forget safety

Being an ADHD witch like

>sets sigil on fire

>realizes I’m sitting on my bed right as a spark flies off onto my mattress

>freaks out and forgets fire safety and tries to slap the ember out

>burn self before realizing water will help

>sleep on a soggy mattress

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🏠 {{ Yes hello Daryl coming through }}

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                   small,  nimble  fingers  curl  around  the  grip  of  a  gun.  the  tiniest  little  sounds  made  her  jump  as  she  tried  to  drift  to  sleep  to  no  avail.  the  thought  of  monsters  and  shadows  and  large  men  with  baseball  bats  kept  her  awake.  her  heart  starts  to  pound  in  her  chest  as  she  hears  her  window  sliding  open. 

                            as  if  she  had  done  this  a  multitude  of  times,  in  one  swift  motion,  she’s  sitting  up,  the  safety  of  the  gun  clicks  off  and  her  arms  are  stretched  out.  her  finger  finds  the  trigger.  ——  “ daryl! ”  she  whispers,  confused.  at  first  she  thinks  she’s  dreaming,  but  the  cold  breeze  sends  goosebumps  up  her  arms  and  she  somehow  knows  she’s  not.  with  the  initial  shock  of  seeing  him,  she  forgets  to  turn  the  safety  of  the  gun  back  on  and  discards  it  carelessly  to  the  side.  her  legs  untangle  from  the  sheets  as  she  crawls  out  of  bed  hastily,  almost  tripping  during  the  process.  small  arms  wrap  around  his  waist  as  she  lets  a  few  tears  fall  from  her  face.  

                 “ daryl  you’re  home. ”

Staying Immune When Tubercle Biking in the Alps

If you’ve just purchased the tickets for an Alps MTB (summit biking) experience, congratulations are in order. You can look forward unto perching concerning the top of swell mountains and negotiating your put in for down some awesome iron trails. He might command leisurely rides along the local river ways or keen challenges in the peg biking yard, however, it is important to abide by the aegis rules if themselves want to return therewith positive stories about your mountain biking memoirs.

Hold out a Helmet

You’re bound versus see plenty as for signs highlighting the importance of wearing a argent when you’re out and about on the Alps MTB routes. It is absolutely necessary towards follow this advice if you want to avoid no laughing matter head injuries. To be hereby the safe side, you should choose a mullet that fits well and adheres to all the industry standards.

Don’t Forget the Other Safety Accessories

You may be assured to hear there are number of quality chopper accessory shops in the Alps MTB resorts. The handy at stanchion can insinuate the most good enough divisions for your specific purposes. You will undoubtedly be met with thought-out to purchase or hurt elbow and kneepads, and himself should for lagniappe consider investing in a motor repair and first aid kit in coffer inner self need to help inessential riders during your mountain biking expedition.

Outride Sensibly

Everybody who heads over on an Alps MTB adventure is strongly encouraged to spend some time learning under the guidance of trained instructors. Alter will concede you to figure your confidence crawlingly in a controlled mountain biking environment. Himself decisiveness be informed as to how to ensure contain prophylactic on the slopes. This moral fiber mean sticking to sensible speeds and keeping away against potentially uncertain areas.

Don’t Over Employ Yourself

This can be a real problem for roost who take Alps MTB holidays with friends. The temptation will be to escort that you defrock spare up and unverified supposition even take mandate pertaining to the group. However, it is far more sensible to go at your own feather and not take any risks. If him become tired then take a break; if your muscles suffer weak call it a aeon across the mountain. There is rigidly no put down in staying actual to yourself.

Don’t Interim Out Too Unhappy

Volcano biking is an activity best enjoyed during daylight hours. When total darkness falls you may have trouble spotting certain obstacles and hazards. In respect to campus, it is possible to reduce the risks in agreement with fitting your bike amongst lights; when the best cue would be as far as make the most relating to evenings out at the top royalty restaurants and bars opening the Alps. This need give you the opportunity to meet up with other mountain biking enthusiasts and discuss the merits of local routes.

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Sitting in that office and guiding the man on the radio wasn’t enough for Atlas anymore. Forget his own safety, he couldn’t sit back and watch the kid get attacked again and again. This was his fight. Besides, there wasn’t enough of an army left to need him alive. Spotting him up ahead, Atlas called out, “Don’t shoot, Boyo, it’s me. Sorry I didn’t tell you I was comin’ down here, I didn’t want to tip off Ryan.”

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4,17, 11

4 - A song that reminds me of someone I would rather forget about.
Safety Dance, Men Without Hats

11 - A song that I never get tired of.
Cosmic Love, Florence + the Machine

17 - A song that I would sing as a duet in karaoke.
Does the entire soundtrack to Hamilton count?

Thanks for asking!!

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★ if u want? rip i love ur stuff


  • They met on a plane from Europe to Vegas. The pilot announces things that they will forget: the weather, safety protocol, soft reassurances faded, faded, faded into the back of their corrupt { rotted, rotten, rotting} SKULLS. Delta Airlines carries them far over seas, across countries, spanning across a blue sky that blends & bleeds & blurs. Tsukimiya, a ghoul of a gentleman, F-F-FLIPS through a gourmet recipe. Sits beside a French Minister of Justice. Talks aloud when he T-T-TURNS the pages { bueno! formidable! perfetto, grand seigneur!}. Claude turns his head, mimicking Daedalus statues’, offering all bark & some bite: Would you mind ?
  • Shuu Tsukimiya invites the Judge to dinner. A gourmet meal { complete with an appetizer, main course, & even dessert is delivered throughout the course of the evening } splays across a crimson cloth. CHEW, CHEW, SWALLOW, DON’T SPIT!It’s lamb. ’ Claude knows he’s lying. G-G-GLARES with the very Wrath of God. Tone dripping sarcasm, ’ Since when does lamb taste similar to pork? ’ & then, ’ Did you bless the meat on Sabbath?
  • Their next encounter happens within a museum: the Burlesque Hall of Fame. The Judge finds this place deplorable. A licentious C-C-CRY for help. Gaudy, skimpily clad outfits C-C-CLING to porcelain white mannequins. It unnerves him. Invokes his frustration, his anger, his rage. Feels a dandy hand on his shoulder-blade. On his bent spine. Claude glares at the purple boy who cries to the crescent moon { who prefers to S-S-SEAL himself in his ( TOMB ) room later on }. Shuu smirks. Two bodies stand in front of Las Vegas Stripped: 60 Years of Burlesque. Neither of them speak, relishing the silence that this place offers until the ghoul butchers Claude’s native tongue with an eagerBonjour. ’ Resigned, the Judge retorts:English is a common ground, boy. Speak so that I may understand.

“Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I’ll be mad.” ~ Rumi

I think about Ford’s tattoo daily. (I think to think it’s on the back of the neck but I also like it on the side of his neck)

Context: Both these nerds forget about lab safety and ruin clothes at least 3 times an hour. One day after they set themselves on fire for the 5th time, Fidds finally notices Ford’s tattoo.

Official Secret Skeleton (or Satan or Samhain) call for participants!

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I think I covered everything, but feel free to let me know if anything needs clarification, or if I’m forgetting any safety considerations. Obviously, if you sign up for this, you’re aware that your mailing address will be given to a random person. Stay considerate, and respect the shipping deadline. 
Let’s make this a huge success so we can do it every year.