forget that last picture

“The paint’s supposed to go where?”

Sherlock has his head hung in shame. “On the wall.” He mumbles.

“Sorry, didn’t quite catch that.” John folds his arms. 

“On the wall.” Sherlock says louder, then cuts his eyes to the ginger haired puppy who is sitting and panting happily as if nothing is wrong. He gives the pup an accusing glare. “In my defense, it was all going well before-”

“The paint was supposed to go on the wall, and now it’s all over the both of you.” John too cuts his eyes to the pup, whose ginger coat is mottled with white paint. “I have to give both of you baths now, I suppose.” John sighs, then notices Sherlock’s smirk. “A clinical bath, you clot.”

Sherlock stops smirking and puts down the paint roller in the pan. “As if you’ll be able to resist me once I’m undressed.” He begins undoing the buttons on his shirt as he leaves the room. “I’ll give you five minutes before you-”

“Don’t forget you’re in trouble!” John warns. 

“Hm, even more a reason to indulge.”

John watches Sherlock leave, then picks up the pup, holding it out far in front of him to avoid getting paint on himself as well. “Never a dull day, is there?” The puppy licks John’s wrist. “I’m glad you agree.”

Meeting Katherine and Dominique at ClexaCon

lets see if i can even remember anything about clexacon! it was such a blast but then it took me so long to get home then i basically slept for 2 days! lol 

  • I met Dom first and as soon i told her i was from Australia she was like “OMG ARE YOU NIKKIE?? KAT AND I WERE TALKING ABOUT YOU EARLIER. (OMG WUT??) 
  • I gave her a Koala and told her she needs to visit Australia. She agreed and I told her I would make it happen.
  • Kat really wants to come too.
  • Kats autograph line got cut off and i missed her on the first day :(
  • I got my group photo with them though on that day and Kat kept saying my name and then she was like WAIT YOU’RE NIKKIE FROM OZ! and said we’d talk soon.
  • On day two I finally got to talk to her she was so sweet! we talked for a while and she told me how she notices everything i do.
  • I gave her a Koala and she loved it.
  • On the last day she came out holding her koala.
  • idk i think the Koala was a good idea guys! lol.
  • I got another hug and she told me “We’ll see each other again I know we will"
  • I gave her a letter and the next day she told me she read it and we talked about some of the stuff i told her.
  • She kissed me in the photo I got with her but the first one had glare so I got two, WHICH MEANT TWO KISSES.
  • They both hugged me goodbye.
  • Dom wrote on my picture “you’re gorgeous never forget it”
  • got one last group photo and Kat was holding the koala in it.
  • I AM SO EMOTIONAL. And still alive somehow.

I will post some pictures and videos later :)

I sometimes take weird pictures/nudes and shit and forget then go to send someone a picture and see that’s the last thing in my camera roll and I’m like woah I need to chill out


Shoutout to @miraculousdays​ for the prompt; I’m not sure if this counts as an ego swap, but I hope you like it either way! :) 

Inspired by this post. 


More TML comics here: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

What Are We

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Warning: Swearing and hints of smut

You hated yourself. You never meant for it to go this far. For you to fall for him, But you did. It’s all for fault.

You came by his office a little after ten, like you always do. Some days he wouldn’t even let you in. Others, he dragged you. This happened to be one of those days.

He didn’t even gave you the chance to breath before he pressed his lips angst yours. You grabbed him by his neck to deepen the kiss. You wanted more. No, needed more. He quickly undressed you. You missed when he took his time with you.

In the beginning

Now he doesn’t even talk to you during your encounters. Just takes what he wants and pays you after. Like you need the money.

He moved you over to his desk and positioned you were you weren’t facing him. He slowly inserted himself inside of you and held you close. This was the only physical contact he gave you as he rapidly slammed his body into you. You felt the heat on your neck as he groaned and moaned in pleasure. You felt none. 

And as quickly as it started, it ended. With one finale moan he was done with you. He quickly payed you and sent you on your way. You slowly walked home in angry. 

You were mad. You were mad that you let yourself go back there every night. That you stayed there until he let you in. He used you and you did nothing. All you every do is nothing.

But you loved him

Which mad you even angrier. Why did you fucking love him if all he ever does to you is has meaningless sex and pays you eight pounds to keep quiet about it. 

