One by one, I’m forgetting you. It’s this goodbye, this true goodbye that I’m leaving you with. The times we spent together, I’ll forget them all. I’ll throw them all away. No matter how many times I call out, I’ll never understand what we were, so just leave.
—  Last Goodbyes || J.Kim.
The way you looked at me when we first met made me think you weren’t such a stranger at all, maybe you used to mean something to me. But the name that came from your to tongue had a foreign sound. You seemed like someone I should have never forgotten.
—  I wish I had memories of you (Bucky)
Forgive and Forget

Check your sun, moon and mars!

Aries: An Aries knows how to convince you they have forgotten, but they have not. An Aries will not forgive because, rightly so, you hurt them once and they don’t want to let you do it again. If you give them the opportunity, they will use what you did against you, because an Aries never truly forgives or forgets.

Taurus: When you truly mean something to a Taurus, they will try so hard to forgive, and try so hard to forget. It is easier for a Taurus to forgive someone they are not close to, because there is no emotional attachment and they can shut them out afterwards.

Gemini: Gemini has a forgiving heart, but they do not forget, because that would mean letting you hurt them all over again. They will pardon you, as they have no time for silly squabbles, but a chunk of your relationship will need slowly reworking in order for them to restore trust in you.

Cancer: They have quite heavy feelings, but are just as heavy in the consequences they dish out. A Cancer will make you beg for the forgiveness, and make sure you never forget either. Truly, they don’t forgive or forget because they never again want to feel the pain you caused.

Leo: They forget purely because they tell themselves they have better things to worry about, so you never know if they have forgiven you. However, if you really did bad, you want to run far - they will never forgive you. Leo has no time to make your life Hell, they’re rather just leave you to do that yourself.

Virgo: Kindness and a public face is in their name, so they truly have no time for remembering your sillyness. For the most part, they forget, but in the worst times of night what you did still breaks them apart. They want to move on through you, and try so hard, but others’ criticisms of them are hard to forget.

Libra: They forgive and forget, but often live to regret it. Holding grudges and pains make them feel sick inside, so they try so hard not to do so. Over time, the ‘forget’ ceases and their mind is plagued with worries of the past. However, Libra will still always try and do what creates peace.

Scorpio: They are usually looked at as the “so powerful and will cause you hell” sign, but this isn’t true. Scorpio forgives and forgets with those they love, unless deep hurt has been caused. If you aren’t close to start with, they’ll forget your entire existence. They don’t need your negativity. 

Sagittarius: This sign does not know how to forgive and forget. Your face and name will make their blood boil from the moment you do them wrong. Oh, and trust me - they won’t let you forget either! If you do them wrong, you will spend the rest of your life regretting it if they have any say.

Capricorn: They forget you, but what you did always stays in their mind. They don’t hate you or give you the attention from it, but in the backs of their mind you are there; burning in their little Hell. Capricorn moves on from you because you proved you are not worthy of them.

Aquarius: They forgive and forget, but not in a good way - they forget you, and forgive themselves. Forgive themselves for letting such a fool in, and forget your name is even made up of letters. An Aquarius has not time for you if they do not like you, it’s as simple as that.

Pisces: They forgive and forget, because this is easier than the emotional nights that would follow the situation. Their inner peace comes from being kind to others and they often feel that they are the ones doing wrong if they don’t forgive. Pisces forgives for peace, and forgets for ease.