forget parents

I can’t believe that there’s people who don’t start crying when they think about their childhood

dating Sebastian Stan would include

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- Eating takeout nearly every night

- Watching random documentaries

- Being space/NASA nerds

- Going to galleries and museums and exhibitions

- Him trying to impress you while working out (and when he’s not working out)

- “Seb stop flexing we’re in a museum.”

- You learning Romanian/if you’re multilingual he’ll learn your language

- Dirty !! talk !!

- Him doing push ups on top of you and giving your little kisses everytime adfhdusj

- Speaking Romanian when he’s angry

- Taking photos of each other ALL. THE. TIME.

- Posting them on Instagram with cheesy captions that everyone finds sickeningly cute

- Dinner with the Marvel squad

- Being each-others no.1 supporters

- “Hey Seb, Mission Report, December 16th, 1991.”
“Why am I dating you.”

- Messy hair twins

- Going to conventions

- (If you’re a brunette) You getting shorter hair and him making jokes that you look like Bucky

- Emergency dance parties

- “Forget Tony’s parents, I wish I was dead.”

- “Seb, no.” “Seb, YES.”

- Giving each other constant reassurance

- Him being handsy

- Netflix and chill (let’s be real)

- ^ But also watching every show on the damn site

- Being actual couple goals

- Lingering kisses

- Gentle but rough

- Back rubs (giving and receiving.)

- Being in a group chat with Seb, Anthony, Chris, Lizzie, Scarlet and RDJ (and so on)

- Being completely and utterly devoted to each other

- Stealing his shirts

- Finally understanding what people mean when they say their significant other is their best friend

Baze repeating “I am one with the force and the force is with me” as Chirrut lay dying in his arms left me with tears in my eyes. You really could see how much they meant to one another. How much Baze needed Chirrut.

Jyn and Cassian grasping on to one another as they waited for death left me feeling as if I had been punched in the gut. Jyns smile just before the shockwave hit herself and Cassian showed that she was at peace. Jyn had acomplished her fathers dying wish. She was also not alone. Jyn herself said that no one has stuck around during her lifetime. And then, in her final moments, Cassian is with her, holding her tightly and providing comfort. The two began this journey together and finish it together.

This has been bugging me for a while, Jack gave that jumpsuit to Danny but Danny already has his own, the white and black one.

And while he only wears it in the intro and one scene he still has a suit tailor made for his body. So did Jack forget or do Danny’s parents not know about this one? I refuse to use the excuse of writers not caring.

Y'all forget Tony Stark took a nuclear missile into space with every intention of dying to save the world? Y'all forget that he suffered deeply the consequences of Sokovia? Y'all forget Tony Stark lost his parents and Pepper Potts? Y'all forget Tony felt a deep betrayal when Steve chose to keep Bucky’s secret about the murder of his parents? Y'all forget that Tony Stark suffers depression and other mental issues?

Now he’s trying to show Peter a better way to be a hero. He has always tried to be better regardless of his past demons. DO NOT COME AT ME WITH “tony is a villain” BULLSHIT OR I WILL FIGHT U; LEAVE MY CHILD ALONE. He deserves happiness.


GRIMM | 6.11

Adalind warns Diana before she woges.

“(Right) We’ve been friends since high school, but we never forget each parents’ wedding anniversaries. We write down the dates and send a text to each of our parents. We’re going to be friends even after we become grandmothers.”
“(Center) If we don’t get married, the three of us will live together and raise a cat.”
“(Left) And we’ll choose canes for each other.”
“What kind of canes will you choose for each other?”
“(Left) Blue, purple, red? As you can see, we’ve worn our skirts in each of our favorite colors.”

“(오른쪽) 저희는 고등학교 때부터 친구인데, 서로의 부모님 결혼 기념일도 챙겨요. 날짜를 써두고 서로 부모님께 문자 보내구요. 저흰 할머니 되어서도 만날거예요.”
“(중간)결혼 안 하면은, 셋이 고양이 한마리 키우면서 같이 살 거예요.”
“(왼쪽) 서로 지팡이 골라주고요.”
“서로 어떤 스타일의 지팡이를 골라주겠어요?”
“(왼쪽) 파랑,보라,빨강? 저희 지금 각자 좋아하는 색 치마 입은 거거든요.”


Me: Happy Mother’s Day!!!

STJ Mom: Great! Thank you! So, I’ll be going now.

Me: Wait, what? Where?!

Mom: To [insert garden shop here], they are serving free pancakes and I want to browse and get tons of flowers for my pots!


Mom: YES! =D =D


Um. Okay. Have a nice Mother’s Day…? And… I guess this means I can go back to proof-reading and re-watch Doctor Who? Okay, awesome! See you at dinner?

(And people wonder why I’m not sentimental? Where would I LEARN it from?)

some Jack headcanons (season 5 addition)
  • he now frequently gets migraines. they always leave him sick
  • at night he gets a creeping sense of paranoia and can no longer sleep without his gun close by
  • he has a recurring nightmare that he visits village after village that is abandoned, but untouched, like all the people disappeared. he has a feeling that it’s actually a resurfacing memory rather than a dream but can never figure it out
  • some days he forgets his parents faces and voices. any hallucinations that day are particularly warped
  • he has touch aversion now. the thought of people getting close to him is terrifying 
  • he hates how easy it is to use a gun

Not wanting to take away from all the Jewish ire currently directed towards Sean Spicer because of his idiotic comments about how Assad is worse than Hitler because at least Hitler never used chemical weaponry on his own people, but I would just like to state for the record that he’s also still one hundred percent wrong, even after his mind-boggling clarification about “Holocaust centers”. (read: death camps.)

Please never forget that before there were death camps, Hitler was still using chemical weaponry against his people. Nazi programs geared towards the chemical sterilization and “euthanasia” of the disabled predate the death camps – partially because the technology that was to be installed in the camps was first tested on disabled subjects. When they realized they were going to want to kill more than just disabled children (which was what they’d been doing using chemical injections, starvation, etc.) they started experimenting with mass murder methods, such as gassing, on larger sections of the disabled population.

Sean Spicer’s comments about the Holocaust fit into preexisting Nazi narratives about how Jewish Germans weren’t “real” Germans – and they fit into narratives about how disabled Germans weren’t real Germans, either, or even real people. 

(And, of course, there’s a lot of overlap between disabled victims of the Holocaust and Jewish ones, along with all the other minorities targeted by the Nazis.)

  • Aries: *Forgets what to say*
  • Taurus: *Does a Leonardo DiCaprio and talks about global warming*
  • Gemini: *Forgets to thank their parents*
  • Cancer: *Starts crying on stage*
  • Leo: *Gives same speech they gave last year*
  • Virgo: *Whips out note card*
  • Libra: *Takes forever to get on stage*
  • Scorpio: *Stutters and accidentally says fuck on live television*
  • Sagittarius: *Drops Oscar*
  • Capricorn: *Starts going over time limit*
  • Aquarius: *Checks themselves out in the Oscars reflection*
  • Pisces: *Thanks everyone who ever existed*