forget me not

Fanfiction - Stealing Tomorrow (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 – Forget Me Not

Broch Mordha, 15 years ago

Hearing a soft knock, Claire opened the door of the small cottage that was her temporary residence in the village, property of the clinic - kindly lent to her for the duration of her internship.

“You look very smart, Jamie.” She smiled, noticing his impeccably ironed blue shirt, which made the colour of his eyes even more striking. He had tried to tame the cowlicks and waves of his hair and was perfectly shaven – the grooming being slightly impaired by the giant bruise on his cheek, extending like an oil leak to his lower eyelid, and the redness and swelling on his lip – as if he had been bitten and forcefully kissed. “Even if you slightly resemble an oversized Dalmatian.”

He shrugged and smirked.

“Ye look lovely, Sassenach.” His eyes quickly travelled across the span of her body, clad in a long floral dress, the lightness of the fabric enhancing her curves. Jamie blushed a little, realizing she had noticed his overt attentions, but defiantly met her eyes. “I brought ye a wee gift – I’ll still get ye some popcorn, though.”

With the suspense and skill of a magician, Jamie produced a small vase in which a couple of small blue flowers nestled together.

“They are Myosotis, aren’t they?” Claire exclaimed, delighted, taking the delicate vase on her hands. “I’ve never seen them quite so blue. Where did you get these?”

“From my home’s garden – Lallybroch, that is. I did the plant seedlings myself.” He seemed content with her reaction and somewhat proud. “I thought ye’d like something that ye could keep and watch growing day by day, more than a bouquet that would dwindle and waste away.”

“Well, you were right.” She inhaled the sweet and lively scent, the unique perfume of nature’s creation. “They have another name, don’t they? I think I recall Uncle Lamb calling them something else.”

“Aye.” Jamie’s cat-like eyes smiled in time with his lips, his voice husky. “Forget-me-nots.”

“Were you afraid that I’d forget you, Jamie?” Claire asked softly, placing her precious gift on the kitchen table and grabbing her purse to leave with him.

“I ken I’d have a hard time forgetting ye, Sassenach.” He gave her a lopsided smile and the tip of his fingertips brushed against her hand, a caress so heartbreakingly gentle that her heart fluttered like a trapped moth against an unshielded light. “But it couldna hurt to make sure, aye?”


“Are you watching the movie at all?” Claire asked, biting a crunchy popcorn, saltiness and sweetness flooding the back of her tongue. She had been following the intricate plot of the movie, an acclaimed musical candidate to win several coveted awards – they were about to enter the part where the star crossed lovers realized that their love could never be – but the feeling of being observed had made her look through the corner of her eye, only to realize Jamie had been absorbed in contemplating her instead of the screen.

“Aye.” He grinned in the half light, his eyes never leaving the outline of her face. “The lad doesna sing sae bad, but he isn’t much of a writer. It will end badly for them both.”

Claire raised her brows, impressed by his accurate remarks. Nonetheless, being so closely inspected was making her uncomfortable and very self-aware.

“Is there something weird on my face?” She asked tentatively. Jamie leaned closer to her, his blue eyes intent.

“I was wondering how ye’d look with yer hair down.” He whispered softly, close to her ear. Claire had decided to trap her wild curls on an elegant braid for their date – and having met her at the clinic, when she was wearing her working bun, he hadn’t yet seen her with her hair loose.  

“You can thank your guardian angel that you haven’t seen me that way.” She snorted. The small and cosy cinema room was almost empty, but a couple of young girls threw them looks of reproach for disturbing the gut-wrenching atmosphere. “It might just attack you when you’re not looking.” She finished in a lower voice.

“Hm.” He casually reached for a handful of popcorn, only to allow his hand to get closer to hers. “Ye are so different from all the lassies I knew all my life, Claire.”

“Uppity?” She suggested with apprehension. His fingers were making circular movements on the back of her hand, until they eventually entwined, like scattered pieces of a forgotten puzzle coming together. “Strange?”

“Strong.” He said, his face serious. His eyes fixed on her lips and she couldn’t avoid to subtly lick them, the mere suggestion of his touch enough to make her thirsty. “Beautiful.”

“You don’t know that much about me yet.” Claire whispered. The smell of him, so close, was inebriating in the darkness, like all her senses were sharper, more in tune with him. “You could be wrong.”

“I may not know yer birthday or yer favourite drink. Which books made ye cry and what position ye sleep in – but I already know that I would do almost anything to have the chance to find out.” Their foreheads were almost touching, as he came even closer to her. “I already ken how ye make me feel, Sassenach.”

Their lips met – not needing any type of compass in the darkness - the soundtrack of the love story on screen playing just for them. And as Jamie’s hands found her curls, untangling her hair until it fell over her shoulders, they could be the only two people in love in the entire universe.


