Se te hizo fácil olvidarme, reemplazar las horas y los recuerdos, reinventar las caricias en otros labios. Se te hizo fácil. Pero ya me acostumbré a esto de no hablarte, a no esperarte, a no insistir. Te olvido de a poco, pero a  veces suelo ser tan frágil como el llanto y te extraño.
—  Gabriel García Márquez
And someday I’ll meet someone who will say something you used to say. I’ll half smile and say, “someone I once knew used to say that.” And they will cock their head in confusion and say,
“Once?” And I will smile a nervous and nostalgic smile and reply, ” yes. Once. Because I can’t honestly say that I know him anymore.”
“But you did?”
“I knew him better than I knew myself.”
Then we will say goodbye and I’ll walk back to my car, sit in the drivers seat and wonder how after all these years you can still creep your way into my mind and how I can still find a part of you even in strangers.
—  NH