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Well, the fandom is in a complete state of clusterfuck, so let’s spread some love~

Comment or tag your favorite ships, and one thing you love about them

They can be romantic, Brotp, anything!

I want every classmate to be best friends with every single other classmate… brotp?? brot3?? Forget that, gimme the brot15 with every single kid in this class please

Oi! Wake Up!

Being a revolutionary must get really tiring somedays.
…Sabo… Hack is so done with you, you need to listen to the report before Koala can send it!

Had lots of fun with this guys, and it took me way longer than I wanted but I’m kinda happy with the result, Hack doesn’t get the love he deserves and that bothers me a lot, he seems to be really close to Koala and Sabo (Koala said Hack and her had to deal with the consequences of Sabo’s selfishness) and most of the time he is out of the picture just for the sake of shipping, which is something I personally don’t like, besides Koala has TONS of things to offer as a character and I can’t believe people mostly focus on making her Sabo’s girlfriend =n=.

waifu demanded me to put close ups =v=)~

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I’ve decided to try and make a list of all my current ships because @katsukiii is constantly surprised when she finds out new ships I like and, oh my god, @thestrongestmageindigiworld look at this chaos.

@thefairywrites You’ve befriended a mess.

@dragonshost @sassyhazelowl Am I on your level yet? xD

Bold/Italics = OTP

BNHA Ships:

  • Bakushima
  • Kacchako
  • Todomomo


  • Otayuri 
  • Victuuri
  • Emimike
  • JJ x Isabella
  • Seung-gil x Sala


  • Klance
  • Shallura

Fairy Tail Ships:

  • Graylu
  • Gratsu
  • Loray
  • Lyoray
  • Stin.gray
  • Roray
  • Grufus
  • Graynerva
  • Nali
  • Stingsu
  • Laxtsu
  • Navia
  • Luvia
  • Luvy
  • Lucy x Yukino
  • Stinglu
  • Lucana
  • Lolu
  • Luli
  • Jerza
  • Ervia
  • Chendy
  • Lyvia
  • Loju
  • Mervia
  • Rovia
  • Invel x Juvia
  • Gajevy
  • Gajeel x Natsu
  • Fraxus
  • Mirafreed
  • Mirlu
  • Elfever
  • Albis
  • Juviana
  • Cana x Natsu
  • Lylo
  • Lories
  • Loke x Natsu
  • Stingyu
  • Stingue
  • Stingsu
  • Rehking
  • Sting x Rufus
  • Ronerva
  • Luli
  • Juvia x Lisanna
  • Zervis
  • Veledy
  • Locana


  • Lugratsu
  • Lograylu
  • Luviana
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anonymous asked:

supercat prompt : "I've always imagined that Cat would be really great in bed" says Lucy.

Pushes allosteric binding regulation off my desk like I pushed heteronormitivity out of my life. Slams my glasses back onto my face. I am fucking prepared for this shit, fucking prepared. 

“I’ve always imagined that Cat would be really great in bed.” 

Kara nodded, “Yeah she really is.”

Lucy turned to Kara, her eyebrows raised. As calmly as possible she said, “Care to explain?”

Kara kept tapping away at her tablet. “Her fingers are pretty long for her height and she likes to bottom from the top.” 

Lucy did her best not to move. It took all of her army training to keep her voice form wavering. “Bottom from the top?”

“I can lift a truck, so she likes it when I hold her up.” Kara leaned forward and squinted at the screen. 

Lucy’d only see Kara multitask a few times before. Maybe it was something Kryptonian, but she just let all the walls down when she was too focused on something. Besides, Lucy could use this later. “Hold her up?”

Kara hummed and tapped away silently. Lucy thought the over-sharing was over until Kara finished tapping and turned to look at Lucy. 

She was so fluid and all Lucy saw for a moment was the Kryptonian princess who slipped through on occasion. Ususally, it was when the House of El crest resided on Kara’s chest and she spoke a half-octive lower, her head filled with justice and a confidence that came with invulnerability. 

“Yes, hold her thighs while I’m on my back. Unfortunatly, that leaves bruises, Cat squirms too much.” Kara shrugged like they were discussing the downsides of online news sources. 

Lucy waited, she knew Kara Danvers would be back in a moment. Now that she wasn’t distracted. She was going to milk this for everything she could get.

Kara’s eyes widened minutely and she sat up a little straighter in her chair. Her fingers came up to adjust her glasses and Lucy couldn’t help but laugh.

The change was so complete, so ridiculously effective that it had kept even her from seeing the truth about Supergirl. Honestly, Lucy was still amazed, she definitely saw what Cat found attractive in Kara. 

In Kara Danvers and Kara Zor-El and the mixed up combination that was Kara Zor-El-Danvers. For half a beat, Lucy’s chest felt tight with affection. Kara’d had such a crazy life, filled with love but overflowing with loss, and it’d only made her strong and kind.

Then Kara gasped and her eyes widened and she hissed at Lucy, “Lucy! Don’t do that! You knew I wasn’t paying attention!” The blush errupted up Kara’s neck and cheeks and Lucy could only laugh. 

“I will never let you live this down.” 

Kara only groaned at that and covered her face. Lucy just kept laughing and laughed even harder when Cat came over to ask what was happening. 

Lucy needed more friends like Kara. 

anonymous asked:

hi! do you have any suggestions for brotp names for two girls who are partners in crime? thank you! :)

i actually believe quite a lot of otp tag’s can be used for brotp’s as well with the right interpretation. especially since not all otp names are romantic as such. here’s a few brotp one’s in general as well as one’s more specific to your brotp: brotp: let’s cause a little trouble, brotp: the story of us, brotp: wildest dreams, brotp: not like the movies, brotp: it takes two, brotp: lay it all on me, brotp: feels like vegas, brotp: better together, brotp: set fire to the rain, brotp: can’t be tamed, brotp: gift of a friend, brotp: i knew you were trouble, brotp: stuck in the moment, brotp: best friend till the very end, brotp: i’m there right beside you, brotp: i’ll be the bright light to guide you, brotp: don’t forget all the trouble we get into, brotp: we’ll never change no matter the weather, brotp: you got a friend in me, brotp: took an oath i’ma stick it out till the end, brotp: you can stand under my umbrella, brotp: make it last forever friendship never ends, brotp: you can count on me, brotp: nice job, partner, brotp: i’ll pick you up when the world let’s you down, brotp: opposites attract, brotp: you know me better than i know myself. apologies for this not being as long as the otp response but i hope you find what you’re looking for. if none of these fit, quotes directly from the pair are great as well.