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i can't believe isak lost his instgram password! so forgetful

i know,,, only last week he remembered to post a stinky ass picture of him defrosting the freezer and now he forgot his password, i wanna smh why is he like that

Marilyn Monroe photographed by George Barris in her last photographic session, before her death on 4th August 1962. 

“The sun had gone down, it was windy, it was cold, and Marilyn said, ‘Can’t we stop? I’m getting cold’. I said, ‘There’s only one film left in the camera’, and she said, ‘But, George, you’re always saying that’, and I said, ‘No, honestly, it’s the last picture’. So we took the towel, or the blanket, we put it over her legs, and she said, ‘I’ll blow a kiss to you’. She puckered up her lips and she said, ‘George, this is just for you’. And I’ll never forget, that was the last picture we took. We got up, it was rather chilly on the 13th of July. We both walked off the beach, and that was the end of our photographic session.” - George Barris.

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If Elounor posted a selfie she would edit it in FaceTune for an hour using the blur tool and face changer before letting him submit it like she does all her other pics. I'll never forget that one picture she posted last year in march that's in black and white (lol) and it's her in a black dress looking at something and I kid you not her entire nose is caved in, it's like she shaved off half her nose she looks completely different, she looks like iggy Azalea.

Yike 😬 


I had this idea for awhile, and so I decorated this bookshelf last summer. I kept forgetting and forgetting to post pictures on my main blog… but here it is! I’m so in love with it, I want to do all my bookshelves like this. I used spray adhesive to stick book pages to a bookshelf, and then went over it with matte mod podge. From taking apart the books to the last of the mod podging, it took  around 30 hours, but it was (mostly) easy work. I used books I already had, but plenty of used bookstores and library sales have bargain sections of books for $1 or less if you didn’t want to use your own books. The mod podge warped the paper a bit, which I don’t mind, but if you don’t want that to happen, you really have to take your time and be careful.

I used Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Hobbit, Wildwood Dancing, and The Chronicles of Narnia. I loved them all as a kid/young teenager they still mean a lot to me now!

Here’s one of my OTP about BH6 (after GoLemon, obviously)
(but I did sense that Gogo same with a 14 year old, so I have enlarged a few years. [Cof-cof])

I’ve still to works on Hiro (‘m not really satisfied with his face, sob. But I’m very proud of how it came out Gogo/Leiko * w * [Althought I notice only now that I forget to done her left elbow … >. <])

PS. I’ve draw last picture days ago… Meanwhile I trained a bit 'on coloration and lineart (you see, neh?))

St. Augustine : Michael AU

Some shit I wrote about Michael

Word Count: 1309

The “Love Tree” in St. Augustine, Florida. Appropriately named after the way a palm tree and an oak tree somehow grew together as one. It’s said that when a couple kisses underneath it, their love will be eternal.

Now imagine that you and Michael go to school together. Michael’s not shy about the fact that he’s into you; he constantly hits on you when you’re alone at your locker, you always catch him checking you out when he’s with his friends at lunch, and he’s even tried to sweet talk you into coming to his band’s weekend gigs a couple of times before. You secretly like the attention he gives you, but take too much joy out of denying the boy who thinks he can have any girl he wants. You like being just out of his reach. But at the end of the semester, the History class you two share together goes on a field trip to St. Augustine to learn about a city full of historical background. On the first day, your class takes a walk-through tour downtown. You stay close to your friends, intrigued by all of the aged architecture and fun facts that the tour guide has to offer, camera always in hand to capture stunning shots of the oldest city in Florida. Michael, on the other hand, could care less. He and his friends goof around the entire time, crack jokes here and there to make the class laugh, and mindlessly wander in and out of the group at their own leisure. You’re not impressed by his careless behavior, and as usual, you brush him off on any occasion that he tries talking to you. After so many rejections, he realizes that he needs to tone it down if he wants a girl like you to give him the time of day, so by the time the sun starts to set and the tour lingers toward its end, he makes an effort to walk next to you instead of his mates. He asks questions like “You’re really into this place, aren’t you?” and for once you’re happy to answer him. The sky is more dark than light as your group comes to a stop in front of the “Love Tree”. Michael stands next to you, his hands tucked into the pockets of his denim jacket as the two of you look at the conjoined trees, the tour guide’s voice somewhere to the side reciting facts about its history. A girl asks if the rumor about kissing under it is true, and Michael’s ears perk up. After a few more minutes of Q&A with the guide, your teacher allows the class to diverge toward the cafe for a quick bite to eat. You remain behind to snap one last picture of the tree, momentarily forgetting about Michael Clifford. He smiles and nudges you with his elbow, then starts to walk toward the fence’s gate, only you don’t follow. You’re too caught up in nature’s mutation, in the romantic aura the legend of the tree casts on anyone who comes near it. You think of all the couples who must have relied on its promise, of the ones who are still in love years or decades after exchanging a kiss under its branches, and you’re envious of anyone who’s ever had someone who wanted to be with them forever. Michael’s still outside, watching you admire the stupid plant. The two of you are the last people to make it into the cafe, and he wishes you would hurry up because there’s no way he’s leaving you outside on your own. He even calls your name once to snap you out of the trance the tree has over you. You don’t reply, but you finally uncross your arms and start taking deliberate steps in his direction, your gaze unfaltering from the combined palm and oak trunks. You don’t stray very far before feeling two warm hands press against your cheeks, gently encouraging your head to turn. Without any warning, Michael’s soft lips are on yours, right as you’re standing below the “Love Tree’s” umbrella of leaves. Michael’s eyes are barely closed and yours are completely open. You look up at him in horror when he pulls away, pushing his shoulders and angrily asking what he did that for. He smirks at your frustration, knowing fully well that it’s only a mask, his excuse being that he could tell you wanted someone to kiss you under it. He wasn’t wrong, but you wouldn’t let him know that. Not tonight, at least.  

