forget not your first love


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“We have been…close…for some time now. You are…impressive…in many ways, and you even protected me from Flemeth without hope of reward. I feel…anxious when I look upon you. I dislike this sense of dependency, ‘tis a weakness I abhor. If this is “love” I wish to ascertain that you do not feel the same.”

They were right when they said you never forget your first love. Even if you find another, even a true soulmate who makes your love complete, your first one will always have a special place in your heart. And that is a beautifully precious thing.

10 (anti) parallels of Captain Swan / Swanfire 

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I don’t doubt that Emma loved Neal, and that he loved her. But that love wasn’t the real thing, it wasn’t really true. There were so many indications of that along the way, but mostly I think that Neal brought out from Emma negative stuff. She was insecure around him, she was doubting her abilities, she was downsizing herself to please him. While with Hook it’s the complete opposite. She is the best version of herself when he’s there by her side, and he makes her shine even more. 

Neal was Emma’s first love, and you never forget your first, but Hook is the love of her life, and I don’t think she knew what love truly was and how deep it can penetrate her heart before he came into her life.

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The happiest moment of my teenage life...

…was seeing two characters I shipped before I knew what shipping was share an onscreen kiss.

That pair was Goliath/Elisa from Gargoyles.

They were my first OTP, and they were canon.

I said “they’re gonna fall in love” the second they met…

…and they did. Slowly.

And I…

…in turn…


…in love…



You never forget your first OTP.

So this was the last messages between me and my boyfriend before he sadly passed away. He was sick but his doctor kept sending him away saying that there was nothing wrong. We were best friends before we got together and it was a long distance relationship. I don’t know what made me do this but I just miss him so much everyday even though it’s been a little while since his passing. I guess it really is true when they say you don’t ever forget your first love

EXO Reaction when their GF confesses she can’t forget about her 10yr crush

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*Pouts all day* “Does this mean she doesn’t love me… why is this happening to me… what did I do?” *Being a little bit dramatic* 


*Doesn’t understand* “Crush?! What’s that?! I’ve only heard about true love and that’s you and me” *Oh Galaxy…*


“I bet it was me… you had a crush on me back then right jagi? Because we were in the same school and all…” *He just can’t imagine you with someone rather than him*


“I’m not jealous! Of course I’m not jealous! What made you think that?!” *Not good at hiding it*


“I have only one thing to say about that…. I’ll fight him like a man! You are my jagi!”


“Why are you so worried? I still remember my first crush… oh I did some embarrassing stuff back then…. oh lord” *Still feels embarrassed*


“Maybe she would take care of him… I mean that. With me you’ll forget him” *Joking all the time*


*Being serious* “Should I worry baobei? Should I call him and tell him who’s the man here? Because  I don’t plan on handing you to him”


“She’s talking about him again… was he that great? Bet he couldn’t sing the way I do..” *Jelly every time you mention it*


“I’m not crying…. I just… I thought you had left me for him… thought you didn’t love me…” *Baby misunderstood what you meant by he is still on my mind sometimes.*


*Very understanding* “Oh I know what you mean! I had a crush when I was young too… I even wrote her a song, wanna hear?”


“No I’m not mad at you… I’m mad at him that he was stupid enough to let you go… I’ll never make that mistake”

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I know right now you feel broken and incomplete, but do not let that stop you. Accept that you loved him. Do not deny that feeling, do not be afraid of it. Life is about feeling and experiencing all the emotions of the world so embrace the love you felt.

And do not let the fact that you only knew him a short time invalidate your feelings. So what you only knew him two months? If you loved him, you loved him. No one else gets to tell you that you didn’t.

But please know that you will love again, not in the same way but in a better way. There’s someone out there waiting to love you in ways that he was too scared to. They will give you a piece of their heart that is so filled with love for you that it will replace that missing piece. It will fit so perfectly that you’ll forget your heart was ever even broken.

This was the first boy you loved. That will never change. He will always hold a piece of you. But do not let his stupidity stop you from experiencing the world. He has already taken enough of you, don’t let him take anymore.
—  A letter to my friend suffering her first heartbreak. It gets better.
dear Taylor,
they say you never forget your first love.
I guess this is proof.

dear Matt,
I don’t know a thing about quiet desperation.
I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.

dear Eric,
dodging this bullet
still makes me feel like one of
Charlie’s Angels.

dear Kevin,
you were a two year experiment
in bad kissing and unwashed sheets.

dear Alyssa,
it took me an entire semester of art classes
to understand why I felt jealous of your teeth.
it was the rawest kind of wanting.

dear Garrett,
I said no.

dear Emily,

dear Zach,
your legs looked better in stockings than mine did
and I still haven’t forgiven you for it.

dear John,
you’re why I panic in locked cars.

dear Sean,
the paranoia that develops
after being even lightly stalked
never really goes away.
I’m still looking over my shoulder.

dear Emily,
I saved every letter.

dear Adam,
I was drunk.

dear Madison,
we were both drunk.

dear Dale,
I wanted to practice leaving someone
who didn’t care that I was leaving.

dear Johannes,
letting you tie me up
was the closest I’ve come to commitment
in years.

dear Emily,
I’m sorry I missed the wedding.
I never got an invitation.

dear S,
you graffitied your name all over my heart
and then stood me up at the airport.

dear Ashe,
I’m not sorry for the poems.

dear Caitlyn,
if I never kiss anyone again,
you’ll be the last person my lips touched.
we both know I’m okay with that.

dear Emily,
I still don’t know what to say.
—  20 LOVE LETTERS (after Jeanann Verlee) by Trista Mateer
How do you get over your first love? I mean, do you ever? Or is everyone after just a distraction? How do you forget someone who showed you how it feels to love someone with every fiber of your being? How do you forget the first person who said “I love you” and actually meant it? How do you forget the person who showed you what being alive felt like? How do you forget the person who made your ordinary life worth living? Yes you may be distracted, you may even move on, but you will never forget them.
—  my first