Edinburgh, Present day

Don’t cry. Breathe.

Claire mechanically reached for his hand and started to unfold the bandages in silence. Jamie winced and hunched his shoulders, as if he was surprised – and his eyes were filled with true wonder.

“Ye are real.” He whispered, his eyes following the steady and calculated movements of her gloved hands. “I…wasn’t sure that ye were.”

“How are you feeling, Mister Fraser?” She asked in a monotonous tone, like a cold but professional stewardess on a long and tiresome flight. His eyes widened, the lines of his face a mirror of pain, as if she had just slapped him without further warning.

“When did I become Mister Fraser?” He said between teeth. “How long have ye been working here, Sassenach?”

“Don’t call me that!” She demanded in a strong voice, exhaling. “Not that I owe you any explanations, but I’ve been a surgeon here for almost three months now.” Claire said. “Can you wiggle your fingers for me?”

“Claire…” He began, his blue eyes imploring. “There are things I should tell ye…”

“No.” She replied, firmly. “You are a patient here and I’m bound by my oath to treat you to the best of my abilities. But we have nothing to say to each other – apart from you answering my questions and I informing you with truthfulness about your condition.” Anger filled her chest, like something sticky and dark, making her breathing more laboured.

“I can’t move them just now.” He said, after a while, in a hoarse voice. The removing of the dressings revealed the terrible sight of a compromised hand – only his thumb seemed unaffected, while his middle and ring fingers were crushed into unnatural positions, the joints shattered. His index finger was broken in at least two places, even if it still maintained an air of normalcy by comparison. Blood still oozed from deep cuts on his palm and from the place where the bone had ruptured the skin, like a gruesome and bloody flower springing from the inside out. “Can ye save it?”

“I’ll certainly try.” She nodded, the lump in her throat approaching the size of an ostrich egg. Even the best surgeon in the world wouldn’t be able to rebuild a perfect hand from such wreckage – the best possible outcome was to save all his fingers and to obtain a range of function that would allow him to carry ordinary movements with his hand. His hand had been so tender in the darkness of the cinema. “I need to assess your belly. Is it sore?”

“A wee bit.” Jamie admitted, avoiding her eyes as she pushed up his shirt, covered in soot and blood, in order to expose him to her cold hands. Claire touched his flank with light movements, going deeper in critical places – once she palpated his upper left quadrant he hissed like a resentful cat and his abdomen went rigid.

“You might have a ruptured spleen.” She bit her bottom lip, still glancing at his belly. There, that small spot – she had bit him there, once. She could still hear his throaty groan, half moaning half laughing. “We will do an ultrasound, but it’s likely you’ll need surgery today.”

“Will ye do it?” He asked. Jamie was gritting his teeth – he was on basic painkillers and Claire was sure he was experiencing some excruciating pain from his damaged hand, acute abdomen and several first degree burns on his body.

“I’m not sure that is wise.” She said slowly. “I’ll ask Joe to do it – he is a very gifted surgeon.”

“Will you be there, Claire?” He pleaded in a low voice, hesitant.

“I will.” Claire hawked. “It’s my team – it’s my duty to oversee it.” He seemed discouraged and battered, looking at the white ceiling.  

“Are my men alright?” Jamie asked, while she began to clear some debris from the wound. “Are they safe?”

“They are being taken care of. You should focus on getting stronger now.” She replied more softly and then, raising her eyes to meet his – so he could see the emptiness there – added in a neutral tone. “Your hand is swelling. I’m sorry, but I’ll have to cut your wedding ring out.”


- Có cần em nói cho anh những điều anh cần phải biết không?
Sinh nhật em là ngày 7 tháng 1. Hồi nhỏ em sống ở Hupyong-dong, thành phố Chuncheon. Em chuyển tới Seoul vào năm lớp 6. Cấp 2 em học lớp 16, cấp 3 em học lớp 21, số hiệu sinh viên thời đại học là 019347. Em dị ứng với lông mèo, bụi sách và đào. Cỡ giày của em là 240, nhưng chân phải có chút to hơn.

- Ngày sinh nhật của em đã qua mất rồi. Hôm nào đó hãy cùng tới Chuncheon. Chúng ta sẽ tới nơi em từng sống. Hồi cấp 2 em học lớp 16, cấp 3 học lớp 21, số hiệu sinh viên thời đại học là 019347. Anh cũng không thích đào. Anh thích mèo, nhưng anh sẽ không nuôi. Anh cũng sẽ cẩn thận với bụi sách.

- Gì thế? Anh nhớ hết sao?

