forgetting her


Negan would never have forgotten Lucille around, never, ever, since the bat was the most important thing in his life, after himself. They could kill one, two, ten, or fifteen of his men in cold blood, and he would never mind even a hint of what he would care if they hurt his Lucille. For that reason he wasn’t able to forget her around the Sanctuary, he wasn’t even able to imagine the idea of ​​not having her always with him. For that reason too, when Rick’s boy, Carl, dared to sneak into one of his trucks and killed two of his men, and Negan took him to his room, he was really annoyed, angry but above all else, Impressed with himself when Fat Joe entered the room and said those words. “I’m sorry to interrupt you sir, but you left Lucille out there by the truck.” After that, the only thing Negan could say was “Seriously?”.

He never left Lucille around, he couldn’t, he wasn’t even capable, and just when Rick’s son showed up, the damn baseball bat never crossed his fucking mind.

list of jojo characters that deserved better:

- jonathan joestar

- every zeppeli

- kakyoin noriaki

- mohammed avdol

- iggy

- jonathan’s dad i guess

- kujo jotaro

- that kid from diamond is unbreakable, the one whose name i cant remember

- that kid’s mom

- every animal

- tbh everybody in diamond is unbreakable except for kira and rohan and all the bad guys

- that ghost girl whose name i forget and also her dog

- polar neck

- smokey

- that spider rohan licked

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Truth or truth: Shiranui, how would you comfort a crying Chizuru?

“Take the ‘how’ out of that question and you have something I can actually answer,” says Shiranui dismissively. “And that depends on how I’m feeling at the time. Might just put the girl demon out of her misery, to be honest,” he continues, twirling his pistol, although something in his voice is too tense to be absolute truth. “She’s cute and all, and I do feel kinda sorry for her, but… if Kazama stopped chasing after her and dragging us all into trouble, it’d make things run a lot more smoothly in the demon world. She’s chosen her side, and we’ve chosen ours—so if she wants to forget about her demon blood and stay with the humans, she can die like one of them for all I care.” He shrugs, but still looks vaguely troubled. “Honestly, it’d be a kindness if I chose to ignore her, because the only comfort I could or would give her would be a bullet in the heart. Better leave the real reassurance to someone actually interested in chivalry, like Harada.”

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I have a crush on a this girl, and I really like her. I told her how I felt a couple of days ago, but she said that she doesn't feel the same way. Should forget about her and move on, or not?

If she says she doesn’t feel the same way it’s better to not keep your hopes up and move on

Haggar (forget her subbed name): This princess is a blood relative, most suitable.

(Shivers with degust)

Me: Incest…that is creepy af.  I think that just made my “80s!Sincline and Fala are relatives” theory some more creepy backing. I mean, if they are willing to say it out loud here, then it is even more possible…


·· You’ve blossomed into a beautiful flower, my dear. ··
                                                - Happy Birthday, Sakura // 3.28.17


Honestly I just really wanted to draw Lance’s reaction to Pidge in her old clothes. And Pidge wanted to be a bit feminine from time to time haha. Honestly this didn’t come out quite how I wanted it too but I think it was good practice. Look at all the backgrounds!! lol. Anyway, there’s been a lot of Pidgance fanart lately so I wanted to contribute too! Let’s get them off the rare pair label. :3

“Do what you can to be a positive light in someone’s life. I hope that I’ve done that for you. Know that somebody loves you. Somebody is out there praying for you, and hoping the best for you.” - Sandra Bland | Making Black History 7/28 


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Friendly reminder that, before Liam held Hayden’s dead body,
before Scott held Allison in his arms as she died, and before
we saw how Derek had held Paige in his arms before giving
her a quick death, there was Lydia Martin, who watched her
first love die in front of her, not once…

but twice in the same night.

Lydia Martin who felt the death of her best friend that she tried to save

and the following night felt the death of her new boyfriend.

The girl who saw her banshee grandmother try to lobotomize herself…

The girl that heard her grandmother’s last breaths,
trying to save her banshee granddaughter from her
same fate of ending up alone and insane…

Before you talk about the poor babies losing their first love…
don’t forget the girl who lost everything she loved.

Including herself.