forget about the world and just listen

okay, but look how disappointed isak is, BEFORE he knows that even’s ‘friends’ also include sonja? they’ve been hanging out for HOURS at this point, but isak is just not ready for this bubble to be burst, he is just not ready to share even again. NOT TO MENTION, imo, he thought something more was going to happen that night. so while he’s turned his own friends away, to the point of lying to them, in come even’s friends, and he’s just so sad? like?

he was prepared to forget about the world in that moment - to smoke and listen to nas and be silly and open himself up completely to this person. what might have happened? what was EVEN willing to let happen? isak never knew, we’ll never know. it wasn’t meant to be. not that night, at least.


Do you ever just want to a lay in bed with someone and just feel their warmth against your skin and listen to soft acoustic music and talk about the world and forget all sense of time and space and subtly drift in & out of sleep because same.

3:34 A.M.

I hear sirens out my window
I stare at blue and red lights shining across the tops of bare winter trees
I feel hypnotized
The wind blowing
Dead leaves scattered across the ground
I just keep listening
I listen so long I wonder if I’m still alive

3:39 A.M.
My bones sink
Sometimes the world feels like one long electric hum
I have to get up in a few hours to go to work
I have to go analyze my dreams
I have to become a witch doctor
I have to close my eyes and forget about it all

3:43 A.M.
A cold air blows through my open window
It feels nice
I’m wrapped up inside of multiple blankets
Silent and snug
I got lost because I didn’t want to be found
I fell in a well because I needed some space
Maybe I should go smoke another cigarette
Maybe I should try to smoke twenty cigarettes at once
Maybe that’d make the world stop turning for a second

3:46 A.M.
I stare into my ceiling
At silhouettes of tree branches bending
Branches waving and changing and playing tricks with my head
Is this poetry?
I don’t know
I never seem to know

3:50 A.M.
I suppose every great artist has some specific technique or theme to their work
Something to conquer
What am I conquering?
What am raising awareness for?

3:53 A.M.
I’m raising awareness for deep space

[Eng]Yoho!Girl Magazine - Feb 2017 issue - “Monologue / Huang Zitao”

scans cr. to 西国浪 on weibo

translation cr. to me

Monologue / Huang Zitao

“The things that I write and sing about, are all real experiences and feelings. I don’t care about how many people will like it or understand it. If you like it, listen to it. If you don’t, then forget about it. I just want to write out what’s in my heart. There are too many fake things in this world.”

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What Do YOU Want? Pt. 4

A Kwon Jiyong series ft. Kim Jiwon

Genre: Angst/Fluff/…Smut (not yet!)

Word count: 2,700+

Summary: The most important person in the world to you can appear most often when you least expect it. But through everything, you can’t forget about you and your own happiness. Who are you happy with? Who is the best for you?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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You were frozen, listening to the grown men shout at each other. Their voices were muffled and your conscience could not make itself loud enough for you to know whether you should lean an ear directly to the door, walk in and interrupt their yelling, or just walk away altogether.

Reluctantly, you decided on the first option and steadied your breathing enough to gently rest your face against the large double doors leading to Yang’s office. Jiyong was just on the other side of those doors; his body was closer to you than it had been in nearly four months and your heart couldn’t begin to process it. It was difficult to control its rate as you listened to his voice clearly for the first time in so long. There was also no controlling your eyes as they widened upon realizing what they were talking about.


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A little point about Clara and the Doctor missed in Asylum of the Daleks

I was just rewatching Asylum of the Daleks and I just realized something.

Oswin Oswald, who we now know to have been an echo of Clara Oswald, after her conversion into a Dalek, creates a fantasy world in her mind to help herself cope.

Two things.

First, that describes the storm room concept, very similar to what the Doctor does in Heaven Sent. But that’s not the only thing.

Oswin spends a lot of her time listening to Carmen. But not just any old Carmen. A specific recording of Carmen. This opera has been recorded countless times already, and certainly will have been recorded countless more times by the time Oswin takes her final spaceflight aboard the Alaska. Yet she chooses the one recording on which The Doctor performed.

Sneaky, sneaky, Mr. Moffat.

Watching Jack just makes me forget about everything. It’s like the rest of the world slows down and goes quiet and I can just watch him be silly, goof around, listen to his laugh and nothing can fix my mood like that. He has been an incredible source of positivity and laughter through good and bad days and I don’t think I will ever be grateful enough for him. Im not an artist, I can’t draw and make fanart, I can’t make cool edits or even simple gifs. But I can say thank you. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, the spooks, the excitement, the inspiration, and more than anything, thank you for bringing me faith that there is good on this planet. You are a role model, and the best friend I’ve ever had.

Okay can I just talk about Akaashi for a second??