Now imagine that it’s six years later, and you and Michael are living together. He sneaks up behind you while you’re doing the dishes and wraps his arms tenderly around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder. “We should get away for a while,” is what he whispers by your ear, and you let your head fall back into the crook of his neck. A few days later he’s driving you back to St. Augustine, the city you once fell in love with but haven’t visited since. The two of you sign up for another tour of the downtown area, and neither you or Michael can believe your eyes when the group you’re assigned to is lead by the same man who guided your high school class around the place six years ago. This time your camera takes up one of your hands while the other is held by Michael’s, and you’re a little lazier with your photography because you’d rather soak everything up in the moment. Not much has changed about the tour, and every location triggers a bit of nostalgia for you. Michael doesn’t recognize much, but one thing he does remember is the final destination. Dusk approaches as the tour winds down, the same historical facts about the connected trees being rambled off to new tourists. Michael squeezes your hand a little tighter before he lightly pulls you closer to the exact spot he kissed you for the first time. The leaves on the branches are more sparse during the current season, but the amorous atmosphere prevails. You look lovingly up into Michael’s green eyes, patiently waiting for the kiss you know you’re about to receive. How cute of him to bring you back here, just to renew the act for a second chance at eternity together. Who would have thought Michael was such a romantic? He leans his head down, his height superior to yours, and finds your soft lips with his. Your eyes flutter closed, the sweet gesture feeling more natural this time than it did when you were last here. Michael’s hands slide away from your hips and his mouth leaves yours in a content smile. However, when you open your eyes, you don’t immediately see Michael. Your chin slowly tilts down along with your confused gaze, and breath fills your lungs in a gasp; your hands fly up to your mouth. Kneeling before you on one knee is the boy you went to high school with, the boy you used to ignore for kicks, the boy whose band never took off, the boy who stole a kiss that changed everything between the two of you, and in his hand rests a tiny black box that’s just big enough to store a ring. You’re at a loss for words, and you feel like the wind has been knocked out of you. Michael licks his lips nervously, his big eyes holding all the love in the world. The top half of the box is pulled back to reveal a diamond ring that’s just your taste, and he takes a deep breath before asking you a simple yes or no question. If a kiss beneath the “Love Tree” has gotten the two of you this far, he could only imagine, and look forward to, what an engagement could do.


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" [...] they're beside the car and you can only see Tom's back & Taylor's face, it looks like he's bitching her out and she's upset." Where was that picture taken? England? I swear I've tried to forget most of the pictures from last summer.

Here’s a post I did displaying all the miserable pics from that disgusting day-

@tealmorganna 👌🏽

*casually forgets to post last month’s patreon picture* D:

So I wanted something a little sweeter this time around so I figured it would be nice to have something to go with this one that @feylen had done for me previously. I wasn’t ready for the feels but when am I ever ready for the feels that come with daddy!Cullen?

