forget safety

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stripping someone off their will is sO RO MANTIC !!!!!!!11

IF   YOU   ARE   A   CLACE   OR   CLARY   STAN,         YOU   PROBS   SHOULDN’T   READ   THIS   !!!


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At Her Side

Pairings|Characters: Fenris/F!Hawke,
Rating: General
Words: 4500
Summary: Fenris knows something is wrong when he finds Hawke missing on a quest for Varric and the Inquisitor. But what lengths will he go to, and what is he capable of when Hawke’s life is on the line and she has been left completely alone? 
A Fade Fix-It Fic
Notes: Sequel to Haunting Me
Can be read on AO3

Fenris knew something was wrong that morning as soon as he woke. Even before he found her note, there had been some unsettling foreboding hanging over him. Once he read the letter and realised she had disappeared on some terrible scheme, his worry shifted to focus on the task at hand: getting her back.

Her note was written on the back of a different letter, one he recognised as Varric’s signature. A cold fury rushed through him when he read the request for Hawke to once again forget her own safety and dive back onto the battlefield. It seemed that she couldn’t escape it, even when she tried to make a life of her own.

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