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Baze repeating “I am one with the force and the force is with me” as Chirrut lay dying in his arms left me with tears in my eyes. You really could see how much they meant to one another. How much Baze needed Chirrut.

Jyn and Cassian grasping on to one another as they waited for death left me feeling as if I had been punched in the gut. Jyns smile just before the shockwave hit herself and Cassian showed that she was at peace. Jyn had acomplished her fathers dying wish. She was also not alone. Jyn herself said that no one has stuck around during her lifetime. And then, in her final moments, Cassian is with her, holding her tightly and providing comfort. The two began this journey together and finish it together.

I know Obama isn’t perfect. His foreign policy leaves a bit to be desired.

But, I’ll never forget 2005-2008, the dwindling era of Bush’s presidency. I’ll never forget my parents talking at night about how in the world they’d afford $5 a gallon gas and $6 a gallon milk. I’ll never forget them whispering to each other, thinking I won’t hear, about how the house has put too much economic pressure on them. They wanted to sell the house, yet they couldn’t, because under the Republicans the housing market had imploded. Wall Street was in ruins. The economy was in ruins. Tent cities were being erected.

And then Obama came. Obama (and the Democrats by extension) dug us out of the deepest pit since the Great Depression. Obama stabilized gas prices and is the reason why Americans are enjoying a stellar $2 a gallon instead of $5. He instituted healthcare for millions of children who were without it. Family income has grown by $2000 this year. The unemployment rate is at an average, healthy number (~6%). Michelle Obama transformed school lunches and worked her butt off to make sure it had fruit portions on it.

I feel honored to have grown up under the presidency of this man. He holds tremendous charisma and eloquence and represented the best side of America. I can not imagine having spent the last eight years of my life (from fourth grade to senior year) with any other president.

Thank you.


gotta be careful about what you tell an alien who’s just found out he’s an alien

a doodle comic that got totally outta hand bc man reigen makes such a cool agent

MIB AU setup from this post  

my parents and i lived in germany for a while immediately post Cold War and this obviously had an effect on my mum and dad because years later i mentioned i had a russian friend online and they looked at me with equal parts suspicion, terror, and thousand-yard stare shock

the reason i bring this up is because that expression is exactly how i feel every single time i see someone who joined tumblr post dashcon mention how great it would be if tumblr had a huge meet up.

I can’t believe that there’s people who don’t start crying when they think about their childhood


“Hi, my name is Benjamin Linus and I’ve lived on this island all my life.”

I used to think home was the bottom of a wine bottle
Or a 2am bar fight.
Home was time zones,
dirty fingernails,
glasses half full.
It was forgetting to call my parents and
spilling coffee on my white sweater.
Six months later, it’s 8am and you’re lying next to me.
The sunlight coming in from our bedroom window
hits your face at the perfect angle.
You teach me about Hemmingway and
how his own loneliness drove him mad.
We eat breakfast on the floor and I say,
“I was damaged goods before I met you.
Russian Roulette with my finger waiting patiently on the trigger.
Everything around me was static noise,
dead roses, and coffee grounds.
I considered mistakes and kisses to be of the same value
and projected my love on to other people
when I couldn’t figure out how to love myself.
But one look at you and all of this collateral damage
doesn’t seem so collateral anymore.
I trace your body like a map.
The indents in your spine let me know that I am home.
And by home I mean pomegranate seeds,
Afternoon plans,
my finger off the trigger.
By home I mean water colors,
comfortable silence,
and the birthmark on your left shoulder.
And I know that my love is messy and unorganized most of the time
but your skin is the closest thing I have ever called to home.”
—  1/14/16, this one isn’t about you but i hope it can be someday (a.aquilo)

my parents don’t like when my dog is on the couch but secretly when they’re not home i let her cuddle with me on any furniture and just chill out and she knows when my parents come home she’s gotta get off right quick but she’s only 5 months so sometimes she forgets that my parents don’t like it so she’ll jump up on the couches when they’re in the room and i’ll act so surprised like “luna bee we don’t jump on the couches” and she gets off real quick cause she’s like “u right” so we have like this mutual bond of just not listening to my parents its great

Jokers Daughter Imagine: Reunited

Request: (anon) I absolutely love your joker x daughter reader imagines! ❤️❤️ Can you please write one where the reader was kidnapped at a young age, Joker and Harley thought she died but she was actually taken to a facility to be brainwashed into hating them to the point where she forgets they’re her parents then J and Harley finally see her again when she’s told she has to kill them. Sorry for it being to specific, the idea popped in my head early today hahaha xxx

Oh don’t apologize! Being specific only helps me more to give ya what you want! 


