forget lucas these two wanted each other

i want to hold your hand

and when i touch you i feel happy inside … | 13,500 words | ( ao3 )

day two of rucas fic week ( handholding )

ϟ part of the girl meets hogwarts au ϟ

- 1 -

The first time they hold hands, they barely know each other.

Sure, Riley Matthews knows of Lucas Friar, and he knows of her. They’ve exchanged greetings, introduced themselves, brought together by their mutual friendship with Maya. They could pick each other out in a crowd no sweat—it’s hard to forget the face of someone you nearly ran over during your first week of classes. Riley doesn’t think she could ever forget his kindness in a situation that could’ve easily ruined her already stressful first week. Lucas doesn’t think he could ever forget how bright her eyes are.

But aside from the occasional smile as they pass on the staircase or a brief wave from their table as they sit down for breakfast in the great hall, Riley and Lucas don’t see much of each other. It’s sort of the casualty of being in different houses, especially in first year when you’re already drowning attempting to figure out where everything is and where you belong. When the sorting hat plops on your head and tells you which table to sit at and what friends to make on that first night in the great hall, you sure as hell listen.

Still, Riley spends half of her time at the Hufflepuff table staring longingly at the table just a few feet away, wishing she was sitting with her best friend and her new classmates wearing their deep red uniforms with pride.

What she isn’t so proud of is how her best friend gets into trouble, and so often drags her along with her. Despite being in different houses and supposedly less vulnerable to Maya’s shenanigans, it’s Riley who is caught with her sneaking around to explore the castle after hours, earning them a swift detention.

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If I could say something to the characters

insp: @smileymathews 💕

Riley Matthews: relax. just do less, kid. maya is finally experiencing some positive development because of YOU, her good influence, and you dismiss it as an identity crisis. not cool girl. let! her! blossom! also let go of lucas, he’s not the one you want. trust us. we see the way you and farkle look at each other ;) ;) ;)

Maya Hart: SUNSHINE!! forget what riley says, your growth is 👌👌👌👌 also its okay to do something for yo self. grab that boi by the shirt collar and choose him, stop waiting for him to choose you. u two are in LUV also u are beautiful never change peaches

Lucas Friar: holy shit kid. get it together. all this waiting is only making everything worse… we all know you’re in love with maya. also hang out with zay more

Farkle Minkus: smackle is rad but like……….riley… the one for you. for a genius it’s taking u a while to figure it out js😛

Zay Babineau: boiiiiiiiiiii u are the only constant in this honking show never leave us

Isadora Smackle: zayadora. that is all

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7. “You did what?!”

A/N: Honestly I don’t know where I was going with this?? But I hope this was alright! :) && I apologize for the lateness! Also, this is completely AU. If you were looking for something different, please let me know & I could accommodate :)


Ever since she was young, she’d wanted to figure out what life was and figure out who she was on her own. Her parents had given her the will until they decided to take it away from her by announcing that she’d be getting married to some Prince of Cassador, fulfilling a childhood promise that was made for a stronger alliance between the two kingdoms. Just like that, her right to dream of man who she’d get to choose and fall in love with on her own will was snatched away without a second chance.

“How will you tell me that I’m getting married to someone I have never met the same day as my engagement?!” She’s outraged by the entire ordeal.

“It was for your own good, sweetheart,” Her father tells her, his eyes soft.

“How can you do this to me?”

She looks just as hurt as she sounds before storming out of the room and her parents can’t help but share guilty looks with one another. They would never want her to think they were doing her an injustice– her father had made a promise to his late father that he’d make the alliance between the two kingdoms official with a marriage.

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9. "Show me I'm what you want" Rucas

So this got v long but I hope you like it.

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“I don’t know if I can do this anymore.”

As much as the words hurt Lucas when he heard them,it hurt Riley even more to say to them. This wasn’t what she’d wanted, this isn’t how she’d pictured them.

“Don’t say that. What’s going on? Tell me what’s wrong, we can fix this.”

Lucas was pleading with her but she ignored it all, turning around and walking away. “I’m sorry Lucas, this is the end for us.”

Just like that, a three year relationship was over.

She walked away quickly so he wouldn’t see the tears rolling down her cheeks. He held in his tears until she was far enough that she wouldn’t hear his sobs. They both held in their emotions so the other wouldn’t know when they broke.


“Maya, it’s over, I broke up with him.”

“Honey, why? You and Huckleberry love each other. You love each other so much that it’s actually mildly sickening to watch you two.”

“I love him,” Riley said, turning away from her best friend, “I probably always will. But I can’t be his second choice any more. I shouldn’t have to compete with other girls for his attention,” she sighed, a tear rolling down her cheek, “I love Lucas so much that I want him to have what he wants, even if it isn’t me.”

The bay window felt broken - there was nothing Maya could do to fix this, nothing she could say to make Riley feel better - it was a feeling worse than any other, to see the person she loved most in the world so broken, and know that there was nothing  she could do.

“It occurs to me that even though I am your intellectual superior, I cannot think of anything I can say to make this situation better.”

Riley almost smiled, “Just being here is enough, Smackle.”

It wasn’t enough, though, nothing would be enough to fix the heartbreak she felt.


