬

Jikook vs. Yoonseok
  • Jikook's rendition of HOMME's new song: actually sings with the voices of literal angels, cutely lip syncs and jams out to each others' singing, jimin's smile when jungkook rocks the falsetto outshines the moon, the sun, and all the stars, ends on a beautiful soft note
  • Yoonseok's rendition of HOMME's new song: dramatic pan up to their faces, cheesy melodramatic lip syncing, yoongi really feeling the music as he shakes his head sorrowfully, are they lip syncing or are they screaming??? hand gestures wild af, suddenly cuts out as yoongi passionately points at the camera in the middle of a word

So…I wanted to practice some expressions and looked up memes for it: Now I want more Priya, because drawing her blushing will be the closest thing I can get to a smiling Priya.

HHHH Osomatsu-san “Drake and Josh” tho

  • osomatsu being drake, the brother who uses orange soda as mouthwash, signs his name on a newspaper and turns it in for a class assignment, eats a hotdog wearing a tuxedo
  • choromatsu being josh, the brother obsessed with oprah Nyaa-chan, eats another person’s enchilada that did not belong to him, works at a movie theater with a boss who hates him but just adores his sh*tty brother for some reason

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So I made this blog about five months ago to get away from my crazy mutifandom blog and now five months later I’m at 1K followers which is so unbelievable to me. But ahdajhaeh I just want to say thank you to all of you for making my dash a fantastic place to be on! I came to love this blog so much because of all of you. <3

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i thought it was about time i made one of these! ive been asked a few times for blog recs so i thought this would be helpful in that respect as well^^ it’s entirely possible that ive missed some ppl, so im sorry if thats u! i might add more if i remember them ;w;


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anonymous asked:

Who are your favorite tumblr writers?

omg there’s so many ok here we go quiffedluke, 2k15luke, humpthehemmo, classifiedluke, acuostics, hemmocrat, hemmojaw, acoustcmichael, 5soslive, spaghettiluek, bbyirwie, puckerupluke, hoods1996, shutuplashton, lipringsandsnapbacks, suburbanbluesmichael, comingcalum, lashtonirmings, fightlashton, assholelukey, julyxvi, seriousluke, hemmoful, calsshrink, calumspiercedhood, lukehsauce, clemmogram and I’m probably forgetting a lot of people and I feel really bad about it but here are just a few!! :)