forget rabbit

  • Mickey: Hey that's...!
  • Oswald: That black mouse again, of all places...
  • Mickey: I found you!
  • Mickey: FAKER
  • Oswald: Faker?? I think you're the fake toon around here. You're comparing yourself to me!?
  • Oswald: hA H
  • Oswald: You're not even good enough to be my fa-
The fish trap exists because of the fish. Once you’ve gotten the fish you can forget the trap. The rabbit snare exists because of the rabbit. Once you’ve gotten the rabbit, you can forget the snare. Words exist because of meaning. Once you’ve gotten the meaning, you can forget the words. Where can I find a man who has forgotten words so I can talk with him
—  Zhuangzi

Name: Bucky (da rabbit) and Castiel
Pairing: reader x Castiel
Dedication: @zoevesper . Short and fluffy little thingie. I hope you’ll smile)) I know that it is stupid and worthless, but i felt like doing it.
Summary: the reader and Castiel are dating, and reader finally introduces Cass to her rabbit, Bucky. And the rabbit is jealous af.

“Y/N?” Castiel walks into your room, holding a plate with salad in one hand. “Y/N, may I come in?”

“Yeah, get here,” you point at the couch by your side, and Castiel obediently sits down, handing you the plate. “Why salad?”

“Sam was cooking,” he explains, leaning back and resting his head. “You look tired.”

“I am. But Dean finally got Bucky here, so I feel like home is around me.”

“Bucky?” Castiel frowns. “Who is he?”

“He is my rabbit,” you lean forward and take the ball of fur off the floor. Bucky makes some weird noises, then sits on your lap and starts staring at Castiel. “He is jealous and very funny.”

“I see,” Castiel smiles for a second, then leans forward and gently kisses you on forehead. “Does it mean that you agree to stay in the bunker and live with us?” you smile and nod, kissing him back, raising both hands to put h=them on his shoulders, as Cass pulls you closer, totally forgetting about the rabbit. And that was your mistake. Quite upset that you could forget about him and just start kissing some weird dude, Bucky decides to pay back. And that is how Castiel gets bitten by a rabbit. Small, fluffy, kind rabbit that cannot allow for someone else to take his place. “Auch!”

“Bucky!” you both yell, as the rabbit turns away, looking like an offended innocence - so pure and nice. Castiel picks the rabbit up and looks him in the eye, dead serious, which almost makes you laugh.

“Listen, Bucky. I am here now, and I will stay here. Whether you like it or not. And I know that it is hard to share, but you have to realize that you are not the only man in her life,” you giggle and cover your mouth with a pillow, as Castiel continues talking to Bucky for at least five minutes.

“Hon,” you finally take the poor shocked animal from Castiel’s hands. “I think you scared my rabbit.”

“He bit me,” notices Castiel, leaning forward and kissing you again, this time not taking his eyes off Bucky. Bucky does not take his eyes of Cass. A second later, you pull away.

“You know what? Bucky can stay here, and we will go anywhere else… You two are too jealous to just stay in one room,” Castiel obediently stands up and follow you out of the room, but then turns around and whispers.

“She likes me better,” Bucky answers with some weird ‘pfff’ (possibly saying that Cass is an idiot), and you realize that those two may very probably start fighting just for the fun of it.


This is twice now we’ve had “sibylla” come up, so it probably could do with a little examination. This is an anime of course, and we all know it’s not outside the realm of possibility that something was put in because it sounded cool, still, let’s have a look.

My first thought is the Greek oracles, with the sibylla being a particularly powerful prophetess. All women, of course, which seems to stand with what we’re seeing of the cast so far. But a quick Google search also turns up Sibylla, Queen of Jerusalem. Coincidence with the Holy Land thing from earlier? Maybe, buuuut.

anonymous asked:

Since you are one of the few that even admit the existence of MM,is it possible to display IG pictures and disable comments.I would think this would be a better choice than letting that vile on anything belonging to her..Does she enjoy being the little oh me victim or is she an active participant? If she were my so I would be very suspicious of motives and what happens when we break up. Boiling rabbits anyone.?????

Not only can you disable comments, you can set up your account to automatically hide comments that contain keywords of your choosing. To answer your questions, I think she 1) enjoys being the victim 2) is an active participant and 3)….

Just might boil rabbits. Never forget, always remember, #nuts. 

High as a Kite

This sweet lil’ thing is based on this imagine by @we-write-imagines :):)

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Summary:  After getting injured during a hunt you’re left bedridden and with strict instructions to take pain killers to help with the healing. But you’re stubborn, and it takes some convincing and deal making with Dean before you finally agree to take the medication… and end up feeling a little more buzzed than you’d anticipated, much to Dean’s amusement.

Pairings: Dean/You

Warnings: A lil’ bit of fluff, and the tiniest bit of angst


During the last hunt you and the Winchesters went on, you got hurt. Badly. Like, almost died hurt. You of course had tried to brush it off, but the brothers knew better, and took you to the hospital. That had been a few days ago now, and even though you were in the bunker, away from doctors and nurses and the scary sterile halls of death and disease… you were still under constant supervision.

Sam and Dean had made a roster between the two of them, to make sure someone was always up and around just in case you needed anything. That also meant they were giving you pain killers on a regular basis, despite the fact that it made you feel miserable to be this useless.

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I think I’m trying too hard to start a new meme…again.

I call this one “excited jumping guitar Michael”.

Hey @mjf-af now you got something to laugh about for a few days.