Ross Imagine: For Jasmine

You let a few tears slip your eyes as you read yet another magazine page about your boyfriend, Ross. Every one is the same; “Ross Lynch hanging with a new girl?” “Is Ross cheating on Jasmine for his co-star?” “Ross Lynch snuggles up with a new girl”. You know they are all rumors that the stupid tabloids make up but you can’t help but feel upset about it. You trust Ross and he’s told you a million times that you’re the only one, but a part of you just keeps worrying. He’s a musician in a band traveling all around the world with a million girls falling all over him. Girls who you are sure are much prettier than you, funnier than you, girls who Ross would totally be better off with. 

As you close the magazine and throw it on your bed you let out a groan. You walk over to your bookshelf and pull out the photo album Ross gave you before he left for tour 4 months ago. You take it and sit on your bed once again, setting your eyes on the lyrics written on the front of it in Ross’ sloppy handwriting:

“Where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken, times forever frozen still.”

You run your fingers across the words before opening to the first page of pictures. The first one you notice is of you and Ross, almost in mid-air, just about to fall into the pool.

“Ross I swear if you push me in I will never speak to you again!” you yell as he is chasing you with a huge cheesy smile on his face. 

“Oh come on, babe,” he starts before grabbing your waist, “you could never do that, you love me too much.” Before you could even respond he has picked you up and jumped in the pool with you in his arms.

You both come up for air and you immediately splash Ross in the face. “Well I do still love you,” you say with a smile, “just slightly less now that you threw me in the pool you jerk.” He just laughs and keeps his arms around you as he places a kiss to your forehead.

You smile at the memory and let your eyes glance to a picture on the next page. Your face is covered in chocolate ice cream and you are mid-way smashing your vanilla cone in Ross’ face.

“Okay hold up your ice-creams and smile!” says Stormie as she holds up her camera to you and Ross. You smile but then feel something cold on your nose and realize that Ross just put his ice cream all over your face.

He starts to try and get away but before he can you grab hold of his wrist, “Oh no, Lynch,” you say, “you’re not getting off that easy!” And in the blink of an eye your vanilla ice cream is all over his face.

“Well I wanted a smile but this picture is way cuter,” Stormie says smiling at the camera. And you just playfully push Ross as ya’ll continue walking down the boardwalk.

You flip through a couple pages and another picture specifically catches your eye. You’re sitting on Ross’ shoulders at a music festival, both of you smiling and looking up at the stage.

“Ugh Ross we got here too late I can’t see a thing!” you whine as you try and look over the huge crowd of people in front of you.

“What do you mean, I can see fine,” he says and you just look at him with the sassiest look you have ever put on your face.

“Well, mister, not all of us are 6′2 now are we?” you say and he playfully rolls his eyes.

“Alright, babe,” he says bending down, “get on my shoulders.” You smile and happily oblige as you climb on his shoulders.

“Is that better?” he says over the loud music.

You bend over so you’re closer to his ears, “Much!”

You continue to flip through the book until you get to the last and final picture. It’s of you and Ross in front of the tour bus, kissing goodbye before he left for tour.

“Do you have to go,” you whine jokingly, knowing that there is no possible way on earth that he isn’t going on this tour.

“I wish you could go with me, Jasmine,” he says pulling you into a tight hug, “I’m going to miss you so much.” 

The tears start to fall at this point and you mumble out the best you can, “I’ll miss you more,” and he hugs you tighter, knowing you’re crying. You didn’t see it with your face buried in his chest but he’s let a few tears fall as well.

You both stay there, soaking in the moment before it’s gone. After a couple very short minutes your pull away from the hug but the distance between you hardly changes.

“I don’t want to be alone,” you whisper quietly and you can see the heartbroken look on his face.

He wipes away the leftover tears on your face with his thumb and cups your face in both his hands. Your forehead leans against his and he quickly pulls you into a kiss. A kiss that, even though you’ve done it a thousand times, never loses it’s magic. The kiss that you both know won’t happen again for another 6 months. All too soon you two pull away and before he gets on the bus he takes your hands in his.

“You won’t be alone,” he starts, “We will facetime and call and you have all our pictures. Never forget that.” He places one last kiss on your forehead and gets on the bus, the moment you have dreaded ever since he left.

Smiling from ear to ear at all the memories in the book you look underneath that last picture. Once again in Ross’ handwriting it says more lyrics that bring tears of happiness back to your eyes.

“We keep this love in a photograph, we made these memories for ourselves.”

