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You were that feeling of waking up in the morning and for a moment, forgetting all that’s wrong in the world.
—  E. Grin
The weirdest lore-related Mass Effect peeve of mine:

And also, in my opinion, a huge missed opportunity:

If a species has a lifespan of 150 years, as both humans and turians are said in their own lore to have by the time the events of ME roll around, fifty or sixty IS NOT OLD. IT IS NOT RETIREMENT AGE. It’s the mathematical equivalent of being in your thirties. Even your late twenties! Yes, you’re probably mentally older and wiser having lived all those years already, but lifespan-wise? You’ve still got two-thirds of your life left. 

It’s so much more interesting to consider how a career, a family, etc are affected by a drastically longer lifespan. They touch on it sometimes with the very, very, very long-lived asari and krogan–and the short-lived salarians–but not with humans and turians. I mean, Hackett is 52 in 2186. FIFTY-TWO. Solid two-thirds left. Even with the harshness of military service, etc, is he really going to be “old”? No. (Not to mention Anderson, who is even younger.)

Consider: isn’t it kind of messed up that turians start their mandatory service only 10% into their lives? That’s like sending an 8-year-old off to bootcamp. And it’s not like humans are doing that much better, if adulthood still starts at 18. Also: where do the extra years come from? Presumably we’re not wizened and feeble the last third–or more–of our lives, so how have humans adapted? Is everything elongated? Longer adolescence (not the way they’ve written it!), longer middle-age? Longer period of fertility? More time for, say, women to be well-settled and established in their careers before they even have to think about children?

These are the things that keep me up at night, I swear to God.

one year and 850+ followers later, and i’m finally doing a thing for it. so many people have been patient enough to follow and interact with me despite how incredibly slow i am and still put up with me regardless. so this is for them!

these are the people i’ve befriended, who consistently show up in my notifications and who have really left impact on this blog. i don’t like playing favorites, but these ARE my favorite folks to interact with or my favorite people to stalk in no particular order.

first, a special shoutout for @pinksweatergettingbetter​, for without them, this blog would have never existed. i had made a post over on my @poorlytunedpianoplayer a little over a year ago asking if i should make a Lupin III blog and they were the only one to enthusiastically say ‘go for it.’ it was all the convincing i needed, and without that little push, i’d have never made this blog. so thank you, man, you’re an inspiration!

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i know there’s a lot to process in The Scene™ but i feel like we’re all forgetting about a very important part: THE LIP BITE

please take a moment to look at emma’s face




add this to the list of reasons i will never be over this scene ok bye

mayor drawings!! im quite happy with them huhu~ @minisparrows @mayor-aby @mayorintheshadows @acnl-peachy

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I realized two out of three of my OCs have some type of major battle scar. Meanwhile Loretta is just like ???

Hon don’t worry, I think that’s a good thing you don’t have any major scars(yet), you haven’t gone through big time bs XD

it's time

@arkhamknignt ummmm happy birth day? I love you a lot? ??????? btw i am one hundred percent actually willing 2 sign up for that online rival thing I swear 2 God
anyway I’m real happy I met you like all the time I’m also happy that ur ½ of the MOST iconic power couple of all time you’re stupidly talented and funny and? genuinely so relatable all the time you’re just pretty damn incredible u know?
thanks for giving me all the receipts I need to survive……..also for following me back in like June I still don’t know I pulled that off but I really do love you a fuckton and I would do anything for u. I would blacklist the genji tag I would never watch yoi again I would…….Not Die for you
speaking of things that im doing for you expect a drawing some time soon unless it just ends up being too ugly then I’ll delete my blog and my skype

boring Ranger headcanons

  • Vision:
    Trini is near sighted as shit and the contacts she wears are for vision as well as colour.
    Kimberly was given glasses, as she has a slight astigmatism in her left eye, but doesn’t ever wear them because she can see fine without them.
    Billy is supposed to wear glasses while on computers, but he forgets all the time.
    Zack and Jason have 20/20 vision.
  • Food preferences:
    Zack really doesn’t like the texture of sponge with smooth, for example trifles. He has no idea why, he’s been like it since a kid. He’s also allergic to shellfish.
    Trini can pretty much be bribed with anything sour. The level of sour sweets she can handle is intense. She also loves really strong citrus, and eats lemons and limes as they are.
    Jason is allergic to hundreds, literally hundreds, of things. Billy is the only one outside of Jason and his mother who knows all the allergens. 
    Kimberly cannot stand the smell of peanut butter. She likes the taste, but the smell makes her gag.
    Billy likes to dip his potato chips in yogurt okay don’t even knock it until you try it.
  • Handedness:
    Zack is left handed and also has the sharpest elbows of the entire team.
    Trini, Kimberly and Billy are right handed, and have agreed between the three of them that Jason is the only person who sits on Zack’s left at a table, even if it’s the ‘good’ chair at Billy’s house.
    Jason is ambidextrous with a slight sway to his right hand just from the fact the world is more geared to right handed people. His sword circumstantially alternates on which hand it manifests on.

Сегодня почтальон принёс замечательное письмо от @gedeonovka
Спасибо этому хорошему человеку.
И не забывайте, что все мы хорошие!