“Flag, is she ready?” Amanda Waller walked into the facility and threw files on the desk. Rick Flag walked over and extended his hand for her to shake but she walked right past him.

“..Uh yes man she’s all ready. Not many people can complete my program but she flew through it no problem.”

“Of course she did.” Waller stepped in front of you. You were taller than her, stronger, you were trained to be a weapon for as long as you could remember. “She’s been in the works for a long time.”

“Waller where exactly did you say she came from?” Flag was getting suspicious after seeing how Waller stared you down. 

“I didn’t say.” Waller went and grabbed her files and pulled out two photos. The Joker and Harley quinn. She showed them to you. The photos didn’t give you a physical response but you felt tightness in your chest. “These two will be your next mission. They’re different from anything you’ve handled before, that’s why I’ve had Flag train you.” he handed the photos to you noticing you couldn’t take your eyes off of them. “Since you’ll find out anyway. Yes, they are your parents. The horrible monsters I told you about long ago. Will their deaths be a problem for you? Will you pull the trigger agent?” 

You dropped the picture to the floor snapping out of your daze. Your parents. Waller had told you all about them. They gave you up without a second thought, abandoning you to the filth of the Gotham streets. Now you were going to get the revenge you were promised. “No ma’am.” You said before marching over to the weapons vault and gearing up as usual before a mission and heading to the door past Flag. 

“Waller. What the fuck is going on? You told me she was just a soldier you didn’t tell me wh-” Flag was in a rage.

“I told you what you needed to know. What you had to hear to get the job done. Flag.” She picked the files off the ground and walked out the door.

“This isn’t right Amanda! Even you have to have morals under it all!” Flag shouted after her but it was no use. Both her and you were gone.

The Joker was sitting in the empty room clutching his cane and throwing back his whiskey. Ever since you had been gone he was different. If he needed money he would rob a bank and if he had to kill he would but that was it. The fun was taken out of it for him, there was no punchline. When you were taken the life had been sucked out of him. If it weren’t for Harley he would have slit his throat on one of his many drunken and lonely nights. The house they shared became more like a shrine for you. Your baby and toddler pictures were all they had of you. The pictures you drew for him, the dresses you wore, the toys you played with were all saved and spread throughout the house. It pained him to look at them but the thought of getting rid of them and erasing your memory hurt even more. They had searched everywhere for you, ripped the city apart but it was like you just vanished. 

The Joker was snapped out of his thoughts when bullets ravaged the windows and walls surrounding him. He threw himself to the floor and covered his head. Smoke filled the room making him cough. His cough turned into a laugh as he crawled over to where he kept his machine guns and grabbed one. Not knowing who was there or where he began returning the fire. When he ran out he stood up walking blindly through the room reloading.

“Well come on! Come out come out wherever you are! he said still laughing. Hr fired more shots into the air to spook whoever was hiding out. “I promise I won’t bite…hard!”  He spun around the room trying to wave away the clouds. “Harley if this is about the other night at the club I told ya she was coming onto me!”

“It’s not be Puddin.” he heard Harley say in a shaky voice. She was led through the smoke by a woman with a hand on Harleys neck and a gun to her head. The Joker lowered his gun and his jaw dropped. The woman approached him and threw Harley at his feet before holding a gun up to them.

You stared them down and they stared back at you. You looked down at his gun and signaled with yours for him to point it back at you. The Joker saw the hint you were giving and instead dropped the gun to the floor and reached down to pick Harley up to her feet. His eyes widened and started to glisten with tears. He always imagined what it would be like if he saw you again, he had no idea how much it was would him. 

He started to walk towards you and extended a hand to touch you but you fired a bullet past his head. He stopped in his tracks and Harley let out a scream.

“Honey don’t shoot him please!” she begged.

“Don’t talk! And don’t call me that!” you turned your gaze to him and put the gun on his forehead. “And don’t you move.” 

The Joker was paralyzed. He didn’t even feel the gun on his skin, all he could focus on was your eyes. He was taken back to the day you were born and the first thing Harley said was that you had your daddy’s eyes. Then the sound of your voice echoed in his memory, ‘I love you daddy’. A love so pure he would kill or die for. Then it came flooding in, the image of you being ripped from your mothers arms and him not being able to stop it. Not being strong enough, not being in control, not being able to save the only thing deep down inside of him that he cared about. Tears started to fall down his pale cheeks.

You looked at him confused. All the horrible stories Waller had told you were running through your head but it was like you weren’t in control of your body. You couldn’t make your finger pull the trigger.

“Before I do this..” you tried to say to gain control again. “I just want to know why?. What the fuck did I do, what could a child do for even the lowest of the low to leave her out to die?” 