- Không. Chỉ là anh nhớ mọi thứ về em.

| Movie: Don’t forget me |

Forget me not (V x MC) pt. 1

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: V x MC (you)
Rating: Fluff~ 
Summary: MC stumbles on V’s route~ they slowly fall for each other and they feel a certain attraction as though…they were meant to for each other. 

Authors note: I know, that I should publish Jumin’s pt 2. But I just felt like writing a new series with V ~, because he deserves love. 
This will probably have lots of parts and will probably turn into a long series. If the idea I have will turn out good~. 

Hope you like it!(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑


To him, she was only a tool –»the chosen one«, something to help him get to Rika. She was worthless. He knew how bad that sounded, he knew that she would probably get hurt and he was aware, that during this path, she might get hurt and get her heart broken.

It has been a few days, since she was able to become a part of the rfa. By now she was supposed to get attached to someone, by now she was supposed to be someone’s sun, like Rika used to be his sun. Though she was kind, nice and understanding, there were no signs of her falling for anyone in the rfa.

He was sure it would be Jumin, his childhood friend. Because he slowly saw how through every chat, his old friend seemed to warm up to her and change. But she, was indifferent. He started to check up on her through the cameras, though his eyesight was bad, he could still see her. As he looked at her, watched her every day, he noticed the small things that made her unique.

How – even if she was strong and almost heroic in the chat room, she would still cry herself sometimes to sleep. How she looked scared, but pretended to be alright for these strangers that she knew only a couple of days. How she answered every call, replied to every chat and how quickly she stole everyone’s heart.

She was lovely. She truly was.

Every morning she woke up early, opened the balcony and stretched out her arms as far as she could. She was very diligent at everything she did. At exactly the same hour, she would exercise a little, then make breakfast. Afterwards she would go to the city, return home and work. She looked the most happy when she was cooking – though he noticed she always prepared too much for one person. At those moments – he saw how truly lonely she looked.

It was day 4, by now she should be on one of the routes.

But she wasn’t.

What she would do was, always inquire about him. Silly questions; “What does V like to eat?”, “What is V’s favorite colour?”, “How long has V photographed?”, “Do you think V is lonely?”.

One morning she called Jumin and she asked him all sorts of questions about V, how she wondered if there is something she could do for him. Jumin knew, that she started to develop feelings for him. He stepped back, swallowed his emotions and decided that it was time. Time for his friend to be free. Free from all the guilt he felt, free from grief and finally once again experience joy and happiness.

But how, how would he even let them meet? They had to meet before the party, but how was that possible? Her location was top secret and only Seven and V knew where she was plus V was harder to find than Waldo.

Would V care if she was in danger? Or would he brush it off and  as always and just disappear. A plan was made between Seven and Jumin. She was to be in desperate danger, someone was planing and attack on her. And all the while Seven could not get a hold of her phone, he could not see the cameras and how could he protect her, when all of the members went on a trip with Jumin?

Would he take the bait?

V received a call from Jumin, he sounded hectic, frantic. What is happening, what could make a man of steel - such as Jumin, sound so scared? At last he receives some information. No one can call her, her phone is dead, she is unreachable. Seven can’t see her through the cameras and they are getting threats from some organizations.

The name – is not Mint eye, so he gets worried.If it’s not Mint eye, who is it? What should he do? Does he even care for a simple girl – a tool for the greater picture?

While he is in thought, without noticing he is already running to her, he hung up on Jumin and just keeps on running. He waves at a taxi »Take me to this address, as quickly as possible! «. Frantically he says the name of the address, he starts to tap his fingers on his knees. He begs the gods, to protect her. Though he doesn’t even know which god to pray to and why he is even praying.

But he has no time to wonder, he just needs to see HER. No one else, but her.

 »Please be safe.«

Finally they are in front of the apartment. The taxi stops, he throws some money at the taxi driver and runs, no time for the elevator, he runs up the stairs. His mind is running wild, he runs and runs, each step is moving faster and faster. He comes to a halt, he is in front of the door now. Breathing heavily he starts to knock on the door. No answer, he hits on the door with his fist. Open, just open the door and please be safe. He thinks those thoughts all the while still hitting on the door. His breath is rigid, he can’t calm himself down. Why does he feel this way? Why does he care? Wasn’t she just a tool? 

“Ah, c’mon?! OPEN!!!”

When in one moment, suddenly the door opens and she stand there in front of him. She is fine. She looks ok, she looks safe.

She stands there in  a beige one-piece dress, her hair is loose and wild, her cheeks are red - she probably ran to the door, and on her face is a big smile.

And the he notices, her eyes –a honey golden hue. »Hello! How may I help you? Are you alright?« She chirps. Her voice is soft and sweet, filled with worry and hm, joy? He doesn’t even say anything, he doesn’t let her speak, he just grabs her by the wrist pulls her close to him and embraces her.