And on the very back of the book you see the last words:

“Just wait for me to come home.”

-Madz <3

(Okay so this one was a bit different so let me know what you think of it! It’s based off the song Photograph by Ed Sheeran because I am obsessed with it right now! <3)

No Control

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“The problem is,” he said as he leans in, “If I kiss you, I don’t think I’d be able to stop.”

Summary: Moving across the country.. can’t be too bad right? WRONG! After losing your parents in a horrible incident you had no choice but to move with your uncle in Korea. You knew no one besides your uncle and didn’t know you way around but that all changes when your uncle hires that one boy… the boy with the bad attitude….

Previous Parts:

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Part 14 everyone~ 

Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21



After all the boys have all officially woken up , you all cleaned up even put the tents back to how they originally came. Yoongi tried speaking to you but after finding out what happened last night… You felt weird.. and kind of started to distance yourself…

You all began to stuff items one by one into the car and as soon as you were packed up and ready to go home you all got piled in the car.

You didn’t want to sit next to Yoongi but that’s who you ended up sitting next to anyways…



“Did I do something wrong?”

“no why?”

“Your so distance this morning..”

“Just tired,” you lied looking out the window and Yoongi sighs and looks forward.

Truth was…. You two might of made a mistake and your trying your best to hide the hickey..

The car ride went on and on and you all were pretty dead at first. Most of you were sleeping in the car and you were dead. But then eventually out of the blue, you all began to gain energy and all started to play random car games like little kids.

“I spy something with my little eyes blue!” Taehyung says excitedly and you giggled.

“Let me guess Jin’s shirt?”


“how do you even cheat in this game!”

“Calm down children,” Yoongi says to you and Taehyung and you just laughed.

It was Yoongi’s turn to point out an object.

“I spy something..” just as Yoongi was about to say something he stops smiling and looks at your neck.

“Is that a hickey?”



“What?” You asked automatically trying to hide your neck with your hair but you could tell Yoongi wasn’t having it one bit. He pushes your hair away from your neck and continued to stare at your neck.

“A hickey?” Taehyung asks randomly and the car got quiet.

Great could this be anymore awkward?

“Who gave it to you?” Yoongi asks looking at your neck and then at your eyes full of anger.

“It’s not important.”



“Let me ask you again, who gave you the hickey?”

First of all you all were intoxicated so you can easily say you don’t know but you would look bad. Then if you say him he would get awkward… And the car ride would be a hell back home…. But if you said one of the boys… Jin would know your lying, and then you would probably scare one of the boys just by mentioning their names…

“I’m not talking about this now.”

“Yes we are!”

You felt the car stop and you looked at Jin. 

“I’m not going to continue driving till you both stop arguing, now step out and fix this problem.”

You looked at yoongi and rolled your eyes as you stepped out of the car. Yoongi followed behind you and the car door closed. You could feel all the guys looking right at the two of you… 

Could this be anymore awkward? 

“Where did you get the hickey?”

“What’s it to you? It’s not like it’s your neck,”

You said crossing your arms and Yoongi licks his lips out of frustration and continues to stares you down.

“I don’t care if it’s not on my neck, your my responsibility.

“Stop saying that!”

“Saying what?!”

“You keep calling me your responsibility as if your my father! You’re nothing to me so get off my case!”

“Who gave you the damn hickey!”

“YOU! is that what you want to hear?!”


Yoongi looked surprised yet relieved. His face expressions were just so damn hard to understand for some reason.

“There is your answer now let’s get back in the car,” You said as you turned to face the car but Yoongi grabbed your hand and you looked at him.

“How do you know it was me if you were drunk as well?”

“Jin caught us in our action, is that what you wanted to hear too?”

His eyes widen and he glanced at the car and felt completely embarrassed. Eventually the two of you didn’t say a word after that and got in the car in complete silence…

What’s worse is that Yoongi is still stuck with you until this month was officially over… 


You felt the car stop and you opened your eyes. You were back at home. 

“Here we are Y/N,” Jin says and you looked at him. 

“Thank you for the ride. And thank you guys for inviting me to this interesting camping trip,” you smiled.

“When will we see you again!” Hoseok asks and you looked at him.

“Whenever Yoongi decides to be bring me around.” 

Everyone stared at Yoongi and he looked back the boys and then at you. You stepped out of the car and walked your way to the trunk grabbing your duffle bag. 

