forget prince charming

“ forget about Prince Charming, go for the Vampire. He can see you better. Hear you better. And eat you better.”

Anime: Diabolik Lovers
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every snowing kiss | 18/?

A grandfather, father, husband, step-son-in-law, daughter, step-granddaughter, birth-mother, step-daughter, mother, wife, step-mother, step-mother-in-law, adoptive-mother, step-great-grandmother, step-grandmother, son, grandson and a step-great-grandson all in the same picture.

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okay in my opinion, this was by far the funniest episode. if you haven’t seen it yet, please spare 12 minutes to go witness the boys make fun of each other so much better than we ever could, and experience THE FULL BTS DERP NO CHILL SESSION.

i mean like just look at taetae. y he so extra??

note to self: if you ever forget the choreo for a dance, just over exaggerate your acting and you’ll be good.

and if you ever find that you can’t dance as well as jhope, just use namjoon’s method like yoongi did - dance with your face.

yoongi’s whining face will always slay me. plus he won against hobi so THIS METHOD IS CONFIRMED.

and for those of you who haven’t see this yet, just know that this ep confirmed that jihope is real. i’m more of a yoonmin/jikook shipper but i mean, jhope proposed and jimin said yes so what can ya do right??

but let’s be real, we all saw this coming. i love jimin but i will allow this and give them my blessings :’)

jimin must’ve been super ecstatic after receiving hobi’s proposal because he was just like this the entire episode

congrats to the happy couple??? :’)

ohh? but then what is this?

“jungkook-ahh~ just trust hyung and follow me~”

oh man, he be swerving lanes. and you think hobi just sat back and watched this happen?


hobi’s like “chimchim where do you think you’re going?” *smiles menacingly*

and that smile on jimin’s face isn’t one of happiness. IT’S ONE OF SHEER TERROR OKAY. i think he learned his lesson though.

but we all know jungkook secretly loves jimin and he’s competitive as hell so you think he just sat back and let hobi take his man away? NUH UH I DON’T THINK SO.

so how did he try and win jimin back? OBVIOUSLY THROUGH A MATING CALL DANCE.  

his facial expressions + flexibility = 100% seduction mode.

but then namjoon just had to join and be like AW HELL NAW. #MINJOON4LYFE I’LL SHOW YOU LEMONLOVERS HOW TO TRULY SEDUCE A MAN

and jin’s like “wow that is awfully attractive. maybe i should give this a try so joonie senpai will finally notice me. HERE GOES NOTHING.”

“gdi i think i broke something.”

meanwhile, namjoon realizes he can’t win chimchim over and so he looks to tae, knowing he can trust dongsaeng to love him wholeheartedly 5ever.

and so they perform the bts soul joining ceremony so that their souls can become one, obviously. even jihope decides to show vmon there’s no hard feelings between them by helping them carry out this sacred ceremony.  

ok so they struggle bussed pretty hard trying to help them but they tried their best okay

sidenote: CHIMCHIM HAD TO STAND ON A CHAIR TO GET THE PANTYHOSE ON TAE’S HEAD I’M SCREAMING HE IS SO CUTE okay i’m sorry, my bias must be showing, i’m done.

ANYWAYS, then even jin helps out to show that he’s genuinely happy for vmon. either that or he’s amazed by how gorgeous namjoon looks cuz i mean JUST LOOK AT HIM. HOTDAYUM HE IS FINEEE.

and let’s not forget about handsome prince charming taetae

and so in the end, everyone’s happy, whether they’re single or taken, especially tae who can’t help but celebrate with his own mating call dance.

they all lived happily ever after.

i'm not her

She doesn’t know what to say.

I mean, what can she say? How the hell do you respond to the fervent ramblings of a lunatic dressed in period clothes? You don’t.

(She knows this because every Tuesday, when she’s waiting for her transfer at West 14th station, there’s the old guy dressed like Ben Franklin trying to fly a kite underground and screaming about how the world is ending next week.)

(She loves New York. Really, she does.)

But this guy? This guy sitting across from her, in the chair he so un-surreptitiously stole while Walsh excused himself to the bathroom? The one who showed up at her doorstop that morning and tried to plant one on her? Tall, dark, and psycho? 

She has no idea how to respond. 

“Buddy, what you’re telling me is crazy,” she says finally, her voice low and her fingers drifting towards her steak knife. “Let’s recap. My parents–who I had found on my 28th birthday, who lived in Maine, who were, oh, wait, don’t let me forget, Snow White and Prince Charming–are in trouble. Someone cast a terrible curse on them, and they need my help. To save the citizens of the Enchanted Forest. Because I’m magic. Oh, and I can’t remember any of this because the Evil Queen made me forget.” She blinks. “Did I forget anything?”

A self-deprecating grin weaves its way across his face. “Me?”

Emma curves her lips into an ‘O’, and points at him with the knife. His eyes follow it. “Right. You’re my…boyfriend? And we’re madly in love? And you want to sail into the sunset on, what, don’t tell me, your pirate ship?”

His mouth opens and closes, his expression a mixture of amusement and pain. “We’re a little more complicated than that, love." 

She smiles thinly, narrowing her gaze. "I can’t imagine why." 

"I know it’s mad,” he insists and god, she just wishes he would lie so that she could write him off. But he hasn’t set off her lie detector, not once. “But if you would just give me a chance to explain–”

“You kind of shot most room for explanation out when you tried to barge into my home and kiss me,” she hisses, her eyes bulging at him. He cows slightly and cringes, but scoots his chair closer, prepared to rebuke her. “I don’t know you.”

She flicks her gaze around. Still no Walsh. Glasses clink and murmurs fill her ears like pounds of sand, gravelly and scratchy. Crazy or not, something about this man throws her off. She closes her eyes, and exhales. “I wish I was the person you’re looking for,” she adds quietly. “Clearly, you love her very much. But I’m not her, okay?”

The man in black blinks at her, grimacing. But whatever he’s about to say, she’ll never know, because Walsh has emerged from the bathroom and is beelining for their table. “You need to go,” she insists, giving him a hard look. “Now.”

His face crumples, but he rises from the chair nonetheless. Nodding formally, he turns on his heel and stalks towards the exit, his leather coat swaying around him. 

He passes Walsh on his way, pausing momentarily to give him a sneering once-over. As the two men stare at each other, something odd turning in their expressions. Almost as if they recognize each other.

But before Emma can get a read on it, the moment passes. The man in black marches out of the restaurant, and Walsh returns to the table with his eyebrows halfway to his hairline and a twist to his lips. “Someone you know?” He asks, his voice somewhat clipped. 

Emma waves a hand dismissively, hoping he won’t notice her flush. “An old friend from Boston. He was just saying hi,” she says, and picks up her menu. “Now, where were we?"