Leaving people behind is like losing little pieces of yourself. No one else will ever know that “you”, the you that you were in that particular place or time.

I wonder which of my pieces are lost forever, and which are preserved within all the people I’ve ever met.

—  Do you still have a piece of me, or is there nothing left? (H.K)

Carol Peletier Meme || 4 personal objects/ outfits

“In our first episode this season, Carol cuts up a walker and smears it on a blanket that she finds in a car and wades and hides amongst the walkers to infiltrate Terminus and rescue our people. Carol wearing this walker blood and blending in, is actually quite similar to her wearing the Suzy-Homemaker outfit. She’s trying to blend in, so they can trust her and not see her for who she really is. As you can tell it’s very light and cheery and you wouldn’t think for a second that this woman will shoot you in the head if she needed to but it’s nice to know that she could. Cause we know who Carol really is, don’t we.” - Eulyn Womble