The breath he held in for so long, he finally lets out. He holds her close, he holds her hard.

He feels her arms envelop him and squeezing tightly. He smells her – she smells divine. Vanilla – and peaches? She smells sweet like a bakery. But why does she let him hold her?

»Are you V?«  A muffled question was heard, her head was nuzzled on his chest and he let out a small chuckle.

Slowly letting her go, he smiled down at her and nodded. »Yes, it’s me. I am sorry if I scared you, but you were unreachable on your phone?«

She smiled, took him by the hand and led him inside. »Why don’t you come on in?« She asked while slightly tilting her head to the side, slightly biting at her lower lip. Is that a sign of her being scared of rejection? How could he reject her offer? He did start to question her friendliness, how can she be so calm? But he just let her lead him inside.

He stumbled inside and he just couldn’t believe, how easily she wrapped herself around his heart. With such utter ease and with each smile she send his way, he felt himself warm up inside. From his clenching heart to every inch of his bones, to his toes and fingers. He was led inside the apartment, which he was used seeing from the past. But ever since she was inside it seemed different?

»Did you redecorate?« He asked silently while he was taking off his shoes.

A humming sound disappeared from her mouth and she gave him small a nod. »Ah, I did but only slightly. You see it seemed so bare and sterile in here. So I thought, some pictures, flowers and a nice fluffy carpet might help this place be more homely.« She turned around once, as though it wasn’t just the apartment that she was showing off, but also herself. »But, uhm, if you don’t like it, I can just, hm you know, put everything…« She started to wildly ramble and he could see a slight dust of pink on her cheeks, she was worried for his well being? Was she worried, that he might disapprove? How adorable.

Silly, silly girl. He took her hand to calm her down, but that only made her cheeks turn into a slightly deeper reddish colour. 

»I love…« he started and gazed into her eyes, a moment of silence passed, his heart clenched, and her gaze was directed at him – her gaze didn’t waver and he continued »what you did to this place, it’s very you, so refreshing and happy.«

A huge grin appeared on her face and she let out a tiny squeal. »That makes me so very, very happy! Ah, I made some lunch but I prepared too much would you, maybe, just maybe like to join me?«

Huh, so she did have a plan, did she? He wasn’t just invited inside without a proper reason. Ah, why not, what’s a small lunch between…..whatever they were.

»I would love to.« He replied as gently as he could.

In the next moment she urged him to the table, where he sat down and started to gaze around. She did an amazing job with the place. There were pictures of nature, of animals and…a cat? The carpets were colourful and fluffy. There seemed to be cushions everywhere he looked. It was all so cluttered, yet seemed so right. So colourful but so calming.

She skipped around and prepared all the dished in front of him. All were dishes he liked to eat. He looked at her, as she brought in the one thing he loved to eat the most and she grinned at him like a small child. He only chuckled and nodded. »So was the whole thing a scheme to get me to eat with you?« As he asked he tilted his head slightly and tried to look as angry as possible, might as well teach her a lesson. Yet, she did something he never expected her to do. She grabbed his face, defiantly looked him in the eyes and said: »Don’t you dare, lecture me V! I noticed how you squeezed my hand when I led you in, I saw how happy you were too see me. You ran to save me! If you did not care – someone else would be here and not you!«

She freed him from his grasp, sat across from him and pouted. He blinked a few times, tapped his finger on the table and started laughing. He laughed so loudly and freely, he couldn’t recall when the last time was when he laughed so much.

She was adorable, so child-like, innocent and stubborn. He could never imagine, meeting someone like her. As he laughed and as he was gripping at his sides, she too started to laugh. For the whole situation seemed so foreign and just silly. 

They did not even know each other – this was the first time they met. But how in the world, could they be so comfortable with each other, that they could touch one another, quarrel and just behave like they were old friends or even lovers?

At last they stopped laughing, she stretched out her hand on the table and he took it in his. It felt right, but it also scared him.

They enjoyed their meal, they talked, and they laughed. He even flirted with her and her rosy cheeks, made his heart swell up. After their meal, they cleaned up the dishes and it felt so right, to be standing next to her small frame. To see her humming and washing the dishes, to see her smiling and just being happy.

Oh, this was it wasn’t it?

He felt truly happy. Happy. Could, he be happy? Was it possible for him?

Their innocent moments were blissful and joyous, but for how long would they last?

For a danger not so far, was already preparing to rip them apart.

Forget Me Not: Boston Manor

I absolutely loved this lyric edit I did, and this is my favorite song right now.
I’m not sure whose original artwork the watercolor flowers are, but credit goes to them.