“It makes no sense, she wouldn’t even tell me why.”

“I’m surprised you care this much.”

Those words were all it took for Lucas to lunge at Farkle, Zay jumping in to restrain him, to the extent he could.

“Of course I care! The girl I love just broke up with me and I called you guys because you’re my best friends, and you say I don’t care. I knew you were always more loyal to Riley and Maya but you’ve really showed your true colors today, Farkle.”

Lucas sat down, burying his face in his hands, “I don’t know what I did wrong.”

“If I may,” Zay interjected, “Lucas, you know I’m your best friend, I would never tell you this if you didn’t need to hear it.” Lucas nodded, looking at Zay, worried about what his next words might be. “You haven’t exactly been acting like you care that much. That’s why Farkle was surprised - it has nothing to do with caring about the girls more, it’s just an observation.”

Lucas was shocked. “What do you mean I act like I don’t care. I love Riley. You know that, she knows that, everyone knows that.”

“We know that you love her. But I don’t think she does, not anymore.” Zay nodded in agreement with Farkle, adding his own opinion. “You spend a lot of time with Missy and with other girls. You don’t give Riley as much attention. I could’ve predicted this, I just didn’t think it would happen this fast.”

“Lucas, you stopped trying to woo her.” Lucas sighed, shaking his head, “Farkle, I don’t need to woo her, we’re dating, I don’t need to win her over anymore.” Farkle shook his head in disagreement. “That’s where you’re wrong, Lucas. It’s my experience, from watching my parents, that problems come when you stop doing the things you did to get each other in the first place. You got comfortable and you didn’t realize that Riley still wanted the affection you showed her when you were pursuing her.You stopped noticing the little things because you felt like you already had her, and that’s how you lost her.”

The two boys stared at him, somewhat stunned. “You know, sometimes I forget just how much of a genius you really are,” Zay remarked, breaking the silence. Lucas stood up, grabbing his jacket. “I have to talk to Riley.”

Zay grabbed his arm, “You know Maya and Smackle are probably there.”

“I don’t care. I have to see her. I have to get her back.”


“Oh look who it is, the person I want to kill. And would you look at that, I think I have enough energy left in me to commit a murder.”

“Maya, don’t.” Riley’s voice caused both Maya and Lucas to turn and face her. “Lucas, why are you here.”

“I need to talk to you Riley. Please. Give me five minutes.”

She sighed, but dismissed her best friend. “Go inside, Peaches. I’ll be back in a minute.” She turned back to face Lucas, wanting to say so much but holding it in. “Do you need something.”

“Riley I love you, and I don’t want to break up. I need you. I know I haven’t been the guy you deserve, I never deserved you from the beginning, but if you give me another chance I promise I’ll spend every day trying to be him again.”

Riley sighed, fighting back tears, “That guy’s busy with Missy and a lot of other girls. I doubt he’ll have time for me.” It broke Lucas’ heart when a tear managed to slip out and roll down Riley’s cheek. She wiped it away as quickly as she could, hoping he wouldn’t notice. He did.

“Riley, I love you more than anything. Tell me what I have to do. I’ll do anything.”

She took his hand, daring herself to look into his eyes, letting herself be vulnerable if even for a moment. “Show me I’m the one you want.” Her words hung in the air, not a challenge but a declaration of what she needed, of what it would take to keep them alive.

He kissed her. It was strong but soft, sweet and passionate. It was more than a kiss, it was kiss with a promise behind it. A promise that they would have what they once did; a promise that this was not the end of them.

“I will.”

She sighed, wiping away a few more tears that had managed to escape. “One kiss doesn’t change things, Lucas. You can’t just come here and kiss me and expect everything to go back to how it was.”

He nodded. “I know.”

She leaned in and kissed his cheek, surprising him but filling his heart. “It’s a start though.” He smiled, knowing how lucky he was. “I meant what I said, Lucas. Show me I’m the one you want, and then maybe we can be together again.”

He nodded again, not breaking eye contact. “And I meant what I said, Riley. I will.”

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Smarckle's got "it's Smackle time now" in a health class episode and "Apropos" where Smackle is basically turned on by Farkle being smart

(Forgot to add to “Smackle time”/“Apropos” ask lol) Smarckle’s gotten those two things and they’re both canonically physically awkward people, and yet Rilucas hasn’t even got anything CLOSE to that and Riley’s a pretty affectionate person and Lucas is passionate (the campfire). Hmmmnnmnmmmmmm👀👀👀


Yup. Definitely very hmmmmm. 👀👀👀

And like, people will probably want to argue this along the lines of “Riley and Lucas just don’t wanna be like that in public!!!!!” (even though Riley and Lucas have never actually expressed or implied any such thing), but those people are forgetting that this is fiction and if Riley and Lucas were having moments of being attracted to each other like that whether alone or in public…the writers would be showing us those moments, whether alone or in public.

Riley’s the main character, and if Farkle and his guest star girlfriend’s attraction to each other can be showcased, there’s no reason not to do that for the main character and her main cast-member boyfriend who have been in a “thing” for much longer than Smarkle’s been together. Unless…Riley and Lucas just plain aren’t having those moments because they’ve mistaken friendly affection + “supposed to” for romantic feelings that just aren’t really there.