forget obama and romney

if Gary Johnson is the LP candidate, I think that, just like last time around, he will have no noticeable long or short term impact. He will not challenge people’s assumptions, get them thinking, introduce them to new ideas, or get any of their votes. He will continue to be a long drawn-out yawn.

John McAfee will not win the presidency, but that was never on the table anyway. What he will do is say a lot of things that will challenge people’s views and introduce them to new ideas and alternatives. He will shake things up. He will do a little of what Ron Paul did, only while less purely libertarian, more in-your-face. Oh yeah, and he will almost definitely get more votes than Gary “Who?” Johnson. His name recognition alone, even if he never campaigned for a single minute, would ensure that.

Gary Johnson is a nonentity who couldn’t do anything worth mentioning in a race with Obama and Romney. In a race with Trump? Forget about it. It’s not even funny. It’s sad to think how quickly and badly he will sink into oblivion.

If the LP is anything other than a racket, and actually gives one flying fuck about all these lofty ideals it used to pretend to stand for, it will nominate McAfee, and simultaneously start connecting his campaign with very good libertarian thinkers who can help him out with some of the finer points.

McAfee is more libertarian than Johnson, has more name recognition, more money, more media connections, and is frankly a more interesting candidate. It’s no contest.

There is zero downside to nominating McAfee over Johnson, except of course for all the back room dealers and influence peddlers in the LP who have already likely made their deals to support Old Gary Nobody