forget safety

if someone has an unaccepting family, they cant control that

if someone has an abusive family, they cant control that

this is for all the opportunities, things, and people unaccepted kids have missed out on or lost. in the coming years i wish you the financial stability as well as mental, your home or apartment to be perfect and in the right place you want to be, and new lovely and kind people surrounding you.

you will be okay at some point in your life. you will have better people to replace ones that left you. you will be able to have a wonderful fulfilling life. you will be free soon so stick around for that moment.

jason always had an appreciation for beauty so naturally, he’d visit the aquarium. but it was different now. as he stood with the group, he immediately tuned out the guide. there was a merman in there and it didn’t even look as if he wanted to be there. 

this was someone in captivity and it was wrong. jason refused to ignore that. he scoffed under his breath at the merman’s words. his voice was just a soft murmur, in case a camera was on him. jason had always been paranoid. he rested a hand on the glass gently.  like hell i am. you got a name??

@centralflash ANS.

google when am i going to learn that attempting to starve myself to death eating an amount not even enough to sustain a toddler will not, in fact, erase everything that has been done to me and will, in fact, make me more unstable and less able to deal with aforementioned bad things