forget lucas these two wanted each other

If I could say something to the characters

insp: @smileymathews 💕

Riley Matthews: relax. just do less, kid. maya is finally experiencing some positive development because of YOU, her good influence, and you dismiss it as an identity crisis. not cool girl. let! her! blossom! also let go of lucas, he’s not the one you want. trust us. we see the way you and farkle look at each other ;) ;) ;)

Maya Hart: SUNSHINE!! forget what riley says, your growth is 👌👌👌👌 also its okay to do something for yo self. grab that boi by the shirt collar and choose him, stop waiting for him to choose you. u two are in LUV also u are beautiful never change peaches

Lucas Friar: holy shit kid. get it together. all this waiting is only making everything worse… we all know you’re in love with maya. also hang out with zay more

Farkle Minkus: smackle is rad but like……….riley… the one for you. for a genius it’s taking u a while to figure it out js😛

Zay Babineau: boiiiiiiiiiii u are the only constant in this honking show never leave us

Isadora Smackle: zayadora. that is all