Listen he is possibly the most amazing person in the world and here’s why: He knows how to handle every part of Bokuto without getting overly frustrated. While the fandom makes jokes that he’s got all of Bokuto’s “weaknesses” memorized, it’s actually really sweet that he took the time to remember the little things that bother Bokuto???
And whenever Bokuto has his slumps or weird moments when he just forgets how to do ANYTHING, Akaashi never says anything about it. The rest of the team collectively groans and is like “Are you serious”, but Akaashi concentrates on figuring out how to help Bokuto. And after he does, he knows how to word what he wants to say so that Bokuto can understand him, and so his spirit can be brought back up.
Idk I just. I find that incredibly beautiful.

lets talk about FUQBOI

more specifically the bridge (if you could even call it that)

the song already sounds very deep and serious when its actually about “fuckboys”

lets not forget “fuckboy” means slut in our society, and is a rape term in prisons

the song touches on how hes a stereotypical guy and how your friends wouldnt approve of you liking him, about how he’s not good for you because he wears someones earrings, and he tags his photos

and in fact, in the song, youre branding him as a stain, and saying being with him would ruin your chances with other people


Alright listen up people far and wide
There is a growing epidemic
And it does not just affect America
But the whole world
Keep your families inside
Keep them safe
We must eliminate these people
And if you elect me president I will
Exterminate each and every one of them

about /fuckboys/

they put a very serious tone on a very light topic

its hands down, the most offensive and stupid thing 

this has been in my drafts for 4 months

I wanna go on late night car rides. I wanna go on adventures. I want to drive to the tops of mountains and look down at all the little twinkling city lights meet the stars and just cuddle listening to music drinking coffee having deep talks or maybe just being silly with little cute kisses. I just want to be taken away and forget about all the shit. Forget all the pain all the stress and just loose myself in someone that means the world and brings complete peace of mind. Id do anything for that…
Relaxing With Him


Relaxing with Sam is peace and serenity. There’s an air of calm that isn’t there when there’s a hunt going on. It’s lying on his bed together and reading through your favorite books and making up theories on everyone of them; finding loopholes and comparing situations to themselves and to yourselves. It’s reading through quotes online and sharing your favorite ones. It’s listening to your favorite music together, cozying up in the blankets and understanding the underlying meanings to the words together. It’s lying on his chest, listening to his heartbeat and talking into the wee hours of the morning about anything and everything that crosses your mind. It’s snuggling together in silence, connecting soul to soul and communicating with your eyes because right there, with Sam, is all you’ll ever need to be happy. 

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Relaxing with Dean is just another adventure. It’s forgetting the depths of the world of research and hunting and just finding your own world with him. It’s leaving the bunker to Sam and driving off into the sunset. It’s Dean letting you drive the Impala, just so that he can smile, seeing the spark in your eyes. It’s speeding down deserted and endless roads with him by your side, singing classic rock at the top of your voices. There’s the trips to bars and throwing back shots with Dean, followed by bad karaoke and mistimed dancing until your feet ache. It’s lying on the hood of the Impala under the stars and knocking back a few beers, forgetting the world of monsters. It’s unwinding and letting your wild side loose and going with the flow because the road with Dean can lead anywhere. 

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Relaxing with Cas is a childish, innocent amusement. It’s watching all the shows you’ve missed on Netflix and smiling adoringly at Cas every time he wears his little frown and cocks his head when he doesn’t understand something and realizing he doesn’t want to interrupt your concentration by asking you. It’s slowly, patiently teaching him all the pop culture references that Metatron couldn’t embed into him and seeing him join facts to visuals. It’s walking around town with him, showing him something new every day, because mankind keeps on changing. And it’s him looking lovingly at you while you do all this for him because you do it so well and happily. It’s exploring new things with him whenever you get the chance because with Cas, there’s always something new to look forward to.

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That’s why I’m so in love with her. If you didn’t know her she’d come off as arrogant and you’d feel like she hates you. But if you actually talked to her you’d know that she is the most generous and humble person in this entire world. Her way of speaking is charming. Her eyes begin to shine when she talks about something she loves. And when she rants about her dumb classmates or stupid teachers you feel like she really trusts you now. Like she’s really angry right now and you’re the only person she can stand at the moment. I love how I forget the world and everything around us when we talk. Well, she talks, I listen. It’s just us.
A different view (imagine?)

Ponyboy was right. Darry was always rough without meaning to be. On multiple occasions, Darry would shake Ponyboy senseless, though not physically. After that night when Pony fell asleep in the lot, he never touched another hair on Pony’s head. But Darry would still give him grief about his slightest imperfections. It made Pony’s brain ache. He just wanted peace and quiet. It was hard for Pony to listen to Darrel scold him for forgetting his shoes. For god sakes, the kid was still trying to forget that two of his brothers died. He seemed to forget everything else but that. Darry only wanted the best for the people he loved and sometimes that stung. Love and affection is shown very differently in Darry’s world.

His hands were calloused and abrasive, but they were warm and welcoming, too. He was too strong for his own good. Taking care of Pony and Soda was hard on him, and it was hard to find ways to let out his frustration. Sometimes I wished he would just break and let everything go, just for a little while. That way we could help him build everything over again. Since Pony was the root of his worries, he tended to see most of his care (or concern), though I think Pony perceived it as discontent. After spending time with the boys, I knew that Darry never felt anything negative towards Ponyboy. Even when Pony forgot his homework at school or his shoes in the locker room, Darry would drive him back to school on his way to work. Sometimes Pony would have to walk back home, but Soda was usually content with coming along for the ride. 