Today the postman brought a wonderful letter from @gedeonovka
My thanks to this good human.
And don’t forget that we are all good!

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So which SU characters would you like to see developed more?

Lars. Sadie. Onion. Peridot. Lapis. Garnet. Ruby. The other Rubies. Sapphire. The Diamonds. Jasper. Sadie’s mom. Rose. Greg. Sugilite. Opal. Pumpkin. Andy. The Cool Kids. That one female watermelon Steven that went to war. Centi. The lighthouse Gem. The pyramid Gem. Lars’ parents. Connie. Connie’s parents. Steven. Literally any character that I am forgetting. At all.

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Hi, could you please rec me some Wade-centric fics?

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Tale As Old As Time, Song As Old As Rhyme by Ajayd                    

 Should Have Locked the Door, Spideypool by Bottom_PeteParker

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(1) So I just finished watching the latest criminal masterminds heist video and first of all lemme just say my heart is POUNDING I think I aged about 10 years from that hour. Secondly may I suggest a few headcanons gleamed from what we saw in it; any heist that's outside of their particular skillset/comfort zone puts the team under some unneeded pressure. Leading up to the mission Ryan always steps up and goes over their jobs with the others, making sure they understand and assuring them

(2) that everything will be fine, but when the actual heist begins his internal panicking speeds up and he completely forgets all their code words. (He probably also likes to provide a lot of backup fire for the lads specifically, not only because he cares about them but if anything happens to Geoff and Jack’s boys he’ll have bigger problems than death). Jeremy tends to run around a lot when panicked, not quite running in circles or anything but certainly more pacing and getting turned around

(3) from his mark more easily. Michael tends to keep a more level head, but anytime something goes wrong he copes with the extra stress by yelling and screaming into the earpieces while fixing it, it helps him stay calm but he’s taken years off the crew’s lives. Gavin gets /very/ stressed on important missions, all the big talk and confidence is gone, luckily Michael is there to make jokes and nudge him to at least keep him laughing through it. If it gets really bad he’ll lend Gavin his jacket

(4) (with some spare ammo and things hidden in the pockets) and jokingly threaten that if Gavin dies in his jacket he’ll dig down to hell and beat him back up over it. Finally, when all is said and done and everybody’s made it out in one piece, nobody better come between Gavin and a hot bath, he needs to de-stress immediately and even Ryan, vagabond mask and all, wouldn’t try to get in his way.

You and I both, my friend. 

When Geoff and Jack are away, Ryan steps up to plan the heists. He lived a long criminal life before he even joined the Fakes and is not new to painstaking hours of planning. Everything is meticulously thought out beforehand, though Ryan is all too willing to let nature take it’s course during the actual heist. When the shit hits the fan he almost completely disregards the plans, falling back to his instincts: protect the boys, get the target, get home. Jeremy is always on the move, never staying in one place for long because staying sedentary means a bullet in your skull. He’s almost hard for the rest of them to find sometimes because his feet never stop. The movement can cause problems when their targets are location sensitive and Michael will have to remind him to stay on his heels if they want to do this as a team. Michael, for all the rage he’s known for, is surpassingly level headed during chaos. The disorder is comforting and easy for him to follow. When things go too badly, the anger inside will show itself: screams across the comms, his fist through walls, his fists into cops. Gavin, as confident and cool as he seems, has a hard time with the pressure of a perfect plan. Especially when elements are out of his control. Hostages, negotiations, he can handle. The people are like putty in his hands and he always has the advantage. When other people, timing, enemies, all these variables, are included, he gets a bit panicky. Michael can calm him down, a confident and carefree voice over the comms, and distractions from the pressure help Gavin. If its too bad, he’ll drape his worn leather jacket over him, give his shoulders a solid squeeze and reassure him with a grin. He’s figured out that his jacket, heavy and with the smell of gunpowder and gasoline, keeps Gavin grounded enough to continue. All said and done, they’re relieved when it turns out okay, even if they’re professionals. Gavin draws a hot bath, Jeremy and Michael drink on the sofa, and Ryan collapses into bed, just letting the adrenaline drain from his system.

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I meant to do this 112 followers ago but I have been so busy with my new job and family stuff. You all are so fucking amazing and being here honestly does make my day. Even though I may seem like an asshole we all have those moments but this is my time to mention my favorites and those who mean a lot to me and my Maggie. I know I will forget people but ALL of you mean something to me. 

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I know I forgot a billion of you but you are all amazing to me!!! 

I have so much anger and sadness towards this one person and I can’t get them out of my head. I dream the most hurtful dreams about them over and over. Someone put a spell on me to forget. All I want to do is forget.

Did Zelena just complain about being blamed for Robin’s death? And whine about killing the guy who was about to kill everyone else?

I know that to watch each episode of OUAT is to forget about all others, but honestly!

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im very hyper empathetic and i get emotionally attached very easily. my special interests mostly have to do with books or anime or games, etc. and when i get into them i get into them DEEP. i get super attached to the characters that i forget its all unreal. whenever i remind myself that none of it is real; that I'll never get to meet them or see them, it pretty much puts me on the verge of a meltdown. i freak the heck out. how can i get over this? or be less affected?

I’m more hypo-empathetic myself … Kittens ?