forget feelings

I keep forgetting tomorrow is my birthday /sweats/

can i just say tho that I know a quite a few of my followers are hell of a lot younger than me and sometimes I forget this and just automatically assume everyone’s the same age as me. But if anyone ever needs any help, whether that be advice on something, or just a general thing, or need somewhere to rant. My ask box is always open and I want you to know I’m hear to listen

And also to anyone who I follow and don’t feel comfortable with me following them because I’m over 18, pls do tell me and I’ll unfollow you. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable and will gladly do it

anonymous asked:

I just told my best friend ever(whos gay) that i like her and im literally 99% straight except for her and she has a girlfriend Recently we got into a fight bc i was super jealous of them and so after a week we made up and i told her and she hasnt been awkward about it(which is great) but when i told her she didnt tell me about her feelings and when i say about it she just says she likes the attention and that it will only cause me pain and that shes selfish. Idk what to do bc i love her so much

Ohh that’s so sad! Do you really love her that much that you’re ready for pain? If so, you can try to be with her but I don’t think it will work even if she says so.. I know it would be hard but just try to forget about your feelings, you know some of them are going with time, I personally had a crush on a person I couldn’t be with and I thought that I won’t forget about it ever, but I did and now I’m happy as never. That’s all I can advise, sorry :( I hope everything will be good for you soon!

Friendly reminder that this cinnamon roll-looking boy

is actually 23 years old

and is therefore older than

Emil Nekola (18 y.o.)

Jean Jacques Leroy (19)

Seung Gil Lee (20)

Michele Crispino (22)

And Otabek Altin (18) (Also literally everyone on that screenshot ^)

I know Yuuri has a bad case of baby face but let’s not forget that he’s actually one of the oldest skaters in men’s singles figure skating.


Scorpius: Come to the funeral.
Albus: Of course.
Scorpius: And be my good friend.

- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Act 1 Scene 4