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…I feel like there’s a story here.

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I'm forever amused by the fact that Dean considers Cas to be 'a nerd angel' despite having seen Cas being BAMF so many times. One day, Dean's gonna introduce Cas to a stranger like he's the sweetest, fluffiest person ever and the person would be in for a surprsise when they finally meet Cas because they'd be faced with a grumpy and scowly Angel of the Lord.

But yeah I would love the extended version of that where Dean just waxes for ages about how great Cas is and meanwhile he’s in the background smiting stuff and then comes stalking over covered in blood to say hello :3

It’s the Hot Guy In The Suit™

My contribution to @mysticmessimagines Valentine’s event, Jumin’s day.


ccajoyrx: Zoa has pictures of her absolute favorite band, @panicatthedisco plastering her walls. She has Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) and is recovering from a harrowing bone marrow transplant. Because of this she has a compromised immune system, and doctors told her she couldn’t attend her very first concert for fear of infection. CCA’s Link and @mymusicrx programs were thrilled to team up to give her a 14th birthday she will never forget! Zoa and her mom were given exclusive access to a Panic! soundcheck and even visited with lead singer @BrendonUrie who hooked her up with band merch, an autograph, and some great photos. #MusicHeals

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OKAY IM WRITING THIS BEFORE I FORGET. this is lowkey out of order too oops

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