forget about everyhting

I. I get attached too easily. When someone’s constantly blessed me with his presence, care and attention, I tend to forget that he’s not going to stay in my life for good.

II. I fall in love with the wrong person. I gave him my all, went through hell and took risks just to make him stay, just to keep him. However, he seems to not have a single problem or even just a minute hesitation about throwing everything that we had for another girl.

III. I care way too much for people who doesn’t give a damn about me. I’ve always been there for everyone who needs me. I try to support and comfort each of them in any way that I can. And when it’s me who needs tuem, I can’t count on a single person to help me get through something.

IV. I am so lousy when it comes to letting go and moving on. I can’t seem to forget the past; everyhting about it - the pain, the lessons the memories. It’s always been hard for me to walk away and give up on someone even if he keeps on hurting me. It’s always been difficult to forget what used to be and to accept the fact that this is what I have now and I can’t bring the past back.

V. I blame myself when things go wrong. When people leave me alone for another, I tell myself that it’s because I’m not good enough. Maybe I have not done my responsibilties well and missed something. When people hurt me, I tend to tell myself that I deserve them because I’m a bad person, because I have not been a perfect friend for them. When stuff gets bad and too heavy to bear that the people around me has given up on it, I blame myself for not being strong enough to carry the burden, for being so vulnerable, so fragile. I blame myself for every single thing.

—  Things I do best.