The Joker turned to Harley and they exchanged a blank look. He turned back to you and cleared his throat. “Don’t you mean what could a child do for her to be taken?” Your eyes darted back and forth not understanding what he was saying. “You mean what could parents have done that’s so wrong someone steals their child? Is that what you mean baby?”

“Shut up! Don’t call me that you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about.” You screamed at him and felt your chest tighten up again. “I know all about you and all the horrible things you’ve done but nothing compared to abandoning me!” 

“I don’t know what you’ve been told by who but I DIDN’T ABANDON YOU!” The joker screamed so loud it even shook you, after all your training and years as a solider you couldn’t keep your gun still. “You were taken from me! From us! I’ve been looking for you ever since!” 

“No no no no NO!” you grabbed your head as it started to ache and turned your back to them. While the two of you were entranced by each other you didn’t notice the smoke clearing the room. You saw the toys and dresses and pictures all sprawled out. You had never seen a photo of yourself before. You looked at the innocent little girl, blonde and blue eyed sitting on the Jokers lap. You didn’t want to believe it. 

“They shocked you didn’t they? No matter how much time passes the pain in your head from it will never go away. I know exactly what that feels like.” The Joker and Harley put their hands on your back, but this time you didn’t say no. The touch made the tightness in your chest disappear and you couldn’t help it, you felt drawn to them. “Whoever they are they lied to you. Look how happy you are in these photos, look at us. We wouldn’t give this up.” He stared at the back of your head and stroked your hair like he used to when you were little. His eyes were still wet with tears.

Your head was still pounding and you were so angry. You knew you had been lied to but didn’t know who was doing it. You shot back up and raised your gun again. Flashes of the electroshock sessions filled up your brain. The doctors telling you to bite down, hold still, the pain won’t last long, the training, the locked doors, more training, executions for the greater good.

“Why would someone take me from you? Prove that they didn’t. What would be the point?” You said feeling tears starting to build up.

“Maybe it’s for this reunion. You clearly came here to kill us. What better way for us to go out than our own child doing it. Whoever told you about us they were right. We do horrible things that’s who we are. But we loved you. Whoever turned you into a human weapon, do you think they really care? Do you think they took you for a good reason? A better life?”

“Waller told me you were a master manipulator.” you spat at him. 

The Joker began to cackle. Harley stood their seething at hearing that woman’s name again. “Did ya hear that Harley? Amanda Waller we should have known! The same woman who kept stealing you from me for bullshit mission with the squad took our baby too!” You stood their shocked listening to him. You knew about the squad and her forcing Harley Quinn to be apart of it. You remembered Waller telling you that it wasn’t the same with your case. That you wanted to be doing this. You remembered Waller telling you what you wanted a lot. 

“What would Amanda Waller gain from taking me?” you didn’t want to be convinced of what you knew was true.

The Joker stopped laughing, he couldn’t force it out anymore. He let his arms dropped to the side of his aching body. He clutched his chest in pain and breathed heavily. He didn’t want to play this game anymore, he never wanted to play these mind games with you.

“Baby.. what would I gain from abandoning you and then filling the house with these photos and toys? What would I gain from going in circles with you now? Nothing.” He stood before you, the spitting imagine of your mother but all he could look at was your eyes.

“But you asked what Waller would gain. Exactly this. Someone to take out people for her, including us. It ain’t to late honey, we can go back to normal with you with us again. You don’t have to be controlled by her anymore.” Harley put her hand on yours lowering the gun. 

You felt betrayed. You felt lost. You felt angry and sad and relieved all at once. You felt for the first time like you weren’t property. Like you had a choice and a say in what you could do. You sank down to your knees unable to handle everything your body was feeling. The Joker threw himself to the floor with you and waited for what you would say next. You wanted to interrogate them more, you wanted to beat them for letting you go, you wanted to beat Waller for taking you, you wanted to scream and shout. You looked up at the clown and opened your mouth to unload but all that you could get out was one faint word.


Fav 5 Ontae moments

For this anon

1. Look how bright and happy and beaming Taemin’s smile is 

2. Look how Jinki is so soft….. his baby duckling wanted a hug, hes gonna give him one

and what really hurts me about this is, they were behind everyone, that was just because Taemin wanted a hug…. you can’t say it’s fanservice at all even if you wanted to. 

3. Baby taem is Jinkis koala tbh

belly touches ;;; so lovely

4. Ontae are kind of like Koalas… cling cling

5. The little finger on Jinki’s hand

and honorable mention, the fact he called Jinki when he was in Switzerland… when he was literally just with him and forgets to call his parents a lot.