You closed the trunk and you see Yoongi stepping out of the car.

“What are you doing?”

“Your uncle isn’t home, he just texted me to keep you company till he comes.”

“Great,” you said rolling your eyes and you walked your way to the house. 


Yoongi’s Point of View

We all watched Y/N step out of the car and as soon as I heard the car door closed I looked at the boys.

“What the hell happened between the two of you?”

“It’s a long story…”

“Explain then!” Taehyung says causing me to give him a glare and he just smiles.

“I’ll explain later.. I have to fix things with her right now.”

“Now?” Jin asks looking at me and I sighed.

“You can leave if you want, I’ll just pretend that i have to stay with her because of the job.”

“Goodluck,” Jin says looking at me through the mirror and I just nodded my head.

I was the one to give her the hickey and here I was getting mad at her in the car… For a second I thought it was probably Jimin and jealousy rushed through me… But it was me…

What am I going to do now?


Your Point of View

As you stepped foot out of the bathroom all showered and dress comfortably, you grabbed your towel that was on your bed and began to dry your hair. As you were drying your hair, you looked up at your wall and began to look at the picture you had of Yoongi and you.

How did you forget about that picture? 

You looked at the last picture of the picture strip and started to remember that exact moment… 

That moment where you two were so caught up in the moment you two were staring at each other in the eyes… And it felt special….

But that’s nothing now…

You continued to dry you hair with your towel until..

Knock Knock 

“Come in,”

You see the door slightly open and a head slowly peek in. 

“Hey… are you busy?”

You looked at the face and see that it was Yoongi. 

“Nope, what do you need?”

You asked looking at Yoongi and he steps in and closed the door behind him. To be honest you were hoping Yoongi wouldn’t mention the hickey at all. Clearly it was a huge mistake and you two should just leave it as that.

“We should talk…”


Yoongi stays quiet. Then instead of saying the words he awkwardly points at his neck… Great he wants to talk about the damn hickey… 

How the hell could this conversation turn out? It’s probably going to be one of the most awkwardest conversations of your life!


You two stood there in silence and didn’t even bother looking at each other… 

Great start..


You couldn’t help but to smile at the awkward tension that was around and yoongi smiled along with you.

“This is stupid.” you blurted out and he looked at you.

“What is?”

“How we are so awkward about all of this all of sudden, people give other people hickeys all the time.. why is a big deal now?”

“You’re right….”

You giggled but Yoongi looked at you.

“But it kinda is a big deal…”

“How so?”

“You are my boss’s niece… and I broke a couple of rules…”

You stayed quiet. That’s true… You never expected any of this to happen when you arrived to Korea… 

“Rules like?”

“Kissing you, giving you a hickey, and…”

“And what?”

“Falling for you…”

Yoongi has already told you before that he fell for you.. And you clearly feel the same way but what’s stopping the two of you was your uncle… But hearing those words again made your heart beat out of your chest 10x faster and butterflies appear in your stomach.



You sighed and gave you full attention to Yoongi.



You stayed quiet and just didn’t know what to say. You wanted to say so much like how much you like him and how much the kiss meant to you but… you weren’t able to do that even if you wanted to.


“Tell me.”

You just looked at him in complete silence and you watched Yoongi slowly approach you. Breath…

He stopped right in front of you inches away from your face looking straight into your eyes as you looked up at him.

“My uncle can be here any minute….” you said in a low whisper.

“I don’t care… I want to hear what you were going to say…”

Yoongi slowly raised up his hand to your cheek and caressed your face making your heart flutter.

“I just… like you too much. And hearing that we can’t be together sucks…”

Yoongi noticed the way you looked down and lifted up your chin with his finger.

“Look, it’s okay… maybe your uncle can’t stop us.”


“I like you a lot… and you like me… why can’t we go out?”

You looked at him surprised at his choice of words and just stared at him.

“My uncle would kill you.”

“What if he doesn’t know?”

“So you want a secret relationship?”

“Why not?”

Your heart was racing and your mind was filling with thoughts. To be honest it sounded exciting but so much can go wrong… What if your uncle found out? He would fire Yoongi and it would be your fault… 

But if you continued to spend time with Yoongi more and more… then… your feelings won’t just go away…

“So what do you say? Do you maybe want to try it out?”

You looked at Yoongi and then sighed… What’s wrong with saying yes? But was it the right decision?


To Be Continued