forget which archie this is

I hate how most of the the Jo haters are just repeating themselves over and over again. They’re using the same excuses to try to justify why they don’t like her.

First of all OF COURSE she’s going to be sad. It’s like you guys refuse to sympathize with her, and I’m positive all of you have been rejected before. She’s in love with Danny and you expect her to get over it within one episode? Now that’s bad writing. I’m glad their sticking with it, it shows how deep her feelings for him were, and all you Dacey fans call it “thirsty”? Um being in love is not thirsty. Besides Rico is in love and kisses Jo but I don’t see ANYONE calling him thirsty? Double standard much.

Second of all Jo had Danny’s back from the start, where as Lacey could have cared less about him. She even started the whole “socio” thing. It took her time to warm up to him and that was only because she lusted over him not because she trusted him. If Jo’s “thirsty” then I’m pretty sure Lacey is “thirsty” too. She was even hiding the fact that she was starting to warm up to him from her so called friends, just to keep herself up in the social pyramid. Trust me someone who values popularity over real friends is not a good person. Oh and let’s not forget she cheated on Archie, which if any other character did it would of made them a bitch and or assehole, but no, it was Saint Lacey so her dirty deeds go unpunished. In season 1b it starts off doing a whole 180 and now Lacey is the one that has Danny’s back and Jo is the hesitant one, and of course Jo is getting hate for it, you do know the only reason Lacey is on Danny’s side is because she has feelings for him. Now that He’s giving her thirsty ass the D she’s trying to clear his name, she didn’t care at all when it didn’t have anything to do with her, but now that they have a thing of course she can’t be seen walking around with a “murderer”.

Jo is hurt that the guy she’s in love with and her old best friend are together, but that’s not the reason she was so hesitant to be back on Danny’s side. THEY FOUND A MURDER WEAPON WITH HIS PRINTS ON IT. What the hell was she suppose to think? He hasn’t even told her why he couldn’t say he didn’t do it. He hasn’t even told her what happened that day before that point so I’m pretty sure it’s okay for her to have her doubts, which Lacey had a bunch of if I may say.

It’s just so annoying to see these hypocritical reasons over and over again in the Jo tag. I’m not even going to bring up the whole “white girl” racist bullshit people post. Quit your bitching this show is basically Jo’s point of view what did you expect? It has nothing to do with race and if you still think like that I’m pretty sure you were raised incorrectly. I’m not saying Danny and Lacey aren’t a big part of the show because of course they are but take Jo away from the equation and you really don’t have much of a show, more of the cliche “popular girl is hesitant to talk to the mysterious hot guy but through unusual circumstances they end up together”. Unfortunately that’s not the show but if that’s what your into go ahead and grab your ky jelly and read your Dacey fan fiction.

Sorry for this rant but I’m just tired with all this Jo hate, she’s my girl and is just trying to survive that whole twisted (heh) situation she’s been put in. I don’t like the whole #poorjo hash tags either because she’s not weak she can handle the shit she’s being put through. She doesn’t need anyone’s pity. Whatever I’m done, I’ll support her throughout the show even if I’m the last Jo fan out there.