I could see where Pony got the idea that Darry was ice. His eyes were the pale green of the sea. The water shocked me with its frigidness, but the temperature didn’t make me feel numb. The water seemed to warm around me, accepting me and blanketing me from storms. His skin was the sand that held the water. It warmed me up and let me sleep upon his shores. He was an exfoliant. He rubbed away all the dirt and death that laid upon the surface of everyone he met. Even when it was hard to find the sun or see the light, Darry was the rock that wouldn’t let you get washed away. It was easy to get lost in his tides. 

Darry was rough without meaning to be, but it was because he was scared. At night while I lay in bed on my stomach reading, he would throw an arm across my back. The arm was heavy and unbearably hot, but Darry always needed the assurance that we wouldn’t leave him. He couldn’t bear to lose another. After all, his biggest fear was falling alone, swept up in the depths of that icy green sea.

AWWWW ;___; So many feels while drawing this!

It’s inspired (during the drawing process, it was not my first purpose haha) by Rauhreifs My Dear 80 Years (part1) and Kiss From Hell (part2) story! Go and read it if you haven’t yet (her storytelling and the world she created! Forget about that ukeish, bad fame Hidan for a moment please) ;_;

Text caption comes from Bird Of Paradise by Snowy White. I was just listening to it and ahhhh, that phase will fit perfectly! I love those sad songs so much.

Btw, sorry for not posting much past days, but I had rough time studying for my professional attempts and thinking about AU KakuHida comic! You will recieve it, promise!

i really really love it when grantaire is friends with all of les amis, like oh, look at him hanging out with bahorel at the gym or pranking with courfeyrac, it’s all really great and cute because he deserves ALL THE BEST FRIENDS but can we please not forget that joly and bossuet were his canon best friends?  like they would just listen to him rant forever about god knows what and they were the best drinking buddies in the world.  can we please not replace joly and bossuet with more “prominent” characters in fics because they’re both so lovely and perfect and that friendship is actual gold

The Quiet

They say that the first thing you forget about someone is their voice. But of course, Maya knew that it was just a bunch of bullshit. What kind of bad friend forgets their best friend’s voice?

Yet, there she was, sitting in front of Riley Matthews’ grave, tracing the engraved letters on the tombstone, trying to remember how beautiful and how light her friend’s words were carried. She can watch as many videos as she wants, she can listen to as many voice-notes or listen to as many messages Riley had left on her cellphone - it just wasn’t the same as hearing her voice.

She used to hear it so clearly. When she was around, her head was filled with Riley’s voice, helping her avoid the bad things and helping her remember that she was an us, not a them.

For a while, she still heard it. Her voice was still there: in her dreams, in her heart, in her mind. It was always there. The brunette’s voice consoled her and got her through the whole grieving process. It took months, almost a year, for Maya to start painting again, for her to get back on her feet. That year was one of the worst of her life, but Riley’s voice was always there to chase away the bad thoughts.

It just happened like that, one day. Farkle mentions how Riley would have liked a joke that Zay had made, and it dawned on her. Maya didn’t remember her friend’s laugh. She left lunch early that day, racking her brain, trying to remember Riley’s laugh.

That night, she sat up in her room and waited. She waited for Riley’s voice to come back to her, waited for good words to come to her mind. But there was nothing but darkness.

For a few days, Maya stayed up. She refused to go sleep. She wanted to remember, she needed to remember. Yet, there was nothing but quiet.

Maya bit her bottom lip and stared at the piece of stone that represented all that was left of her best friend. She’s sitting crossed-legged on the cold ground, but she can barely feel it. Her mind is far away, drawing a picture of Riley Matthews’ face. It hurts. It hurts because she’s gone, it hurts because she can’t remember her voice, it hurts because she can’t remember the shade of brown of her eyes, it hurts because she’s gone and never coming back.

It hurts.

The blonde quickly wipes away at the tears streaming down her face. She can’t help it anymore. For so long, she had been convinced that she would never, ever forget the sound of her friend’s voice. She thought it would always be there.

But it wasn’t. Not anymore.

In the morning, Cory and Topanga find her curled up against their daughter’s tombstone. They bring her back to the apartment and let her sleep on the couch, letting her get the sleep she really needed.

She had waited all night long to hear Riley’s voice.

There had been nothing but quiet.

“Don’t you forget about me, Max”

 a pricefield mix for sacrificing chloe to save arcadia bay, for all the moments they’ve spent together that no memory will hold, for one last kiss before the end of the world (listen here)

i. goodbye - apparat | ii. alive - gabrielle aplin | iii. remains - bastille & rag'n’bone man & skunk snansie | iv. silhouettes - of monsters and men | v. here with me - susie suh x robot koch | vi. this is gospel (piano version) - panic! ath the disco | vii. you - keaton henson | viii. i love you (quintet version) - woodkid | ix. saturn - sleeping at last