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It this a dream? Or imagination? NO! It’s reality! GrayLu manga cover is here. I was so scared that Mashima forget about his BrOtp ship and do so much Gruvia moments to broke my heart. But, no! He remember! About my Ultimate OTP in FT. Just look at them:

They are like Blake and Sun from RWBY! On the last episode of firsrt volume when they sitting in the coffee shop and talk about White Fang! This is a perfect cover and I hope @unisonraidd will color this <3

Oh and my reaction about this:


      “My name is Dashiel Mycroft O’Neill Holmes,” Dash begins. There’s a flutter of notebooks as the chatter in his Intro to Philosophy lecture dissipates. Several sets of eyes are attentive, even enthused. Most are indifferent. Dash takes a tally and vows, silently, to reverse the statistic by semester’s end. “My friends call me Dash. As you are not my friends, Professor O’ will do nicely.” A few students chuckle; Dash shrugs, matter-of-fact.

      “I have one PhD in Philosophy, and another in Classics. I’m working on a third in Linguistics, not so I can brag but because I get bored. I’ve written two books and am in the process of publishing a third. The first I wrote from my death bed with my then girlfriend, now wife. If ever you wish me dead for all the hours of work I assign, I suggest you give it a read.” Now a smattering of laughter ripples through the hall, most of it nervous.

      “What else,” Dash muses, but decides to press on. “I tell you all of this neither to intimidate you, nor demand your respect. I plan to earn your respect. And I find intimidation something so subjective I’ve given up trying to control it. No, I tell you all of this because Philosophy is an intensely personal undertaking. However rational a route its pundits have attempted. If I don’t start our class with some intimate detail about myself, how can I expect you–”

The monologue dies in Dashiel’s throat. At the top of the lecture hall stands his brother. The chunk of the door had registered moments prior, but Dash had, as he so often does, ignored it. Only the one through the door hadn’t been a tardy student, it’d been his brother, who now stands, swaying, at the top of the stairs.

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Octavia looks upwards, looks at the sky and thanks the stars for not taking from her the two most important persons in her life.

She thanks them because she doesn’t know who     what     to thank.

But she remembers her brother telling her about the greek gods and those who have their home among the stars, those who become them. She remembers listening to his voice as he speaks of Andromeda and her mother, Cassiopeia. She remembers being in his arms at night as they wait for sleep to come     in a too much quiet home, alone in the shadows without their mother in the room     as he tries to put suspense in every word of his story about Callisto and the origin of Polaris     even though he has told her that one a hundred times.

She remembers how the gods thanked others by taking them to the stars. She had never really understood why people was so captivated by the stars, but that day, when Bellamy fulfills her dream     her only and biggest dream    , when she sees the stars for the first time, she thinks they deserve every word dedicated to them.

So she decides she’d thank them, because she has no one else to thank.